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SUBCARBONATE, sub-kar'bon-[=a]t, _n._ a carbonate containing more than one equivalent of the base for each equivalent of carbonic acid.

SUBCAUDAL, sub-kaw'dal, _adj._ beneath the tail.

SUBCELESTIAL, sub-sel-est'yal, _adj._ under the heavens.

SUBCLASS, sub'klas, _n._ a primary subdivision of a class.

SUBCLAVIAN, sub-kl[=a]'vi-an, _adj._ under the clavicle or collar-bone.--Also SUBCLAVIC'ULAR.

SUBCOMMITTEE, sub'ko-mit-[=e], _n._ an under-committee: a division of a committee.

SUBCONSCIOUS, sub-kon'shus, _adj._ faintly conscious, applying to perceptions which are without consciousness or memory.--_adv._ SUBCON'SCIOUSLY.--_n._ SUBCON'SCIOUSNESS.

SUBCONTIGUOUS, sub-kon-tig'[=u]-us, _n._ almost touching.

SUBCONTINUOUS, sub-kon-tin'[=u]-us, _adj._ nearly continuous, with but slight interruptions.

SUBCONTRACT, sub-kon'trakt, _n._ a contract subordinate to another contract, as for the subletting of work.--_v.i._ SUBCONTRACT'.--_adj._ SUBCONTRACT'ED.--_n._ SUBCONTRACT'OR.

SUBCONTRARY, sub-kon'tra-ri, _adj._ contrary in an inferior degree: (_geom._) said of a section of an oblique cone on a circular base, which section is itself a circle: (_logic_) denoting the opposition of two subalternate propositions.--_n._ a subcontrary proposition.--_n._ SUBCONTRAR[=I]'ETY.

SUBCORDATE, sub-kor'd[=a]t, _adj._ heart-shaped.

SUBCOSTAL, sub-kos'tal, _adj._ under or between the ribs.

SUBCREPITANT, sub-krep'i-tant, _adj._ slightly crepitant.--_n._ SUBCREPIT[=A]'TION.

SUBCULTURE, sub-kul't[=u]r, _n._ in bacteriology, a culture derived from a previous one.

SUBCUTANEOUS, sub-k[=u]-t[=a]'ne-us, _adj._ under the skin.--SUBCUTANEOUS SYRINGE, a syringe for injecting substances beneath the skin.

SUBDEACON, sub-d[=e]'kn, _n._ a member of the order of the ministry next below that of deacon, preparing the vessels, &c., at the eucharist.--_ns._ SUBDEA'CONRY, SUBDEA'CONSHIP, SUBDIAC'ONATE.

SUBDEAN, sub-d[=e]n', _n._ an assistant or substitute dean.--_n._ SUBDEAN'ERY.

SUBDENTATE, sub-den't[=a]t, _adj._ imperfectly dentate, having indistinct teeth.

SUBDERIVATIVE, sub-d[=e]-riv'a-tiv, _n._ a word derived from the derivative, rather than directly from the primitive word.

SUBDIVIDE, sub-di-v[=i]d', _v.t._ to divide into smaller divisions: to divide again.--_v.i._ to be subdivided: to separate.--_adj._ SUBDIV[=I]'SIBLE.--_n._ SUBDIVI'SION, the act of subdividing: the part made by subdividing.--_adjs._ SUBDIVI'SIONAL; SUBDIV[=I]'SIVE.

SUBDOLOUS, sub'd[=o]-lus, _adj._ (_obs._) crafty, subtle.

SUBDOMINANT, sub-dom'i-nant, _n._ (_mus._) the tone next below the dominant.

SUBDUCT, sub-dukt', _v.t._ to take away, to withdraw--also SUBDUCE'.--_n._ SUBDUC'TION. [L. _sub_, under, _duc[)e]re_, _ductum_, to lead.]

SUBDUE, sub-d[=u]', _v.t._ to conquer: to bring under dominion: to render submissive: to tame: to soften.--_adj._ SUBD[=U]'ABLE.--_n._ SUBD[=U]'AL, the act of subduing.--_adj._ SUBDUED', toned down.--_ns._ SUBDUED'NESS; SUBDUE'MENT (_Shak._), conquests; SUBD[=U]'ER. [O. Fr. _souduire_--L.

_sub_, under, _duc[)e]re_, to lead.]

SUBDUPLE, sub'd[=u]-pl, _adj._ in the ratio of one to two.--_adj._ SUBD[=U]'PLICATE, expressed by the square root.

SUBEDITOR, sub-ed'i-tur, _n._ an under or assistant editor.--_adj._ SUBEDIT[=O]'RIAL.--_n._ SUBED'ITORSHIP.

SUBEQUAL, sub-[=e]k'wal, _adj._ approximately equal.

SUBERIC, s[=u]-b[.e]r'ik, _adj._ relating to, or extracted from, cork.--_n._ S[=U]'BER[=A]TE, a salt of suberic acid.--_adj._ S[=U]B[=E]'R[=E]OUS.--_ns._ S[=U]'BERINE, the pure cellular tissue of cork; S[=U]BERIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ S[=U]'BERISE, to render corky.--_adjs._ S[=U]'BEROSE, S[=U]'BEROUS, of the nature of cork, cork-like. [L. _suber_, the cork-tree.]

SUBEROSE, sub-e-r[=o]s', _adj._ appearing as if somewhat gnawed. [L. _sub_, under, _erosus_--_e_, out, _rod[)e]re_, _rosum_, to gnaw.]

SUBFAMILY, sub'fam-i-li, _n._ a primary division of a family, of one or more genera.

SUBFEU, sub-f[=u]', _v.t._ to make subinfeudation of.--_n._ SUBFEUD[=A]'TION=_Subinfeudation_ (q.v.).--_adj._ SUBFEUD'ATORY.

SUBFLAVOUR, sub-fl[=a]'vur, _n._ a secondary flavour.

SUBFLORA, sub'fl[=o]-ra, _n._ a more local flora included within one of wider range.

SUBFLUVIAL, sub-fl[=oo]'vi-al, _adj._ situated under a stream.

SUBFUSC, SUBFUSK, sub-fusk', _adj._ somewhat dark, dusky, tawny.--Also SUBFUS'COUS.

SUBGENS, sub-jenz', _n._ the sociological division of a people next below the gens or clan:--_pl._ SUBGEN'TES.

SUBGENUS, sub-j[=e]'nus, _n._ a primary division of a genus including one or more species with common characters.--_adj._ SUBGENER'IC.--_adv._ SUBGENER'ICALLY.

SUBGLACIAL, sub-gl[=a]'shal, _adj._ belonging to the under side of a glacier: under a glacier.

SUBGLOBULAR, sub-glob'[=u]-lar, _adj._ somewhat globular.

SUBGRANULAR, sub-gran'[=u]-lar, _adj._ somewhat granular.

SUBGROUP, sub'gr[=oo]p, _n._ any subordinate group in a classification.

SUBHASTATION, sub-has-t[=a]'shun, _n._ a sale under the lance--a Roman method of auction. [L. _sub_, under, _hasta_, a lance.]

SUBHUMAN, sub-h[=u]'man, _adj._ next below the human.

SUBIMAGO, sub'i-m[=a]-g[=o], _n._ a stage in the metamorphosis of certain insects, between the _pupa_ and the _imago_.--Also _Pseudimago_.

SUBINDICATE, sub-in'di-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to indicate by a hint.--_n._ SUBINDIC[=A]'TION.--_adj._ SUBINDIC'[=A]TIVE, suggestive.

SUBINFEUDATION, sub-in-f[=u]-d[=a]'shun, _n._ the right enjoyed by the inferior lord, in imitation of his superiors, of making similar grants of portions of his land to others, to be held by them as his vassals.--_adjs._ and _ns._ SUBFEUD'ATORY, SUBINFEUD'ATORY.

SUBINSPECTOR, sub'in-spek-tor, _n._ a subordinate or assistant inspector.--_n._ SUB'INSPECTORSHIP.

SUBINTRANT, sub-in'trant, _adj._ with paroxysms succeeding one another so fast as to be almost continuous.

SUBIRRIGATION, sub-ir-i-g[=a]'shun, _n._ irrigation by means of channels below the surface.

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