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SUBITAMENTE, sub-it-a-men'te, _adv._ (_mus._) suddenly.--Also SUB'ITO.


SUBITANEOUS, sub-i-t[=a]'ne-us, _adj._ (_obs._) sudden.--_n._ SUBIT[=A]'NEOUSNESS.

SUBJACENT, sub-j[=a]'sent, _adj._ lying under or below: being in a lower situation.--_n._ SUBJ[=A]'CENCY. [L. _subjacens_--_sub_, under, _jac[=e]re_, to lie.]

SUBJECT, sub'jekt, _adj._ under the power of another: liable, prone, disposed: exposed: subordinate, tributary: subservient.--_n._ one under the power of another: one under allegiance to a sovereign: that on which any operation is performed: that which is treated or handled: (_anat._) a dead body for dissection: a person supposed to be peculiarly sensitive to hypnotic influence: that which it is the object of the artist to express, the scheme or idea of a work of art: a picture representing action and incident: that of which anything is said or of which a discourse treats, bringing many things under a common head: the mind, regarded as the thinking power, in contrast with the object, that about which it thinks: topic: matter, materials: the general plan of any work of art.--_v.t._ SUBJECT', to throw or bring under: to bring under the power of: to make subordinate or subservient: to subdue: to enslave: to expose or make liable to: to cause to undergo.--_n._ SUBJEC'TION, the act of subjecting or subduing: the state of being subject to another.--_adj._ SUBJECT'IVE, relating to the subject: derived from one's own consciousness: denoting those states of thought or feeling of which the mind is the conscious subject--opp. to _Objective_.--_adv._ SUBJECT'IVELY.--_n._ SUBJECT'IVENESS.--_v.t._ SUBJECT'IVISE.--_ns._ SUBJECT'IVISM, a philosophical doctrine which refers all knowledge to, and founds it upon, subjective states; SUBJECT'IVIST, one who holds to subjectivism.--_adj._ SUBJECTIVIST'IC.--_adv._ SUBJECTIVIST'ICALLY.--_ns._ SUBJECTIV'ITY, state of being subjective: that which is treated subjectively; SUB'JECT-MATTER, a tautological compound for subject, theme, topic; SUB'JECT-OB'JECT, the immediate object of cognition, or the thought itself; SUB'JECTSHIP, the state of being subject. [Fr. _sujet_--L. _subjectus_--_sub_, under, _jac[)e]re_, to throw.]

SUBJOIN, sub-join', _v.t._ to join under: to add at the end or afterwards: to fix or annex.--_ns._ SUBJOIN'DER, a remark following on another; SUB'JOINT, a secondary joint.

SUBJUGATE, sub'j[=oo]-g[=a]t, _v.t._ to bring under the yoke: to bring under power or dominion: to conquer.--_ns._ SUBJUG[=A]'TION; SUB'JUG[=A]TOR. [L. _sub_, under, _jugum_, a yoke.]

SUBJUNCTIVE, sub-jungk'tiv, _adj._ subjoined: added to something: denoting that mood of a verb which expresses condition, hypothesis, or contingency.--_n._ the subjunctive mood. [L. _sub_, under, _jung[)e]re_, to join.]

SUBKINGDOM, sub-king'dum, _n._ a subordinate kingdom: a division of a kingdom: a subdivision.

SUBLAPSARIAN, sub-laps-[=a]'ri-an, _adj._ relating to the sublapsarians or to their doctrines.--_n._ one of a class of moderate Calvinists, who hold that God merely _permitted_ the fall of Adam, without preordaining it.--_n._ SUBLAPS[=A]'RIANISM. [L. _sub_, under, _lapsus_, fall.]

SUBLATE, sub-l[=a]t', _v.t._ to deny--opp. to _Posit:_ to remove.--_n._ SUBL[=A]'TION.--_adj._ SUB'L[=A]TIVE.

SUBLEASE, sub-l[=e]s', _n._ an under-lease or lease by a tenant to another.--_n._ SUB'LESSEE, the holder of a sublease.

SUBLET, sub-let', _v.t._ to under-let or lease, as by one himself a tenant to another.

SUBLEVATE, sub'l[=e]-v[=a]t, _v.t._ to raise, excite--also SOL'LEVATE.--_n._ SUBL[=E]V[=A]'TION. [L. _sublev[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to lift up.]

SUBLIBRARIAN, sub-l[=i]b-r[=a]'ri-an, _n._ one who acts as an assistant to a librarian.

SUBLIEUTENANT, sub-lef-ten'ant, _n._ formerly mate, or passed midshipman, the intermediate rank in the navy between midshipman and lieutenant.--SECOND LIEUTENANT, the rank given to officers on first joining the army, corresponding to the former _Cornet_ and _Ensign_.

SUBLIMATE, sub'lim-[=a]t, _v.t._ to elevate: to refine and exalt: to purify by raising by heat into vapour which again becomes solid.--_n._ the product of sublimation.--_adj._ SUBL[=I]'MABLE.--_n._ SUBLIM[=A]'TION, the act of purifying by raising into vapour by heat and condensing by cold: elevation: exaltation.--_adj._ SUB'LIM[=A]TORY.--_n._ a vessel used in sublimation.

[L. _sublim[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to lift up.]

SUBLIME, sub-l[=i]m', _adj._ high: lofty: majestic: awakening feelings of awe or veneration.--_n._ that which is sublime: the lofty or grand in thought or style (THE SUBLIME): the emotion produced by sublime objects.--_v.t._ to exalt: to dignify, to ennoble: to improve: to purify, to bring to a state of vapour by heat and condense again by cold.--_v.i._ to be sublimed or sublimated.--_adv._ SUBLIME'LY, in a sublime manner: loftily: with elevated conceptions.--_ns._ SUBLIME'NESS, SUBLIM'ITY, loftiness: elevation: grandeur: loftiness of thought or style: nobleness of nature or character: excellence. [L. _sublimis_, high, ety. dub.; perh.

_sub-limen_, up to the lintel.]

SUBLIMINAL, sub-lim'i-nal, _adj._ beneath the level of consciousness, latent. [L. _sub_, under, _limen_, _liminis_, the door.]

SUBLINEATION, sub-lin-e-[=a]'shun, _n._ an underlining, as of a word or words.

SUBLINGUAL, sub-ling'gwal, _adj._ under the tongue.

SUBLITTORAL, sub-lit'[=o]-ral, _adj._ being under the shore.

SUBLUNAR, sub-l[=u]'nar, _adj._ under the moon: earthly: belonging to this world--also SUB'LUNARY.--_adj._ SUBL[=U]'NATE, approaching the form of a crescent.

SUBMAMMARY, sub-mam'a-ri, _adj._ situated under the mammae or paps.

SUBMARGINAL, sub-mar'ji-nal, _adj._ situated near the margin.

SUBMARINE, sub-ma-r[=e]n', _adj._ under, or in, the sea.--SUBMARINE BOAT, one capable of being propelled under water, esp. for carrying and firing torpedoes.--SUBMARINE MINE, a mass of explosives sunk in the sea.

SUBMAXILLARY, sub-mak'si-l[=a]-ri, _adj._ under the jaw.

SUBMEDIAN, sub-m[=e]'di-an, _adj._ near the middle.

SUBMENTAL, sub-men'tal, _adj._ under the chin. [L. _sub_, under, _mentum_, the chin.]

SUBMERGE, sub-m[.e]rj', SUBMERSE, sub-m[.e]rs', _v.t._ to plunge under water: to overflow with water: to drown.--_v.i._ to sink under water.--_ns._ SUBMERG'ENCE, SUBMER'SION.--_adjs._ SUBMERGED', SUBMERSED', being or growing under water. [L. _submerg[)e]re_, _-mersum_--_sub_, under, _merg[)e]re_, to plunge.]

SUBMIT, sub-mit', _v.t._ to refer to the judgment of another: to surrender to another.--_v.i._ to yield one's self to another: to surrender: to yield one's opinion: to be subject:--_pr.p._ submit'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ submit'ted.--_adj._ SUBMISS' (_Milt._), cast down, prostrate.--_n._ SUBMIS'SION, act of submitting or yielding: acknowledgment of inferiority or of a fault: humble behaviour: resignation.--_adj._ SUBMIS'SIVE, willing or ready to submit: yielding: humble: obedient.--_adv._ SUBMIS'SIVELY, humbly--(_obs._) SUBMISS'LY.--_n._ SUBMIS'SIVENESS. [L.

_submitt[)e]re_--_sub_, under, _mitt[)e]re_, _missum_, to send.]

SUBMONTANE, sub-mon't[=a]n, _adj._ situated at the foot of a mountain or range.

SUBMULTIPLE, sub-mul'ti-pl, _n._ a number or quantity which is contained in another an exact number of times, an aliquot part.

SUBMUNDANE, sub-mun'd[=a]n, _adj._ situated beneath the ground.

SUBMUSCULAR, sub-mus'k[=u]-lar, _adj._ under the muscles.

SUBNASAL, sub-n[=a]'sal, _adj._ situated below the nose.

SUBNASCENT, sub-nas'ent, _adj._ growing underneath.

SUBNATURAL, sub-nat'[=u]-ral, _adj._ below nature, infranatural.

SUBNEURAL, sub-n[=u]'ral, _adj._ situated beneath a main neural axis or nervous cord.

SUBNIVEAN, sub-n[=i]'v[=e]-an, _adj._ situated under the snow.

SUBNODAL, sub-n[=o]'dal, _adj._ situated beneath the nodus.

SUBNORMAL, sub-nor'mal, _adj._ less than normal.--_n._ SUBNORMAL'ITY.

SUBNUBILAR, sub-n[=u]'bi-lar, _adj._ situated under the clouds.

SUBNUVOLAR, sub-n[=u]'v[=o]-lar, _adj._ partially clouded.

SUBOBSCURE, sub-ob-sk[=u]r', _adj._ somewhat obscure.--_adv._ SUBOBSCURE'LY.

SUBOCCIPITAL, sub-ok-sip'i-tal, _adj._ situated behind the occiput, or on the under surface of the occipital lobe of the brain.

SUBOCELLATE, sub-os'el-[=a]t, _adj._ somewhat like an ocellus.

SUBOCTAVE, sub'ok-t[=a]v, _adj._ existing in the proportion of 1 to 8.--_n._ an eighth part: (_mus._) the octave below a given tone.

SUBOCTUPLE, sub-ok't[=u]-pl, _adj._ containing one part of 8.

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