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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 10, Foundation

“It was Lord Beirut who informed us.” Dylin replied.

The War God also spoke. “When we returned from the Necropolis of the Gods to the Yulan Plane, soon after we entered the Yulan continent, Lord Beirut suddenly said…that you, Linley were in danger. He said that if Dylin and Tarosse hurried over, they might be able to rescue you in time.”

Dylin and Tarosse both nodded slightly.

“If you had been just a bit slower, Dylin, things really would have gotten quite dangerous.” Tarosse sighed.

Dylin laughed, “Dangerous, how? I expect that Lord Beirut arrived here long before we did. Most likely, at the most critical, dangerous moment, if we hadn’t arrived yet, Lord Beirut would have helped rescue Linley.”

“Lord Beirut?” Tarosse frowned. “Most likely, Lord Beirut wouldn’t even care if every single human on the Yulan continent died. Would he necessarily save Linley? I find it quite surprising that he even warned us.”

Tarosse had a very clear memory of Beirut’s ruthless viciousness.

“Not necessarily so.” Dylin didn’t share the same opinion.

“So that’s how it all went down.” Linley secretly sighed. No wonder after he had mentally reached out to Bebe, Bebe hadn’t told him if Beirut would be able to come…so Beirut had gone to the Necropolis of the Gods and wasn’t even in the Forest of Darkness.

Nobody noticed…

A few kilometers away from Dragonblood Castle, a translucent human figure was hovering in mid-air, absorbing all the sunlight which shone down on him. When something absorbed all light, then it naturally would become invisible.

“That kid, Tarosse.”

The invisible man snorted self-mockingly. “It seems the actions that I took during the Apocalypse Wars all those years ago had truly terrified him. He really thinks I’m as ruthless and as vicious as that?” And then, the translucent person disappeared.

At the borders of the Forest of Darkness.

“Bebe, don’t go. You won’t be of any use at Dragonblood Castle. Can you beat a full God?” The three Violet-Gold Rat Kings were persuading Bebe, but Bebe had made up his mind. He hurriedly flew towards the south, his heart filled with panic.

But just at this moment.

“Bebe, I’m fine.” Linley’s voice rang out in Bebe’s mind.

“Boss.” Bebe instantly halted, overjoyed.

The three nearby Violet-Gold Rat Kings were extremely mystified as Bebe halted in mid-air and spoke spiritually with Linley. Only after a long while did the conversation end. “Boss, I’m heading to your place right now.” Bebe truly wanted to see Linley right now. Nobody could stop him.

“Bebe…” A gravelly voice rang out.

Bebe raised his head, his beady little eyes instantly filling with a hint of unhappiness. “Grandpa Beirut, you only came back now.”

“Lord Father.” The three Violet-Gold Rat Kings behaved very properly.

Beirut smiled as he reached out, wanting to hug Bebe. “Bebe, come here.” But Bebe dodged aside. “Hmph. Grandpa Beirut, I learned from the Boss that you knew that the Boss was in trouble. Why didn’t you personally intervene? If you personally intervened, that Ojwin bastard would have died, no question about it.”

Bebe was extremely dissatisfied.

Ojwin had nearly killed Linley.

In Bebe’s mind, although Beirut made him feel extremely proud and he truly liked his Grandpa Beirut very much, to Bebe, nobody was more important than Linley, who had grown up along with him since they were children. In much the same way, in Linley’s heart, Bebe was also extremely important.

How many years had Linley and Bebe travelled alone, just the two of them?

A human youth with no parents, and a magical beast with no parents. They had joked with each other, adventured together, and slowly grown up together. The bond between them was tough and unbreakable.

“Bebe. Me, personally kill that Ojwin?” Beirut laughed with resignation. “I can’t personally get involved in everything, right? As for killing Ojwin and getting revenge, it’s best to let Linley handle that. It’s enough for me to save his life.”

“It was Tarosse and Dylin who saved my Boss’ life.” Bebe turned his head around unhappily, ignoring Beirut.

Staring at Bebe, Beirut didn’t know what to say.

He, Beirut, was an extremely famous person, even amongst the high-level figures of the countless planes of the universe. His ruthless and viciousness was the stuff of legend. Even towards his own children, Beirut could be ruthless. But…towards Bebe, Beirut’s heart was filled with doting love.

It was much like how parents could be stern with their children, but would be indulgent towards their grandchildren.

Beirut was exceedingly strict with his children, but meeting this descendant of his Beirut clan, Bebe, the second Godeater Rat to ever exist in the countless planes of the universe, he simply couldn’t be strict.

“Tarosse and Dylin?” Beirut shook his head. “Bebe, actually, I already arrived at Dragonblood Castle long before they did, traveling at high speed. If they hadn’t been able to make it in time, I would have intervened.” Beirut coaxed Bebe, as though he were coaxing a little child.

Bebe looked somewhat suspiciously at Beirut. “Truly?”

“Of course it’s true. Since when has Grandpa ever lied to you?” Beirut’s smile was so very benevolent.

Bebe immediately began to grin.

“Right, Grandpa Beirut, I want to pay a visit to Dragonblood Castle.” Bebe immediately said.

“Fine.” Beirut beamed at him. “You should go take a look, but Bebe, you need to remember that you are very close to your final transformation and reaching adulthood. After making a visit, come back quickly.” Beirut instructed him solemnly.

“Got it, Grandpa Beirut.” Bebe replied.

“Harry, go alongside Bebe.” Beirut instructed, not entirely at ease.

“Yes, Lord Father.” The Violet-Gold Rat King, Harry, said.

“Grandpa Beirut, Harry doesn’t have to come, right. If I meet with any Deities that come to act against me, Harry won’t be able to protect me.” This is what Bebe said, because as Bebe saw it, the Violet-Gold Rat King, Harry, was nothing more than a Saint-level magical beast.

Hearing this, Harry couldn’t help but exchange glances with his two brothers, the other two Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Hart and Harvey.

“Harry, go with him.” Beirut couldn’t be bothered to say much more.

And then, Bebe and Harry headed off towards Dragonblood Castle together.

To the War God and the High Priest, the sudden descent of so many experts into the Yulan continent was an extremely disastrous piece of news. Still, they were forced to accept it. Linley, Olivier, Dylin, Tarosse, Cesar, the War God, the High Priest…this group of people were clustered together in the main hall of Dragonblood Castle.

Just as they were chatting amongst each other…

“Whoosh!” A human figure suddenly flew over at high speed. It was Fain.

Just now, because of Ojwin’s arrival, Linley had ordered his family and friends to immediately flee in every direction. Now, they were slowly making their way back. The first one to arrive was Fain. When Fain landed in the main hall, he saw the War God, O’Brien, and was instantly stunned.

“Bang!” Fain’s knees crashed to the ground.

“Master!” Fain’s eyes were already filled with tears. “My fellow disciples are all dead, and the honorary disciples are dead as well. The entire War God Mountain has been destroyed! Your disciple has failed Master’s trust!” Fain sobbed bitterly. The pain he felt in his heart, upon seeing his master, the War God, completely burst out.

The War God hurriedly moved towards him, personally raising his first disciple to his feet.

“Fain, this has nothing to do with you. Nothing to do with you.” The War God let out a single sigh.

War God Mountain had held all of his life’s work, but with so many Deities having descended, he understood…that his disciple, Fain, merely a Prime Saint, didn’t have any chance to defend at all.

“Master!!!” From mid-air, multiple human figures flashed forward. It was Dixie and the others.

Dixie and the others also directly knelt down before the High Priest.

“Rise, all of you.” The High Priest said with a sigh. Her situation was actually much better than the War God’s, because the people who had taken over the Yulan Empire had attacked the imperial palace. In addition, the disciples of the High Priest weren’t centered on any particular location, and so only the two who were in the imperial palace had died.

Most of the High Priest’s disciples were still alive.

However…the Yulan Empire which the High Priest had guarded for ten thousand years had been taken over.

Many people hurried over, one after the other, including Linley’s original body, which directly merged into his divine clone.

“Linley.” As soon as she came back, Delia embraced Linley, feeling worried for him. “You are okay. That’s wonderful.” Delia’s eyes were filled with unshed tears. When Ojwin had arrived, all of them had been forced to hide in that pocket dimension.

Afterwards, they had fled in every direction.

Linley’s original body was worried that the enemy would focus on his aura and focus on seizing him, so he hadn’t permitted any others to flee with him in the same direction.

At that time, everyone’s heart was filled with terror. But now, everyone could set their minds at ease.

“Everything is fine now.” Linley felt somewhat relaxed as well.

Before this, an enormous weight had been crushing down upon Linley, who had been the only one to bear it. But now, Dylin and Tarosse had come. With the two of them….unless that Lord Adkins personally acted against them, Linley’s side was now more than capable of protecting themselves, at least.

“Linley, do you know who it was that destroyed my War God Mountain?” The War God looked at Linley.

The War God’s eyes held a trace of an unwillingness to accept this.

Linley sighed as he spoke. “War God, forget it. The people who destroyed your War God Mountain and took over the O’Brien Empire are an extremely powerful force. Their leader is a Highgod. His name is ‘Adkins’.” Ever since learning that Adkins was a Highgod, he had never again entertained the notion of the War God seizing back the O’Brien Empire.

“Adkins!!!” Dylin let out a shocked cry.

Having stayed in the Gebados Planar Prison, Dylin knew how terrifying Adkins was.

“Highgod?” Tarosse, Cesar, the War God, the High Priest, and the others all had changed looks on their faces. It was already very hard to go from being a Demigod to a full God, but the difficult level of advancing from God to Highgod was even more ridiculous. To them, a Highgod was invincible.

After all…

Sovereigns wouldn’t pay attention to ordinary Deities. Sovereigns couldn’t be bothered to act against them, and so Highgods naturally became the top of the mountain.

“So Adkins made it out as well. That makes sense. He belongs to Bluefire City.” Dylin let out an emotional sigh. “Who knows if Lord Bluefire was able to flee out as well.” Dylin also knew of the terrifying power of ‘Bluefire’, one of the five great Kings.

A King amongst the most powerful of Highgods!

Although Adkins was powerful, in front of Bluefire, he had to lower his noble head and submit to him.

“Haha…” The War God laughed self-mockingly. “So a Highgod is actually interested in occupying my O’Brien Empire.” The War God’s laughed contained helplessness in it. Although the War God had made improvements in the Necropolis of the Gods, he was still just a Demigod.

“Linley, do you know who took over my Yulan Empire?” The High Priest’s gentle voice rang out.

Linley still remembered what Muba had told him. He immediately replied, “High Priest, the person who destroyed the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire and took it over was a full God named Oerph.”

“A full God?” The High Priest frowned.

Everyone present had improved over the course of this trip to the Necropolis of the Gods, and Dylin had broken through from peak Demigod level and entered the God level. The High Priest had been lucky enough to acquire a single ‘God-level divine spark’. As for Cesar and the War God, although they hadn’t acquired divine sparks, they had acquired divine artifacts.

“A God who was able to survive in the Gebados Planar Prison is no ordinary God.” Dylin said with a frown. “I imagine that for now, it’s best for us to not make too many enemies. For now, let’s make this Baruch Empire our base. Together, at least we’ll be able to protect our foundation, the Baruch Empire.”

The War God and the High Priest hesitated for a moment, then nodded as well.

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