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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 42, Beirut’s Power

Having received a positive response, Adkins breathing couldn’t help but grow ragged. His mind instantly became filled with all sorts of dreams. “If I can acquire a Sovereign artifact within the Necropolis of the Gods, or perhaps one of the legendary Sovereign sparks and become an incomparably mighty Sovereign, then I, Adkins…”

Just thinking about it made Adkins’ blood boil in anticipation.

But suddenly, Beirut frowned and he said hurriedly, “Wait, we can’t open it tomorrow.”

“What? Why not?” Adkins was frantic.

Beirut explained, “Adkins, I forgot about something. Bluefire is currently rebuilding his homeland. His divine earth clone is wholeheartedly focused on rebuilding the continent, while his divine fire clone is standing guard. He can’t divide his attention right now. Given his building speed, I imagine he still needs a few more days. How about this. Let’s wait ten days, then enter together.”

Adkins felt a surge of franticness in his heart. He secretly said to himself, “That’s exactly the issue; I don’t want Bluefire to enter. If Bluefire enters, then how will I possibly compete against him?”

Adkins knew exactly how powerful Bluefire was.

“Lord Beirut.” Adkins said sincerely. Just from the fact that he was now addressing Beirut as ‘Lord’ was proof of how much importance he placed on the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods. “I think…there’s no need to allow that Bluefire to enter the Necropolis of the Gods. How about just the two of us enter. What do you think?”

Adkins finally got to the point.

Just him and Beirut. When the time came, only he, Adkins, would enter the Necropolis of the Gods. Given that, who would be able to compete against him?”

“Oh?” Beirut stared at Adkins, as if he suddenly understood. A hint of a smile was on his lips. “So Adkins, this is what you desire?”

Adkins continued to look at Beirut.

“Adkins, your fantasy is a bit too perfect.” Beirut smirked. “If I let you go in by yourself, you might be able to acquire the treasures within. But there is no benefit to me at all. In addition, I would run the risk of offending Bluefire. Do you think that I, Beirut, am so old that my vision has gone bad, that I wouldn’t know who is more important between you and Bluefire?”

Adkins laughed ingratiatingly and said hurriedly, “Lord Beirut, your words aren’t correct. True, Bluefire is more powerful than me, and if he goes in, he would at least be able to acquire a Sovereign artifact. However, Lord Beirut, think about it. Given Bluefire’s temper, if he were to obtain a Sovereign spark, how could he possibly submit to you? I think, Lord Beirut, that you don’t have any confidence in defeating a Bluefire who wields a Sovereign artifact, right?”

Beirut just laughed.

Adkins urged yet again, “But I’m different. Lord Beirut. If you have any requests, just go ahead and state them!”

“Oh?” Beirut’s eyes lit up.

“This Necropolis of the Gods does indeed have Sovereign artifacts.” Beirut said. Adkins eyes instantly lit up. Beirut continued, “Adkins, I want you to swear an oath to the Overgod of Fate that the first Sovereign artifact you acquire, you have to give to me.”

Adkins started slightly. “How many Sovereign artifacts are within?”

“Not just one.” Beirut said.

“Fine. No matter if I acquire one or two of them, the first Sovereign artifact I will definitely give to you, Lord Beirut.” Adkins gritted his teeth.

“Don’t rush. No point in saying it now. Later, you can make an oath to the Overgod of Fate.” Beirut said with a calm laugh.

An oath sworn to the Overgod of Fate definitely could not be violated. The Overgod of Fate was in actuality the ‘Edicts of Fate’, one of the edicts which governed the functioning of the vast universe. If you were to violate such an oath, the Edicts of Fate would naturally cause you to suffer endlessly.

“This is the first matter. There are still two other matters.” Beirut said.

“This Beirut really is black-hearted.” Adkins secretly cursed, but he didn’t have any other options. He had to force himself to squeeze out a smile. “Lord Beirut, pray tell.”

Beirut said with a calm laugh, “The second matter is, after leaving the Necropolis of the Gods, you have to serve me for a million years.”

Adkins stared.

Serve? Even in the Gebados Planar Prison, he, Adkins, had never served anyone as a vassal.

“What, you don’t accept? If you don’t accept, that’s fine. We can forget about this Necropolis of the Gods matter.” As Beirut spoke, he seemed about to turn. Adkins gritted his teeth. “I accept. After I return from the Necropolis of the Gods, I, Adkins, will definitely serve you, Lord Beirut, for a million years.”

Beirut smiled and nodded.

“Lord Beirut, now you can let me go to the Necropolis of the Gods alone, right?” Adkins had a hint of anger in his heart now.

“Don’t rush. There’s the third requirement as well.” Beirut was still all smiles.

No matter how good-tempered a person was, hearing this, they would still be irritated. What’s more, Adkins was an explosive, brutally tempered person to begin with. He couldn’t help but say, “Lord Beirut, how many requirements do you have?”

“This is the final one.” Beirut laughed calmly. “If you don’t agree, then forget about entering the Necropolis of the Gods.”

Adkins suppressed his rage and growled, “Speak.”

“My third request is very simple. I don’t want to have problems in the future. So, please go kill Bluefire.” Beirut continued to smile faintly. “Alas, I don’t want Bluefire to come get revenge on me in the future. Thus, I’ll have to trouble you to kill him.”

Adkins was instantly stupefied.

Kill Bluefire?

“If I, Adkins, had the ability to kill Bluefire, why would I be here speaking with you at such length!” Adkins said furiously.

“Oh. Then there’s nothing I can do about that.” Beirut’s face sank. “Then Adkins, please go back.”

Adkins instantly understood. He was so angry, his face turned white. Pointing at Beirut in a fury, he said, “Beirut, you…you played me for a fool!!!” The three requirements that Beirut required were completely unattainable. The first two requirements were already excessive, but this third one was impossible.


Beirut began to laugh, and he looked at Adkins as he laughed. “Adkins, you just now realize it? Haha, I did indeed play you for a fool. I was originally planning to wait a thousand years, at which point I would just bring Bluefire into the Necropolis of the Gods. I didn’t expect that you would come here so quickly. But that’s for the better. It let me see how you look when utterly furious, haha…”

Adkins’ face changed. “You never planned to let me enter the Necropolis of the Gods?”


Beirut smirked. “I never had the intention of letting you enter. I only planned to let Bluefire enter.”

Adkins’ entire body was shaking slightly.

By nature, he was arrogant and never willing to be subordinate to others. Adkins had always dreamed of one day reaching the heights of power and exceed Bluefire and the other five Kings. But he understood that given his talent, his only hope was to acquire a Sovereign artifact, or perhaps a Sovereign spark, something he dreamed about.


His hopes had been dashed.

In the air above the Forest of Darkness, Adkins and Beirut stood there, looking at each other. Their conversation was separated from the outside world by the Godrealm. The distant Barnas, Ojwin, and others couldn’t hear their conversation at all. They only saw that Adkins’ expression had clearly become furious.


With Adkins at the center, a black and white light suddenly shot out in every direction. The area covered by the black light caused space to distort, and the nearby trees began to be devoured. Wherever the white light shone upon, matter evaporated like snow in the face of the sun.

Adkins had two mighty divine clones; darkness and light!

Cocooned by darkness and light, Adkins was absolutely enraged.

Adkins pointed furiously at Beirut, bellowing in anger, “Beirut, you are a despicable, base person who relies on having a Sovereign at his back! Today, I lowered myself to beg you and gave you face time and time again. I didn’t expect that you would insult me like this. Fine. Fine. You, Beirut, abuse the weak while fearing the strong. You are afraid of offending Bluefire, but you come insult me. You are garbage!!!”

These words weren’t restricted by the Godrealm. They spread out in every direction, with Barnas and the others hearing them clearly.

Barnas was greatly shocked. “Lord Adkins, no!”

“Not good.” Hanbritt, Gatenby, and Ojwin’s faces all changed as well.

Hundreds of kilometers away from Adkins and Beirut, Linley couldn’t help but turn his head to stare in astonishment as well.

“What a powerful aura of darkness and light energy.” Linley was inwardly shocked. The explosive release of energy from Adkins had naturally attracted Linley’s attention. “Such powerful energy…can it be that Adkins and Lord Beirut are coming to blows?”

Linley was mystified.

And then, Linley immediately headed back.

Beirut’s face turned cold, as though covered with a layer of frost. “Abuse the weak while fearing the strong? Garbage?”

“You’ve trained for just a million years. Even if you have a Sovereign artifact, do you even know how to use it properly?” A semi-translucent long blade, seemingly made out of ice, appeared in Adkins’ hand. He looked disdainfully at Beirut. “If you don’t have a Sovereign artifact, then die. If you do, good. It is time for the Sovereign artifact to have a new master.”

Adkins had never held Beirut in any regard.

As he saw it, Beirut who had trained for just a million years was nothing more than an upstart junior. How many Elemental Laws could he have fused?”

“Have a new master?”

With a flip of his hand, Beirut revealed a pitch black staff. This staff emanated a terrifying aura, and Adkins’ eyelids twitched, staring in astonishment at the staff in Beirut’s hands. With an insulting smirk, Beirut said, “The Sovereign artifact is here. If you have the ability, come and take it.”

This was a perfect, undamaged Sovereign artifact, not like Linley’s.

The black staff in Beirut’s hands emitted an aura so powerful that even the distant Barnas, Ojwin, and the others had their faces turn white.

Adkins’ eyes couldn’t help but narrow. He secretly said, “This Beirut actually really does have a Sovereign artifact. All the better. At worst, today, I’ll lose a divine clone! I have to kill him and seize that Sovereign artifact.” Adkins had made up his mind, and now he acted straightforwardly.

Barnas was frantic, but this time, he was no longer able to stop this battle!

Ojwin, Barnas, and the others all watched the two Highgods face off from afar. Suddenly, the dark and light energy exploded forth, causing space to shudder. Even Barnas the other three immediately utilized their Godrealm to defend.

Adkins divided his body into two, his divine light clone and his divine darkness clone!

The divine light clone wielded that long blade, while his divine dark clone was hidden within the darkness, disappearing within. Adkins’ divine light clone instantly charged towards Beirut, his face ferocious as he roared, “Die!” At the same instant he roared, his blade stabbed out, as eye-piercingly bright as the sun.

At the same moment…

The divine dark clone hidden within the darkness appeared as well, as a black dagger silently stabbed towards Beirut.

“Haha…” Beirut laughed loudly and gaily, sweeping out with his black staff.

The black staff seemed to have turned into a blur, smashing directly down upon that brilliant blade which shone like the sun. “BANG!” The Highgod artifact blade instantly disintegrated, but the black staff didn’t slow down at all, smashing directly down upon the head of Adkins’ divine light clone.

“BOOM!” The head completely exploded, leaving behind only a brilliant divine spark hovering in midair.

Adkins’ divine darkness clone laughed insidiously. “He didn’t even move. He is asking for death!” In the same instant his divine light clone was destroyed, Adkins’ black dagger stabbed directly towards Beirut’s head.


The black dagger stabbed onto Beirut’s head, but there was only a metallic ringing sound.

“How is that possible?!” Adkins stared in astonishment, his eyes wide. His full-power attack with his Highgod artifact hadn’t been able to even break through Beirut’s skin? Beirut’s head was actually comparable in toughness to a Highgod artifact? This was utterly impossible.

But…it had happened.

Beirut turned his head to glance at the boggled Adkins. “What, are you disappointed?”

“Flee!” Adkins’ face changed dramatically. He finally understood that this Beirut was utterly terrifying. Even the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison wouldn’t dare to use their heads to take a full power attack of a Highgod.


The black staff, moving at a speed that was seemingly dozens of times faster than when it had destroyed the divine light clone, instantly passed through Adkins’ head. Adkins’ head soundless disintegrated, leaving behind only a darkness-style divine spark floating next to Beirut.

And then, both of the divine sparks entered Beirut’s hands.

The two headless corpses fell from the sky. Beirut lowered his head to glance at them, murmuring, “Too weak, too weak. Compared to the former era’s Bloodviolet Fiend and the Twelve Winged Highgod Angel, he was far too weak.” Beirut, with just two casual sweeps of his staff, had killed Adkins.

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