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SUBOCULAR, sub-ok'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated under the eye, suboptic.

SUBOPERCULUM, sub-[=o]-per'k[=u]-lum, _n._ a bone of the gill-cover below and partly behind the operculum.--_adj._ SUBOPER'CULAR.

SUBORBITAL, sub-or'bi-tal, _adj._ situated below the orbit of the eye.

SUBORDER, sub-or'd[.e]r, _n._ a subdivision in an order.--_adj._ SUBOR'DINAL.

SUBORDINARY, sub-or'di-n[=a]-ri, _n._ (_her._) one of a class of armorial charges less honourable than the ordinaries--the _bordure_, _orle_, _bend sinister_, &c.

SUBORDINATE, sub-or'di-n[=a]t, _adj._ lower in order, rank, nature, power, &c.: descending in a regular series.--_n._ one in a lower order or rank: an inferior.--_v.t._ to place in a lower order: to consider of less value: to make subject.--_ns._ SUBOR'DINACY, SUBOR'DINANCE, the state of being subordinate.--_adv._ SUBOR'DINATELY.--_ns._ SUBOR'DINATENESS; SUBORDIN[=A]'TION, act of subordinating or placing in a lower order: state of being subordinate: inferiority of rank or position; SUBORDIN[=A]'TIONISM, the doctrine of the inferiority of the second and third Persons of the Trinity to the first.--_adj._ SUBOR'DIN[=A]TIVE, tending to, or expressing, subordination. [L. _sub_, under, _ordo_, _ordinis_, order.]

SUBORN, sub-orn', _v.t._ to cause to commit a perjury: to procure indirectly.--_ns._ SUBORN[=A]'TION, act of causing a person to take a false oath: crime of procuring any one to do a bad action; SUBORN'ER. [L.

_suborn[=a]re_--_sub_, under, _orn[=a]re_, to adorn.]

SUBOVATE, sub-[=o]'v[=a]t, _adj._ almost ovate.

SUBPANATION, sub-p[=a]-n[=a]'shun, _n._ the doctrine that the body and blood of Christ are locally and materially present in the eucharist under the form of bread and wine. [L. _sub_, under, _panis_, bread.]

SUBPERITONEAL, sub-per-i-t[=o]-n[=e]'al, _adj._ situated under the peritoneum.

SUBPERMANENT, sub-per'ma-nent, _adj._ somewhat permanent.

SUBPOENA, SUBPENA, sub-p[=e]'na, _n._ a writ commanding the attendance of a person in court under a penalty.--_v.t._ to serve with a writ of subpoena.

[L. _sub_, under, _poena_, punishment.]

SUBPOLAR, sub-p[=o]'lar, _adj._ under or below the poles of the earth.

SUBPREFECT, sub-pr[=e]'fekt, _n._ an assistant or deputy-prefect, esp. the official in France charged with the administration of the arrondissement under the prefect of the department.--_n._ SUB'PR[=E]FECTURE, the office or jurisdiction of a subprefect.

SUBPRIOR, sub'pr[=i]-or, _n._ the vicegerent, deputy, or assistant of a prior.

SUBPROVINCE, sub'prov-ins, _n._ a prime division of a province: in zoogeography, a division subordinate to a subregion.

SUBPUBIC, sub-p[=u]'bik, _adj._ situated below the pubis.

SUBREGION, sub'r[=e]-jun, _n._ a subdivision of a region, esp. of fauna in zoogeography.--_adj._ SUBR[=E]'GIONAL.

SUBREPTION, sub-rep'shun, _n._ a procuring of some advantage by fraudulent concealment, esp. in Scots law, the gaining of a gift of escheat by concealing the truth: false inference due to misrepresentation.--_adj._ SUBREP'TIVE, surreptitious, noting conceptions arising out of obscure and unconscious suggestions of experience.

SUBROGATION, sub-r[=o]-g[=a]'shun, _n._ the succession or substitution of one person or thing by or for another, in regard to a legal claim, &c.

SUBSACRAL, sub-s[=a]'kral, _adj._ situated on the anterior or ventral surface of the sacrum.

SUBSCAPULAR, sub-skap'[=u]-lar, _adj._ beneath the scapula.--_n._ a subscapular vessel or nerve.

SUBSCRIBE, sub-skr[=i]b', _v.t._ to write underneath: to give consent to something written, or to attest, by writing one's name underneath: to sign one's name: to promise to give or pay, or to take, as a copy of a book, by attaching one's name: to attest by attaching one's signature.--_v.i._ to promise a certain sum by setting one's name to a paper: to enter one's name for anything.--_adj._ SUBSCR[=I]B'ABLE, capable of being subscribed.--_n._ SUBSCR[=I]B'ER.--_adj._ SUB'SCRIPT, written underneath.--_n._ SUBSCRIP'TION, act of subscribing: a name subscribed: a paper with signatures: consent by signature: sum subscribed. [L.

_subscrib[)e]re_--_sub_, under, _scrib[)e]re_, _scriptum_, to write.]

SUBSECIVE, sub's[=e]-siv, _adj._ left over, remaining, extra. [L.

_subsecivus_--_sub_, under, _sec[=a]re_, to cut.]

SUBSECTION, sub-sek'shun, _n._ an under section or division: a subdivision.

SUBSENSATION, sub'sen-s[=a]-shun, _n._ a minor sensation.

SUBSENSIBLE, sub-sen'si-bl, _adj._ beyond the range of the senses.

SUBSEQUENT, sub's[=e]-kwent, _adj._ following or coming after.--_ns._ SUB'SEQUENCE, SUB'SEQUENCY, state of being subsequent.--_adv._ SUB'SEQUENTLY. [L. _subsequens_, _-entis_, pr.p. of _subsequi_--_sub_, under, after, _sequi_, to follow.]

SUBSEROUS, sub-s[=e]'rus, _adj._ somewhat serous or watery: below a serous membrane.

SUBSERVE, sub-s[.e]rv', _v.t._ to serve subordinately or instrumentally: to help forward.--_ns._ SUBSER'VIENCE, SUBSER'VIENCY, state of being subservient: anything that promotes some purpose.--_adj._ SUBSER'VIENT, subserving: serving to promote: subject: submissive.--_adv._ SUBSER'VIENTLY. [L. _subserv[=i]re_--_sub_, under, _serv[=i]re_, to serve.]

SUBSESSILE, sub-ses'il, _adj._ not quite sessile.

SUBSIDE, sub-s[=i]d', _v.i._ to settle down: to settle at the bottom: to fall into a state of quiet: to sink to a lower level: (_coll._) to cease talking, to take a less prominent place.--_ns._ SUBS[=I]'DENCE (also SUB'SIDENCE), SUBS[=I]'DENCY, act or process of subsiding, settling, or sinking. [L. _subsid[)e]re_--_sub_, down, _sid[)e]re_, to settle.]

SUBSIDY, sub'si-di, _n._ assistance: aid in money: a sum of money paid by one state to another for assistance in war.--_adv._ SUBSID'IARILY.--_adj._ SUBSID'IARY, furnishing a subsidy, help, or additional supplies: aiding.--_n._ one who, or that which, aids or supplies: an assistant.--_v.t._ SUB'SID[=I]SE, to furnish with a subsidy, grant, or regular allowance: to purchase the aid of, to buy over.--SUBSIDIARY TROOPS, mercenaries. [Fr.,--L. _subsidium_, orig. troops stationed behind in reserve, aid--_sub_, under, _sid[)e]re_, to settle.]

SUBSIMIOUS, sub-sim'i-us, _adj._ almost monkey-like.

SUBSIST, sub-sist', _v.i._ to have existence: to remain, continue, inhere: to have the means of living.--_n._ SUBSIST'ENCE, state of being subsistent: real being: means of supporting life: livelihood.--_adjs._ SUBSIST'ENT, subsisting: having real being: inherent; SUBSISTEN'TIAL.--_n._ SUBSIST'ER.

[Fr.,--L. _subsist[)e]re_, to stand still--_sub_, under, _sist[)e]re_, to stand.]

SUBSOIL, sub'soil, _n._ the under soil: the bed or stratum of earth which lies immediately beneath the surface soil.--_v.t._ to turn up the subsoil of.--_n._ SUB'SOILER.

SUBSPECIES, sub-sp[=e]'sh[=e]z, _n._ a division of a species, a geographical variety.--_adj._ SUBSPECIF'IC.--_adv._ SUBSPECIF'ICALLY.

SUBSPHERICAL, sub-sfer'i-kal, _adj._ not perfectly spherical.--_adv._ SUBSPHER'ICALLY.

SUBSPINOUS, sub-sp[=i]'nus, _adj._ somewhat spinous: under the spinal column, or a spinous process.

SUBSPIRAL, sub-sp[=i]'ral, _adj._ somewhat spiral: indistinctly marked with a spiral line.

SUBSTAGE, sub'st[=a]j, _n._ an attachment below the stage of the compound microscope, to support the achromatic condenser, &c.

SUBSTANCE, sub'stans, _n._ that in which qualities or attributes exist, the existence to which qualities belong: that which constitutes anything what it is: the essential part: body: matter: property: foundation, ground, confidence. [L. _substantia_--_subst[=a]re_, to stand under--_sub_, under, _st[=a]re_, to stand.]

SUBSTANTIAL, sub-stan'shal, _adj._ belonging to or having substance: actually existing: real: solid: having substance or strength: lasting, likely to be permanent: strong, stout, bulky: corporeal, material: having property or estate: considerable, pretty wealthy: conforming to what is essential: involving the essential rights or merits of.--_v.t._ SUBSTAN'TIAL[=I]SE, to give reality to.--_ns._ SUBSTAN'TIALISM, the theory that there is a real existence or substratum underlying the phenomena of consciousness; SUBSTANTIAL'ITY.--_adv._ SUBSTAN'TIALLY.--_n._ SUBSTAN' SUBSTAN'TIALS, essential parts.--_v.t._ SUBSTAN'TI[=A]TE, to make substantial: to prove or confirm.--_n._ SUBSTANTI[=A]'TION.--_adjs._ SUBSTANT[=I]'VAL; SUB'STANTIVE, expressing existence: real: of real, independent importance.--_n._ (_gram._) the part of speech denoting something that exists: a noun.--_adv._ SUB'STANTIVELY.--_n._ SUB'STANTIVENESS.--_v.t._ SUB'STANTIVISE. [Fr.

_substantiel_--L. _substantialis_--_substantia_.]

SUBSTATION, sub-st[=a]'shun, _n._ a subordinate station.

SUBSTERNAL, sub-ster'nal, _adj._ situated beneath the sternum.

SUBSTITUTE, sub'sti-t[=u]t, _v.t._ to put in place of another.--_n._ one who, or that which, is put in place of another.--_adj._ put instead of another.--_n._ SUBSTIT[=U]'TION, act of substituting or putting in place of another: (_Shak._) the office of a substitute: the use of one word for another, syllepsis: (_alg._) the replacing one quantity by another which is equal to it but differently expressed: (_chem._) the replacement of one or more equivalents of a body by a like number of equivalents of another.--_adjs._ SUBSTIT[=U]'TIONAL, SUBSTIT[=U]'TIONARY.--_adv._ SUBSTIT[=U]'TIONALLY.--_adj._ SUB'STIT[=U]TIVE. [L. _substitu[)e]re_, _-[=u]tum_--_sub_, under, _statu[)e]re_, to set.]

SUBSTRACTOR, subs-trakt'or, _n._ (_Shak._) a detractor.

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