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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 11, Desri’s Divine Spark

Linley and the others understood one point; if one wanted to occupy a large territory, one had to have an equivalent amount of power!

The side occupying the Yulan Empire was led by a full God, Oerph. However, how many Gods did Oerph’s side have? Was it just Oerph? For now, they couldn’t be sure.

It must be known that the Yulan Empire, in size and population, vastly exceeded that of the Baruch Empire.

The Yulan Empire and O’Brien Empire remained the two largest empires of the Yulan continent.

Oerph’s side definitely was not weaker than Ojwin’s, for them to dare take over the Yulan Empire. Even Ojwin had two divine God clones and was able to fight Tarosse to a standstill. How could Linley’s side dare to go irritate that Oerph?

“Catherine, for now, hurry up and fuse that God-level divine spark.” Tarosse instructed. “Dylin, you need to train hard as well and gain insights on how to apply the Laws in your attacks, so as to raise your combat ability in a short period of time.”

The High Priest and Dylin both nodded.

“Lord Beirut just opened the Necropolis of the Gods. He shouldn’t open it again in the near future, therefore…the current situation with many Deities causing chaos will continue here in the Yulan continent for a fairly long period of time.” Tarosse said. “As for us, what we need to do is to quietly train. If others don’t bother us, we won’t bother them. If others do want to deal with us though, then we don’t need to be merciful to them either.”

Tarosse’s eyes had a cold look flash past them.

“Enough. I’m going to pay a visit to the imperial capital of the Baruch Empire. If Ojwin is there, I’ll kick him out.” Tarosse said. Actually, during their battle just now, Tarosse hadn’t used his full force.

After all, for Tarosse to be capable of becoming the controller of the lower eleven floors of the Necropolis of the Gods meant that Tarosse had extraordinary abilities of his own.

“Lord Tarosse, I’m worried about one thing.” Linley spoke out.

“Speak.” Tarosse laughed as he looked at Linley.

Linley frowned. “Will that Adkins charge over to kill us at this place?” After having experienced Ojwin’s attack, Linley began to worry. Originally, he thought that Ojwin, having taken over his Empire, wouldn’t attack Dragonblood Castle.

After all, Linley had never attacked him.

Who would have imagined that Ojwin had indeed attacked. This caused Linley to worry that one day, if Adkins had the desire, he too would come to deal with them. That would be terrible.

“Don’t worry.” Dylin laughed. “Linley, Highgods have their own pride. If you don’t go irritate a Highgod, a Highgod generally won’t lower themselves to deal with you. Generally speaking, even full Gods won’t lower themselves to deal with you, much less Highgods.”

In the world of Deities, there was this custom; only Deities of the same level and status would fight each other.

For example, as long as a Demigod wasn’t so hotheaded as to go irritate a God, the God wouldn’t go kill him. But of course, if one violated the God’s will or irritated him somehow, the God wouldn’t show mercy either.

For example, Beirut had given the order that Deities and Saints were not permitted to engage in slaughter or cause destruction in the Eighteen Northern Duchies. If Deities came over despite that, then Beirut would naturally reveal some of his power, like how he directly killed those Demigods with one palm slap!

Highgods were definitely capable of killing Demigods with a single palm slap.

After all, the difference in power was enormous.

“That’s good.” Linley felt relieved as well.

At the same time, he thought back to the scene of how, when Ojwin had arrived, Ojwin hadn’t actively attacked him either. Clearly, he disdained from doing so, and instead had his subordinates attack…this was the situation in places where experts were common. For example, if two sides were engaging in warfare, the leaders would fight the leaders, while the soldiers would fight the soldiers.

“Tarosse, be careful when dealing with Ojwin.” Dylin smirked. “Don’t end up getting beaten by Ojwin instead.”

“What a joke!”

Tarosse immediately snickered. “What do you take me for? A new God like you who is easily bullied?” After speaking, Tarosse gave Dylin no face at all, immediately flying out of Dragonblood Castle’s main hall and towards the imperial capital at high speed.

“Jerk.” Dylin cursed softly.

Linley looked at the experts nearby, a smile hovering on his face. Now that everyone was fine and that Dragonblood Castle returned to its normal tranquility, Linley felt a sense of contentment in his heart. He raised his head towards the sky, staring at it through main hall’s door. “Bebe is about to arrive!”

“Boss, how about, you come live with me in the Forest of Darkness?” Bebe suggested. “Don’t worry, Grandpa Beirut definitely won’t stop me from bringing you all over. When the time comes…you, me, and Taylor and the others will all live in the Forest of Darkness. I don’t think anyone would dare go to the Forest of Darkness.”

This was Bebe’s idea!

After Ojwin’s attack, Bebe was beginning to worry as well.

“Don’t worry. There are no longer any problems.” Linley laughed. “Tarosse and Dylin have already arrived, and they are all full Gods. With them present…at least Gods aren’t able to threaten us now. As for that Adkins, as I see it, he has no reason to come deal with me, a Demigod.”

Bebe thought about it, then agreed that Linley made sense.

If Adkins wanted to kill Linley, even if Linley decided to live in the Forest of Darkness, Adkins could wait for when Beirut wasn’t present, then head over…in addition, would he, a Highgod, lower himself to deal with a Demigod?

“But I have to say, this time things really did get quite dangerous. It was an extremely close one.” Linley sighed with feeling.

If it hadn’t been for Dylin acting at just the critical moment, himself and Olivier probably would have been finished.

“What was the danger?” Bebe rebutted. “Actually, Grandpa Beirut arrived at Dragonblood Castle before they did. Only, my Grandpa Beirut couldn’t be bothered to act if not necessary. If Dylin and the others hadn’t made it in time, though, Grandpa Beirut definitely would have intervened.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“If Grandpa had not intervened at the critical moment, even in death I would no longer recognize him as my grandpa.” Bebe said somewhat angrily.

“Your Grandpa Beirut is also a Highgod after all, and I’ve heard that he is a Sovereign’s Emissary. Given his status…how could he so casually intervene?” Linley spoke out on Beirut’s behalf. Bebe let out two sniffs, then no longer spoke. After all, Bebe still liked Grandpa Beirut very much.

He could feel Beirut’s love for him.

But Bebe, having never met his parents, naturally was closest to Linley.

Linley secretly said to himself, “So Lord Beirut really did arrive early on. Only, he didn’t intervene…it seems that Lord Beirut simply watched as Desri’s divine clone perished.” Linley was beginning to understand.

Beirut was a very proud person.

Desri’s life and death, Olivier’s life and death, Beirut probably wouldn’t care about at all.

It was only because of Bebe that Beirut was somewhat willing to take care of Linley.

Within the Forest of Darkness.

“I’ve told you to work hard on training in the Elemental Laws of the Earth, the Elemental Laws of Fire, and the Elemental Laws of Water, these three Laws. But you…if you keep acting like this, even after a hundred million years, you still won’t be able to become Highgods!” Beirut stared at the two Violet-Gold Rat Kings in front of him.

The two Violet-Gold Rat Kings didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Alas. I suppose I can’t blame you.” Beirut shook his head and sighed. “You are more proficient in the Elemental Laws of the Wind and the Elemental Laws of Darkness. Training in the other three types of Laws, you are indeed too slow, too slow!”

“Father.” One of the two Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Harvey, spoke out. “I’ve trained for over a million years, but…I haven’t reached the Deity level in the earth, fire, or water elements. Honestly, I feel so tired when I train in them. It is completely different from when I train in the Laws of Darkness or the Elemental Laws of the Wind. It feels so relaxing when I train in those.”

“Forget it. Do what you want.”

Beirut shook his head. “Actually, I already have many things. I shouldn’t be so greedy.”

“That child, Bebe.” A hint of a resigned smile was on Beirut’s face. “In his heart, I’m not as important to him as that Linley. Hehe…he doesn’t realize that even if he didn’t ask me for help, just based on how Linley had taken care of him for so long, I wouldn’t just stand there and watch as Linley died. However, I have limits as to how much I can help him.”

Even someone as powerful as a Highgod wasn’t capable of teleportation.

For example, Beirut. Although his divine sense might tell him that tens of thousands of kilometers away, someone was trying to kill Linley, at such a distance, despite being fast, it would take him some time to get there. If he, Beirut, wasn’t able to make it in time…he would be helpless to act as Linley was killed.

“Hart, Harvey, the two of you, as well as your older brother, Harry. I don’t want to say anything else. You can choose your own path. If you truly are unable to take the path that I have arranged for you, then you can do as you please. Only, don’t regret it in the future.”

“Yes, Father.”

Hart and Harvey exchanged glances, a hint of delight in their eyes.

Seeing this, Beirut couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Sometimes, the road which the elders had arranged clearly was the correct one, but if the children such as Hart and Harvey didn’t like it, what could he do?

Dragonblood Castle.

A human figure flew through the air at high speed, landing within Dragonblood Castle. Soon, under the guidance of a maid, the person was led to Linley’s training area.

“Oh, Miller. Come in.” Linley’s voice rang out from within the western gardens.

A few days ago, Tarosse had already forced Ojwin to retreat. Leading his subordinates, Ojwin had fled away from the borders of the Baruch Empire.

Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, and the others all lived in the east gardens. Dragonblood Castle was an extremely large place, and there was no problem at all finding places for people to live. With so many experts all in one place, even Ojwin didn’t dare come again. And although Olivier was very self-confident, he knew when to advance and when to retreat.

Now that Ojwin had sworn to kill him, Olivier naturally remained in Dragonblood Castle.


Desri did not. The day of the battle, Desri’s original body had fled with the others. Linley had also mentally spoken to him to return, but who would have imagined that although the others had returned, Desri hadn’t come back to Dragonblood Castle. He returned to his secret mountain village instead.

“Lord Linley.” Miller immediately bowed upon entering, then said urgently, “Lord Linley, please make a trip with me. Right now, Lord Desri is in very bad shape.”

“What’s wrong?” Linley frowned.

Miller laughed bitterly. “Ever since a few days ago, Lord Desri returned, then shut himself into his study and refused to allow anyone to disturb him. At the time, we all felt the look on Lord Desri’s face was off. Madame Pennslyn went to speak with him as well, but she was cursed out and force to leave by Lord Desri.”

“Cursed?” Linley was shocked.

“Right. Lord Desri has a very good temper. He has never cursed the Madame before. In addition, the Madame also sensed that Lord Desri seems to be in very bad shape and is very frustrated.” Miller said hurriedly.

“Let’s go. I’ll make a trip with you.” Linley didn’t hesitate.

Linley hadn’t imagined that this setback would change Desri so much.

From his own perspective, if Linley had lost his divine wind clone, Linley wouldn’t be so explosive and despondent. He would just grit his teeth, then begin training in another Elemental Law. After all, at least he would have been alive.

Within the mountains. The mountain residence. Linley and Miller were walking together.

“Third Bro, you came.” Seeing Linley, Reynolds revealed a hint of a smile.

Reynolds was much more mature than he had been in the past as well. However, at present, Reynolds was still only an Arch Magus of the ninth rank. He hadn’t been able to make it into the Saint level yet.

“Linley, go take a look. Desri isn’t willing to see anyone right now. From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to be training either. I don’t know what he’s thinking about.” Pennslyn walked over, a bitter smile on her face.

Linley nodded slightly.

Linley understood something. “It seems Desri hasn’t told his friends and family about the destruction of his divine clone yet.” Under Pennsyln’s guidance, Linley immediately headed off, arriving in front of a closed study. The door to the study opened with a push. Seeing Desri seated cross-legged there, Linley was very shocked.

Was this the same graceful, refined Desri he had known?

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