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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 43, Extreme Joy Turns to Grief

Barnas, Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby all stared, slack-jawed and eyes round.

They had watched the battle which had occurred just now. In front of Beirut, Adkins was like an infant, completely incapable of resistance. The most monstrous part of it was…Adkins had delivered a full power attack against Beirut’s head, but Beirut hadn’t been hurt at all.

“Funny. So funny.”

Beirut shook his head, let out a sigh, then flew at high speed towards his metallic castle in the north. Actually, Beirut had been prepared for this battle long ago. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have left the metallic castle to prepare for battle with Adkins in mid-air.

“Whew…” Ojwin and everyone else let out a long breath.

Fortunately, Beirut had completely ignored them when he had left. Otherwise, all four of them combined wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow from Beirut’s staff.

“How terrifying.” Hanbritt let out a sigh.

Barnas stared at the two headless corpses below. Utterly agonized, he said, “Young master!” Barnas directly flew downwards. He and Adkins had an extremely close relationship. The two had been together for a very long time, and now that Adkins was dead, Barnas was filled with agony as well.

Ojwin’s eyes lit up.

“The interspatial ring!” Ojwin saw that on the two corpses below, the divine light corpse was still wearing an interspatial ring on one of its fingers. “Adkins’ interspatial ring has a divine Highgod spark in it.” Ojwin’s heart began to tremble.

Even in his dreams, Ojwin fantasized about becoming a Highgod!

And now, the chance had come!

“Perhaps that interspatial ring has a light-style spark.” Ojwin secretly said to himself. Ojwin immediately sneaked a peek at the nearby Gatenby and Hanbritt, but unexpectedly, Hanbritt and Gatenby were also glancing at him and each other.

The three of them exchanged glances, then all grinned.

They all knew what the others were thinking. Of the four subordinates of Adkins, most likely only Barnas wasn’t interested in that divine Highgod spark. After all, it wasn’t suited for him to fuse with. All three of them had the same idea.

“Hanbritt, Gatenby, you also want that divine Highgod spark in the interspatial ring, right?” Ojwin directly sent a message via his divine sense.

Hanbritt and Gatenby’s eyes contained a hint of amusement.

Gatenby replied with his divine sense, “However, we have to deal with Barnas first. He is very powerful. If we don’t kill him, there’s no way we will be able to get that interspatial ring.”

“Alright. All of us will join forces and pool our power to kill Barnas. As for the divine spark, after we acquire it, let’s see what element it is. Whoever it suits, that’s who will get it!” Hanbritt said, and Ojwin and Gatenby both expressed assent.

The three exchanged a glance, and then flew downwards as if by prior agreement.

“Lord Adkins!” Gatenby spoke out in a somewhat agonized manner.

“Mr. Barnas, don’t be too heartbroken.” Hanbritt flew over as well.

Barnas was currently lost in his agony. The scene of him being together with Adkins over the course of all these years flashed through his mind, and tears couldn’t help but begin to trickle down Barnas’ face. He didn’t have any idea as to what Ojwin and the other two were planning.

“Let’s do it!” Ojwin shouted through his divine sense to the others.

Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt simultaneously had their weapons appear in their hands, and in the next instant, simultaneously charged towards the nearby Barnas. The three Gods revealed a murderous look in their eyes, not holding back at all.

“Not good.” Barnas suddenly sensed this terrifying aura and immediately transformed into a ray of lightning, flying away and fleeing.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast an expert was, fleeing still had a short wind up phase. In that instant, his speed wasn’t very fast, while Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt had already reached the limits of their speed as they pincer-attacked him.

“What are you doing?!” Barnas’ divine sense swept into the minds of the three with a furious howl.

Barnas had already turned and was facing Ojwin and the other two while he continued to retreat at high speed.


A green sword flash, a holy light flash, and a warblade that carried within it a destructive aura. The three Gods struck out at full strength, and the ancient trees nearby that had existed for innumerable years were transformed into dust, with the earth itself sinking down as well.

“Bastards!” Barnas was a smart man. He instantly could guess what the goal of these three was.

He didn’t have any chance to flee right now. Grinding his teeth, Barnas transformed into a human-shaped bolt of lightning. The Highgod artifact in his hand, the ‘Spear of Cortez’, directly pierced towards Gatenby, as Barnas hoped to make a breakthrough at this point and flee with his live.

But how could Ojwin and the other two let him flee?


Three on one!

The earth seemed to have transformed into a rippling pond. Within a thousand meters, the nearby boulders, trees, and magical beasts all transformed into powder. Dust flew everywhere, but the battle had already concluded. Barnas’ eyes had already grown dim, and he had collapsed, following in Adkins’ footsteps.

“Bang!” Gatenby, a hole having been created in his chest, also collapsed at the same instant.

The Spear of Cortez didn’t just possess a material attack; it also possessed a spiritual attack. That Barnas had taken the combined strikes of those three Gods, but although he died, even in death, he had pulled down the most powerful of the three, Gatenby, into death with him.

This Barnas really had been the most powerful of those four Gods.

“Whew.” Ojwin and Hanbritt were both shaking in their hearts. The dust slowly settled. The two exchanged a glance, feeling that they were lucky. If Barnas had aimed his dying blow at either one of them, they wouldn’t have been able to dodge either.

“Hanbritt, whoever matches up with the element of this divine spark in the interspatial ring is the person who will get it.” Ojwin said with a laugh.

“Of course.” Hanbritt laughed. “However, the person who doesn’t get the divine spark will get the Spear of Cortez. What do you say?”

“Haha, of course I agree.” Ojwin laughed.

Right now, the ground had four corpses. The two headless corpses of Adkins, the corpse of Gatenby, and the corpse of Barnas. Meanwhile, Ojwin and Hanbritt were happily discussing how to divide up the rewards.

“Who will bind the interspatial ring with blood and withdraw the divine spark within?” Ojwin looked at Hanbritt.

Hanbritt said, “Ojwin, how could I distrust you? You can go ahead and activate the interspatial ring.” Ojwin nodded and laughed as he walked over to Adkins’ divine light corpse. But as he walked past Hanbritt…

Hanbritt’s eyes had a cold light flash past them. He secretly said to himself, “Prepare to die. The Highgod spark and the Highgod artifact will both be mine.”

Hanbritt suddenly moved, delivering his most powerful attack towards Ojwin.

The strange thing was, at the same instant Hanbritt made his move, Ojwin’s body suddenly flashed backwards in a straight line, chopping out with that greatsword in his hands.


The two both started slightly, astonished that the other was thinking the same thing they had been.

“The Highgod artifact and spark are both mine!” Ojwin howled angrily.

The longsword that was wrapped by that green light and the greatsword that was emitting that holy light simultaneously pierced towards each other. Ojwin and Hanbritt’s gazes met for an instant, and they each saw the murderous intent in the eyes of the other. If you didn’t die, then I will perish!

Kill the other, obtain all the treasures!


The green-light sword collided with the holy-light greatsword in a strange manner. The blue light shook, and it was as though space had suddenly been torn apart. An interspatial crack suddenly flashed towards Ojwin’s body. Ojwin retreated rapidly, but his body actually exploded. Only his head flew off into the distance.

“Haha…” Ojwin, only having his head left, still laughed delightedly and loudly.

“Boom!” Hanbritt’s body slumped to the ground. He was dead!

Hanbritt trained in the Elemental Laws of the Wind. He didn’t understand much about profound mysteries involving spiritual attacks. His most powerful attacks were of the Dimensional variety. Although he had badly injured Ojwin, that sword blow from Ojwin had contained a spiritual attack which had destroyed his soul.

Of the four mighty Gods, only Ojwin remained!

“I finally succeeded.” Ojwin was so excited that his face was shaking. His head immediately floated over to Adkins’ corpse.

At the same time, his body below his neck quickly began to regrow. Ojwin simply couldn’t wait. He immediately controlled a drop of blood and sent it onto the interspatial ring, which absorbed it like a sponge. By this point, Ojwin’s arm had already grown out.

“It must be light-style. It must be light-style!” Ojwin murmured in his heart.

Ojwin was extremely nervous. Grabbing the interspatial ring, he gritted his teeth and immediately retrieved the divine spark within.

“This…” Ojwin stared wide-eyed at the divine spark in front of him. The black divine spark which was emanating a white light.

“Light-style divine spark! It is light-style!” Ojwin was so excited, his body shook.

“Haha, it is light-style, it is light-style!!!” Ojwin was so happy he began to sob. “Adkins? Haha, I’ve endured servitude for you for so long, all for the sake of this day. It really is light-style. Soon, I will be a Highgod. I will be a Highgod!!!”

Ojwin’s heart was shaking.

“When I become a Highgod, Kingsley, my son, Father will definitely get revenge for you. Definitely!” Ojwin’s eyes blazed. His body had already grown to his waist.

Ojwin immediately looked at the divine Highgod spark in his hands. He couldn’t help but reveal an excited and satisfied smile on his face. In the Planar Prison, he had longed for this day. After countless years, he had finally acquired a Highgod spark.

“I, Ojwin, am finally going to become a Highgod.”

Dripping a drop of blood onto the divine Highgod spark, the spark immediately fused into his body. Ojwin’s face was covered with anticipation for the future, but right at that moment…


Ojwin’s face changed. He couldn’t help but turn to look…

A cold pair of dark golden eyes was staring at him.

The devilish Bloodviolet sword. The adamantine heavy sword emanating that dark blue glow.

“Linley!” Ojwin’s face changed.

He had just undergone two life-and-death battles. His spiritual energy was 90% used up, and the Highgod spark hadn’t been fused yet. He would need dozens of years to fuse with it. The worst thing was…Linley was too close to him. With his not yet fully repaired body, his speed wasn’t as fast as it could be.

There was no time to flee!

“Die.” Linley charged down from above, the adamantine heavy sword and Bloodviolet chopping down simultaneously.

“Hrmph, you are asking for death!” Ojwin laughed coldly in his heart.

He couldn’t flee? Flee? Why did he have to flee?

Linley was nothing more than a Demigod!

The greatsword in Ojwin’s hands, shining with that holy light, carried a spiritual power with it as he unhesitatingly swung it towards Linley’s Bloodviolet sword. The choice he made was the same one which Anras had made. Given his experience, he could clearly tell that Bloodviolet was an extraordinary weapon.

“Clang!” In that same instant when Bloodviolet collided with that greatsword shining with a holy light, Ojwin flew backwards, wanting to avoid the attack of that adamantine heavy sword.


From the adamantine heavy sword, a faint, yellow, illusory sword flew out like a bolt of lightning and entered Ojwin’s body. This was the attack which Linley had been building up power for, his most powerful attack….

The most powerful attack, developed from the fusion of the Throbbing Pulse of the World and the Essence of the Earth…

Voidwave Sword!


Ojwin’s eyes instantly turned round. He didn’t have any chance to feel regret or grief. He immediately toppled to the ground. Ojwin had a chance to become a Highgod and then he would live life as he pleased. Even in the Infernal Realm, he would have been considered a skilled expert. But unfortunately…

“In terms of spiritual attacks, you aren’t even as strong as that God who tried to assassinate me at Mount Copper Gong.” Linley looked at Ojwin’s corpse.

“Fighting over a Highgod spark?” Linley glanced at the nearby God corpses, then began to collect the divine artifacts, divine sparks, and interspatial rings.

Only, Ojwin’s eyes remained open and round. In the instant he had died, his eyes had been filled with disbelief and despair! Just now, he had been so excited that he was shaking as he imagined how beautiful the future would be. But all of this had been destroyed.

He, Ojwin, died with his eyes open and uncomprehending!

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