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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 9, Timely

Hearing Ojwin mention himself, Linley couldn’t help but sneer to himself.

Just then, when he wanted to kill them, Ojwin hadn’t shown any mercy. Even Desri’s divine clone had been destroyed! But now, he said that he didn’t want to kill Linley, just Olivier? Clearly, he was somewhat afraid of Tarosse and Dylin.

“You want to kill Olivier but not kill Linley?” Dylin deliberately paused for a moment.

Towards Olivier, Dylin didn’t feel too much affection. But Linley was different. Originally, his escape with the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions to the Yulan Plane was partially due to Linley. In the Necropolis of the Gods, Linley had saved his son yet again. Most importantly, Linley had given him a divine spark without asking for anything in return.

Dylin naturally had to protect Linley.

“This Olivier doesn’t have anything to do with me.” Tarosse laughed merrily as he looked at Ojwin.

Ojwin relaxed.

“But what does that have to do with my decision as to whether I want to interfere or not?” Tarosse said with a wicked laugh. “You ask me not to interfere, and thus I won’t interfere? If others heard this story, they’d think that I, Tarosse, was afraid of you. If you know what’s good for you, you’d best hurry up and f*ck off. I can spare your life this once. Otherwise, well…”

Tarosse stretched out a single hand. Within it, a long, green whip appeared. This long green whip looked just like a green snake, and it naturally emitted a frigid aura. Even the air around it seemed to have been somewhat frozen. Tarosse casually snapped the long whip, emitting a clear cracking sound.

“Are you going to leave? Or do you want me to make you leave?” Tarosse didn’t view Ojwin with any respect at all.

Ojwin swept Tarosse and Dylin with his gaze, before staring at Olivier. His eyes seemed to want to devour Olivier alive.

Ojwin paused a moment.

“Fine. Since that’s the case, I’ll give you two face. I…” Ojwin said, but suddenly, the fingers of his right hand swept towards Olivier, and a white beam of light suddenly split the air, causing space to begin to fold. The white light shot directly towards the nearby Olivier.

“Crackle…” Wherever the light from his fingers passed through, space began to emit a rumbling, crackling sound.

The speed of this light was extremely fast.

“Hrmph.” Tarosse narrowed his eyes, letting out a cold, disdainful snort.

“Whap!” That long green whip struck out like a serpent, while at the same time elongating from the original length of three or four meters to thirty to forty meters. The thickness of the whip was like that of the tail of a giant python, and it struck directly against that ray of light. Faintly emitting a green light, it circled around that white light, dispersing it.

“Lord Tarosse, thank you.” Olivier said in a low voice. Olivier knew when to be grateful to someone.

However, Olivier also knew that he didn’t have much of a relationship with Tarosse and Dylin. The reason why they were willing to help was for Linley’s sake.

Olivier looked at the nearby Linley.

Linley grinned at him. “Olivier, since Lord Tarosse is willing to act, we won’t have any more problems today.”

“But of course. I’m Lord Tarosse, you know.” Lord Tarosse laughed loudly and delightedly, while at the same time, he continued to snap his long green whip out. His body was floating and flashing about like a shadow, casually engaging in blows and counter-blows with Ojwin.

Ojwin, after a short testing period, became certain that this Tarosse was a powerful combatant even amongst Gods.

Given Ojwin’s cautious nature of never engaging in something he wasn’t confident in achieving, he normally would never engage in a fight with Tarosse like this. However…his son had died. Throughout these countless years, aside from his goal of reaching the peak of training and increasing his strength, his highest priority was raising his son.

Ojwin’s son was the reason for his existence.

“Tarosse, you are forcing me to do this!!!” Ojwin’s face slowly grew ferocious.

“What is it? If you have some powerful techniques, bring’m out!” Tarosse flew high into the air, while Ojwin chased after him. Once these two Gods really went all out, the shockwaves from their attacks would reach and harm Linley and the others. It might be enough to cause Linley to be badly injured, or even die.

Ojwin’s subordinates.

“You can go for now.” Ojwin’s voice rang out in the minds of those two lucky survivors. Four Demigods. Ojwin’s son and the black-robed man had both died, thanks to Linley and Olivier. Only two remained.

“The situation is bad. Let’s leave, quickly.” The two lucky Demigod survivors glanced at each other, then immediately fled at high speed per Ojwin’s orders.

Linley, Olivier, and Dylin were still paying close attention to the battle between those two Gods in mid-air.

“Hey, they fled.” Dylin was the first to notice.

“Where’d they go?” Only now did Linley realize that those two Demigods had disappeared into the horizon.

Linley’s face was extremely ugly to behold. He said frantically, “Desri’s divine spark! Desri’s divine spark is being held by that silver-robed man.” Once the divine clone was destroyed, the original body wouldn’t be able to be gifted by heaven with yet another light-style divine spark.


The original body could still fuse with that light-style divine spark yet again.

The original body would be able to fuse it extremely quickly, allowing him to soon return to his full level of strength. But…if he did this, Desri would never be able to train in any other Laws again.

“Oh? No rush.” Dylin suddenly moved, intending to charge after that silver-robed man.


In mid-air, a fiery red human figure suddenly came out from Ojwin’s body. This fiery red body was actually wielding a fiery red lance, and it stabbed directly at Dylin. Dylin immediately became entangled by the fiery red figure, and wasn’t able to shake him off right away.

“This Ojwin has two bodies!” Linley was greatly astonished.

Linley and Olivier exchanged glances, their eyes filled with shock. Ojwin didn’t just have a divine light clone; he also had a divine fire clone. The two divine clones battled against Dylin and Tarosse, and for now they fought to a standstill.

Ojwin’s strength truly was astonishing.

Although Linley wanted to chase after that silver-robed man, after having executed the ‘Hymn of the Wind’, then helped Olivier block Ojwin’s killing strike, Linley’s spiritual energy had been almost completely used up. Even his soul had been shaken.

Actually, Linley had enough spiritual energy to utilize the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ twice, with some energy left over.

But the thing was, Olivier had killed Ojwin’s son, and Ojwin had naturally gone crazy.

That attack of his had truly been too vicious. Fortunately, Linley had that damaged Sovereign artifact, which allowed him to just barely take the blow without dying.

“Desri’s divine spark.” Linley felt helpless. He wanted to chase, but he didn’t have any confidence in being able to overcome that silver-robed man.

Linley still clearly remembered the scene of that silver-robed man killing Desri. That illusionary blade blow…it was too powerful. Linley had the feeling that the silver-robed man was most likely the most powerful of the four experts Ojwin originally commanded.

“With Tarosse and Dylin joining forces, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for them to deal with Ojwin.”

In terms of spiritual strength, Linley’s divine clone was far inferior to his original body’s. After all, his original body had fused twenty million soul essences.

Linley’s original body had already stopped fleeing.

Linley’s original body stretched out his divine sense. During this short period of time, even Saints had only flown less than a thousand kilometers. Linley’s divine sense instantly located every single fleeing family member and friend. “Everyone. The danger has passed. Everyone, come back to Dragonblood Castle.”

The members of Dragonblood Castle who had been fleeing, mentally agonized, instantly felt great joy upon hearing Linley’s divine sense message.

All of them hurriedly returned.

In the air above Dragonblood Castle. Tarosse and Ojwin had begun to go all out.

“Just this little bit of power you have, haha…” Tarosse’s loud laughter rang out.

“Whooooosh.” Tarosse’ long green whip coiled about like a serpent, while at the same time, the temperature of the surrounding area dropped dramatically, and one blue crystal after another appeared out of nowhere. They hovered in mid-air in an area of several square kilometers. Under the light of the sun, they seemed so beautiful.

Within an area of several square kilometers, the surrounding water elemental essences had come under Tarosse’s control.

Ojwin’s face changed.

Instantly, his entire body began to emit a dazzling, holy light, and the greatsword in his hands, covered by that holy light, began to tremble slightly.

In the area around the greatsword, tiny, thread-like fractures in space could be seen.

“Hrmph.” Tarosse sneered coldly. An invisible ripple surged forth from his head and was directly absorbed by each of those blue ice crystals.

“Crackle…” Every single hovering blue ice crystal began to emit a blue light. The rays of blue light emanating from those blue ice crystals connected with each other, and each time the rays of light intersected, the power grew greater, until finally…they all came together at one point.

“Shatter!” Ojwin could tell that the situation was dire. He immediately chopped down with his sword towards one of the ice crystals.

“Bang!” The ice crystal shattered. But then, in the blink of an eye, yet another ice crystal formed. This amazing formation wasn’t impacted whatsoever.

“Crunch!” At the center of the intersecting energy streams, one of the blue ice crystals suddenly emitted a ray of black light.

The target was Ojwin.

Ojwin let out a low growl from his throat. A white horn began to slowly emerge from his forehead, while at the same time, Ojwin delivered a full-strength sword chop towards the ray of black light shooting towards him. The greatsword and the ray of black light collided head-on.

The ray of black light shattered.

“Bang!” Ojwin vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. With a ‘crunch’, even the bones in his arms shattered.

Ojwin stared viciously at Tarosse, then immediately transformed into a ray of light, streaking towards the western horizon. Even the fiery red form which had been entangling Dylin fused back into Ojwin, who instantly disappeared into the western horizon.

“Olivier. I, Ojwin, swear that I will definitely kill you!!!” Ojwin’s angry roar shook the air above Dragonblood Castle.

Seeing Ojwin retreat, Linley and Olivier both let out a sigh of relief.

Tarosse and Dylin flew over.

“Where does this Ojwin come from? He really is quite powerful. If he were to fight against me alone using all his strength, I probably would at most be able to fight him to a draw.” Tarosse sighed in approval. Tarosse had also realized that this Ojwin actually had a second divine God clone.

Dylin nodded slightly as well.

“But that divine fire clone clearly isn’t as strong as his divine light clone.” Dylin sighed. “When fighting against me, that divine fire clone was only able to entangle me. A pity. I just reached the God level. I am not yet capable of utilizing God-level Laws to maximum effectiveness.”

Upon reaching a certain level of enlightenment, one would become a God.

But more insights alone didn’t represent that one had become better at using them.

“Two divine clones, both at the God level. This Ojwin is very hard to deal against.” Linley felt that this was a rather thorny problem as well.

“Two divine clones being at the God level isn’t all that special.” Tarosse shook his head disdainfully. “Upon becoming a Deity through one’s own power, the first divine clone can naturally reach the God level. As for the original body…it can go find a divine spark and just go fuse it. This Ojwin should have been in the Gebados Planar Prison for a long time. First, he would let his original body reach the Demigod level. Most likely, he was lucky and was able to acquire a divine God spark. That gives him two divine God clones, as easy as that.”

While they chatted, multiple figures suddenly flew over. It was the cold and grim War God ‘O’Brien’, the High Priest ‘Catherine’, and Cesar.

“Linley, congratulations.” The War God’s serious, rocky face squeezed out a smile.

Seeing the War God, Linley sighed in his heart.

“War God. Do you already know about what happened in your O’Brien Empire?” Linley asked.

“I know a bit. I don’t know the specifics yet.” The War God shook his head. “I didn’t expect that as soon as I left the Necropolis of the Gods, I would have received such terrible news.”

“Oh, right. I didn’t have the chance to ask yet. How did so many experts suddenly escape from the Gebados Planar Prison?” Dylin asked puzzledly. “Even that area I fled from in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was just a weak spot in the walls of reality. It was very hard to find.”

“It was me.”

Olivier spoke up. “I did it accidentally. I opened that interdimensional gateway by accident.”

“You opened the interdimensional gateway?” Dylin, the War God, and the rest were all greatly shocked.

The weak spot in the walls of the reality was just a long, large crack which occasionally would release a few drops of water. But opening the interdimensional gateway was akin to a massive landslide that would release a flood of water, releasing an astonishingly high number of experts.

“Hey?” Linley looked at Dylin in confusion. “Lord Dylin, how did you know that we were in danger?”

Linley could tell that Dylin had transformed into his true form to hurry over here. Even Tarosse had been slightly slower than Dylin, while the Demigods like the War God, the High Priest, and Cesar had been much slower. They had only arrived after the battle was over.

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