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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 41, An Abrupt Change

These astonishing elemental tremors were something which even the youngest students at magus academies were able to clearly sense. From Deities to magus academy initiates, countless people felt astonished at the massive scale of these elemental tremors. Even a hundred forbidden spells being fired off at the same time wouldn’t create such astonishing elemental vibrations.

“Grandpa Beirut, what is going on?” Bebe asked curiously.

Linley looked towards Beirut as well, who chortled, “The King of the Gebados Planar Prison, Bluefire. You know him, right? This is all his doing. His former homeland, that shattered continent…he is preparing to create it anew.”

“What?” Linley and Bebe were shocked.

Create a continent?

“This Bluefire is an absolute madman.” Beirut exhaled. “Although he is a Highgod, the amount of divine power and spiritual energy he has to expend in order to create a continent is an astonishing figure. This is an entire, massive continent, not just an ordinary little island.”

“You can create a continent?” Bebe didn’t dare believe it.

Beirut nodded. “That Bluefire has two divine Highgod clones, and he has reached an extremely frightening level of attainment in the profound mysteries of the Laws. Given his power, creating a continent in a material plane isn’t impossible. However, I still feel that this fellow is a bit too crazy.”

“Crazy?” Linley couldn’t help but look towards the south.

The creation of a continent was an astonishing spectacle. Perhaps only an expert on the level of Lord Bluefire was capable of such a thing.

In the South Seas region, at the place most distant from the Yulan continent, the boundless waters of the ocean seemed to be boiling. “Hissssss.” The seabed was emitting a hot aura. In this massive area spanning ten thousand kilometers, one could clearly see boiling hot magma rising upwards from the seabed.

In the air above the underwater fountain of lava, a wild, explosive concentration of fire elemental essence was causing space to distort. Within that distortion, a human figure could be seen.

This figure, dressed in a long, dark red robe, hovered in mid-air like a celestial divinity. It was indeed ‘Bluefire’ Leylin.

Dozens of kilometers away from Leylin was the bald man, Burgess, and the white-robed man. They looked at each other, and the white robed man let out a breath. “Big Brother, Third Brother truly is quite mad. With that volcano as the center, he has in one breath summoned so much lava from the depths of the earth beneath the seabed. He is insane.”

“Fortunately, Third Brother is nearly a Paragon with regards to his understanding of the Elemental Laws of Fire. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this so easily.”

The reason why Leylin was famous was because of his mastery of the Elemental Laws of Fire. The name ‘Bluefire’ was a testament to the level of attainment he had reached in the Elemental Laws of Fire. The strength of his fire-style Highgod clone was far greater than that of his earth-style Highgod clone.

It wasn’t that he was weak in earth; it was that his strength in fire was simply too great!

Countless amounts of magma continued to rise from beneath the ocean depths. Occasionally, they would even erupt over the surface of the water. But the amount of lava which erupted from above the surface of the ocean wasn’t even a millionth of the total amount of lava being created.

The vast majority of the lava which had exploded forth from the seabed had solidified into rocks within the sea.

The area of the lava which Leylin had brought forth from beneath the seabed stretched out for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Only, relying on his control over the lava, he caused the majority of it to solidify and focus within the area of ten thousand kilometers. Afterwards, when they solidified due to the cold from the waters of the sea and formed rocks, the amount of sea water within this ten thousand kilometer area would lessen as well.

In some places, rocks were already emerging from the surface of the sea, and most places only had a sea depth of a few hundred meters.

This was something that was inconceivable, so deep within the South Sea. But Bluefire had accomplished it.

“The next part is going to be tricky for Third Brother.” The bald man, Burgess, stared at the distant figure of Leylin. “To control such a vast amount of earth elemental essence and form a continent…Third Brother’s mastery of the Elemental Laws of Earth isn’t as powerful as his mastery of the Elemental Laws of Fire.”

The white-robed man nodded as well. The two continued to stare at Leylin in the distance.

Leylin let out a long breath, then stretched out his two hands…

“Rumble…” The boundless earth elemental essence of the world came under his control. Within an area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the rocks and dirt all came under his control, and began rushing towards that area of ten thousand kilometers formed from solidified lava.

The amount of earth elemental essence that had been summoned was too vast, creating a vacuum in earth elemental essence for hundreds of thousands of kilometers in the area around.

“BOOM!” Earth elemental essence from other areas wildly rushed in, causing space itself to tremble and distort. The countless amounts of earth elemental essence particles rushing in also created an elemental wave.

The massive vibrations within hundreds of thousands of kilometers caused countless ocean creatures to suffer an untold calamity. Actually, the explosion of lava alone had already caused many creatures to be boiled to death.

“Too slow!”

At this sort of speed, the amount of time it would take to create a continent would most likely be ten days or half a month.

Leylin frowned, his scarlet eyebrows seeming to touch. “It seems it won’t be as easy as I thought!” Leylin’s body suddenly split into two. One of the two bodies, a divine clone wearing a golden robe, suddenly disintegrated soundlessly, disappearing from the world. Instantly, within the area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the rocks and earth began to move at a pace several times faster.

“The divine power which my divine earth clone has built up over the countless year will most likely be completely used up.” The fire-style divine clone of Leylin, wearing a dark red robe, murmured to himself.

This time, when Leylin returned to the Yulan continent, he had a sour feeling in his heart. After all, his homeland had been completely destroyed, and even the very continent itself had been shattered and sunk into the seas. Thus, Leylin chose to go to the previous location of his former homeland and summon an explosive river of lava. The sea depth here wasn’t that great, and so the level of difficulty would be somewhat lower as well.

Creating an entire continent and creating an elemental manor…these were two completely separate concepts.

O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

Adkins was looking towards the south, his forehead furrowed. The nearby Barnas stood there respectfully as well.

“Lord Bluefire truly is daring.” Adkins spoke.

Barnas said in a quiet voice, “Creating a continent is something which will consume an astonishing amount of divine power and spiritual energy.”

A chuckle escaped Adkins. “The amount of divine power and spiritual energy which is consumed is indeed astonishing, but the creation of a continent is primarily the doing of his divine earth clone. In other words, that powerful divine fire clone of his won’t be weakened by much.”

“Bluefire is too powerful!”

Adkins lowered his head, silent for a long time.

Barnas stood at the side, sighing in his heart. “Young master is too stubborn and competitive. He doesn’t like being inferior to others. Only, in the Gebados Planar Prison, young master is far inferior to those five Kings. If he went to the Higher Planes where even more experts exist, most likely he wouldn’t be at the peak of the field. The treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods….they are young master’s only hope.”

Barnas knew very well that Adkins definitely wouldn’t give up.

Adkins suddenly turned. “Barnas, I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“Lord Adkins? You…” Barnas was shocked. He knew what Adkins was thinking.

Adkins’ gaze was as sharp as a knife. “This is an excellent opportunity. Bluefire is completely focused on creating that continent. He has no energy to pay attention to us. Right now, immediately go and summon Ojwin and the other two.”

“Yes!” Barnas took a deep breath as well, immediately spreading out his divine sense towards Ojwin and the others.

Adkins face was tranquil, but his heart was filled with great excitement.

“The day that determines destiny!” Adkins murmured to himself.

Soon, Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby all arrived. The three immediately fell to one knee in respect. “Lord Adkins.”

“All of you, make a trip with me to the Forest of Darkness.” Adkins said.

Ojwin and the other two exchanged glances, all very puzzled. They had all felt the astonishing elemental tremors. Now, they had been ordered to go immediately to the Forest of Darkness with no explanation. The three could only suppress their curiosity and then follow Adkins and Barnas towards the Forest of Darkness.

The Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

Linley and Beirut were still together.

“You are planning to have Bebe gain insights into the profound mysteries of the Laws?” Linley looked at Beirut in astonishment. Just then, Beirut had said that he wanted Bebe to stay in the metallic castle to attune with the profound mysteries of the Laws. After completely mastering one of them, he would allow Bebe to leave the metallic castle.”

Bebe immediately had a sour look on his face as well and said, “Grandpa Beirut, let’s take it slow with regards to training in the profound mysteries of the Laws. Why do you insist on me staying in the metallic castle? Who knows how long it will take me to succeed.”

“Don’t worry. I only want you to master the simplest Profound Mystery of the Essence of Darkness. In addition, in order to help you gain insights, I have prepared a treasure to assist you. Grandpa paid an extremely great price to obtain this treasure.” Beirut said.

Linley couldn’t help but feel astonished.

From the sound of it, it seemed as though this was a treasure which could help a person in training in the Elemental Laws?

“Treasure? How precious is it?” Bebe’s eyes lit up.

“Stop asking so many questions.” Beirut said seriously. “Just stay here and don’t make Grandpa disappointed.”

Linley consoled and urged Bebe as well. Bebe himself was very curious towards that treasure, and so he finally agreed. After all, Bebe also knew…his Grandpa was extremely wealthy. For even Beirut to say that the price he had paid was great meant that this treasure was definitely not an ordinary one.

“Hrm?” Beirut frowned slightly.

“Harry!” Beirut shouted. Soon, a human figure appeared in the living room. It was one of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Harry. Beirut instructed, “Harry, you take care of Bebe. Don’t let him run amok. I’m going out for now.”

“Yes, Father.” Harry said respectfully.

“Linley, you come with me as well.” Beirut laughed, and Linley nodded.

After bidding Bebe farewell, Linley and Beirut flew directly out of the metallic castle. Flying by Beirut’s side, Linley felt somewhat mystified. “Lord Beirut suddenly said that we were heading out. What is this about. Hey, they are…?”

Linley had already seen several figures flying over from far away, with the leader being the awe-inspiring Adkins!

“Ojwin!” Linley saw Ojwin behind Adkins as well. “Hmph. If I have the chance, I will definitely kill him.” Linley continued to feel hatred towards Ojwin. In the past, Cena’s son and wives, as well as the entire palace, had all been killed by this man.

He had never had a chance to avenge this enmity.

“Ah, Mr. Beirut.” A smile immediately drifted to Adkins’ face. “Oh, Linley, you are here as well.” Adkis’ smile was very bright.

“Linley, you can go back for now.” Beirut said.

Linley bowed, and then also bowed slightly towards Adkins, flying towards the south by himself. Only, in mid-flight, Linley couldn’t help but turn his head and look back. “Lord Beirut suddenly came out, most likely because he knew that Adkins and the others had arrived. What is going on?”

In the air above the Forest of Darkness, a black-robed Beirut and a gold-robed Adkins were standing in mid-air, facing each other. Adkins seemed like a youngster, while Beirut seemed like an elder. Old and young, standing there facing each other. It was quite intriguing.

“Mr. Beirut, let’s go to your place to chat.” Adkins said.

“No need. Here is fine.” Beirut said with a calm laugh.

Adkins was all smiles. “Fine, then.” Adkins immediately spread out his Godrealm, preventing Ojwin and the others from listening to their conversation. “Mr. Beirut, last time, you said that we have to wait a thousand years before opening the Necropolis of the Gods, yes?”

“That was indeed the case.” Beirut had a hint of a laugh in his eyes.

Adkins laughed warmly. “I also know that previously, Mr. Beirut, you opened the Necropolis of the Gods twice in succession, once to let Saints in, once to let Deities in. There should only have been a gap of a month or so in between. I imagine that the opening of the Necropolis of the Gods is determined by yourself, Mr. Beirut?”

“Right. The almighty Sovereign hasn’t set a specific schedule for the opening and closing. I alone am responsible for determining when it will be opened.” Beirut said.

Adkins smile became absolutely incandescent. “That’s absolutely wonderful. Mr. Beirut, I wonder, would it be possible for us to open the Necropolis of the Gods in advance?”

“In advance?” Beirut stared at Adkins in astonishment.

“Right, for example…tomorrow! I don’t know if you would consider it, Mr. Beirut?” Adkins looked at Beirut, his eyes carrying a hint of anticipation.

“Oh, well now…” Beirut pondered for a moment. Adkins could only wait, absolutely frantic. Finally, Beirut nodded slightly. “That’s not impossible. Opening it tomorrow is doable.”

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