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_solitarius_--_solus_, alone.]

SOLITO, sol'i-t[=o], _adv._ (_mus._) in the usual manner. [It.]

SOLITUDE, sol'i-t[=u]d, _n._ a being alone: a lonely life: want of company: a lonely place or desert. [Fr.,--L. _solitudo_--_solus_, alone.]

SOLIVAGOUS, s[=o]-liv'a-gus, _adj._ wandering alone.--Also SOLIV'AGANT.

[L., _solus_, alone, _vagus_, wandering.]

SOLIVE, so-l[=e]v', _n._ a joist or beam of secondary importance. [Fr.,--L.

_sublev[=a]re_, to support.]

SOLLAR, sol'ar, _n._ a platform in a mine: an upper gallery or balcony, a garret, loft.--Also SOLL'ER. [O. Fr. _soler_, solier--L. _solarium_, a terrace or flat roof--_sol_, the sun.]

SOLLERET, sol'[.e]r-et, _n._ the steel shoe worn in medieval armour. [O.

Fr. _soler_, a slipper, _sole_, a sole.]

SOL-LUNAR, sol'-l[=u]'nar, _adj._ pertaining to, or due to the influence of, both sun and moon. [L. _sol_, sun, _luna_, moon.]

SOLMISATION, sol-mi-z[=a]'shun, _n._ sol-fang: a recital of the notes of the gamut, _do_, _re_, _mi_, &c.

SOLO, s[=o]'l[=o], _n._ a musical piece performed by only one voice or instrument:--_pl._ S[=O]'L[=O]S.--_adj._ S[=O]'L[=O], unconcerted.--_n._ S[=O]'L[=O]IST. [It.,--L. _solus_, alone.]

SOLOGRAPH, sol'[=o]-graf, _n._ a sun-print. [L. _sol_, the sun, Gr.

_graphein_, to write.]

SOLOMON, sol'o-mon, _n._ a person of unusual wisdom, from SOLOMON, king of Israel (see 1 Kings, iii. 5-15).--_adj._ SOLOMON'IC.--_n._ SOL'OMON'S-SEAL, any one of several species of perennial herbs, of the lily family, genus Polygonatum, with simple stems bearing small greenish flowers: a symbol formed of two triangles interlaced or superposed, forming a six-pointed star.

SO-LONG, s[=o]-long', _interj._ good-bye! [Not _salaam_.]

SOLONIAN, s[=o]-l[=o]'ni-an, _adj._ pertaining to the Athenian lawgiver _Solon_ (c. 640-c. 558 B.C.), or to his legislation.--Also SOLON'IC.

SOLPUGA, sol-p[=u]'ga, _n._ the typical genus of _Solpugida_, an order of arachnids.

SOLSTICE, sol'stis, _n._ that point in the ecliptic at which the sun is farthest from the equator, and where it is consequently at the turning-point of its apparent course--the _summer solstice_, where it touches the tropic of Cancer; the _winter solstice_, where it touches that of Capricorn: the time when the sun reaches these two points in its orbit, 21st June and about 21st December.--_adj._ SOLSTI'TIAL, pertaining to, or happening at, a solstice, esp. at the north one. [Fr.,--L.

_solstitium_--_sol_, the sun, _sist[)e]re_, to make to stand--_st[=a]re_, to stand.]

SOLUBLE, sol'[=u]-bl, _adj._ capable of being solved or dissolved in a fluid.--_ns._ SOLUBIL'ITY, SOL'UBLENESS, capability of being dissolved in a fluid. [L. _solubilis_--_solv[)e]re_, to solve.]

SOLUM, s[=o]'lum, _n._ ground, a piece of ground. [L., the ground.]

SOLUS, s[=o]'lus, _adj._ alone, in dramatic directions--feminine form S[=O]'LA. [L., alone.]

SOLUTION, sol-[=u]'shun, _n._ act of solving or dissolving, esp. a solid by a fluid: the separating of the parts of any body: the preparation resulting from dissolving a solid in a liquid: explanation: removal of a doubt: construction or solving of a problem: the crisis of a disease.--_adj._ SOL[=U]TE', loose, free: merry, cheerful: (_bot._) not adhering.--_v.t._ (_Bacon_) to dissolve.--_adj._ SOL'[=U]TIVE, tending to dissolve: loosening.--SOLUTION OF CONTINUITY (_surg._), the separation of parts normally continuous, by fracture, &c. [L. _solutio_--_solv[)e]re_, _solutum_, to loosen.]

SOLVE, solv, _v.t._ to loosen or separate the parts of: to clear up or explain: to remove.--_ns._ SOLVABIL'ITY, SOL'VABLENESS, capacity of being solved.--_adj._ SOL'VABLE, capable of being solved or explained: capable of being paid.--_n._ SOL'VENCY, state of being solvent, or able to pay all debts.--_adj._ SOL'VENT, having power to solve or dissolve: able to pay all debts.--_n._ anything that dissolves another.--_n._ SOL'VER, one who solves. [O. Fr. _solver_--L. _solv[)e]re_, to loosen, prob. from _se-_, aside, _lu[)e]re_, to loosen.]

SOMA, s[=o]'ma, _n._ a certain plant, most prob. of the milkweed family, and its juice used for the preparation of an intoxicating drink--personified and worshipped, esp. in connection with the god Indra, the _Jupiter pluvius_ of the Vedic pantheon. [Sans. _soma_ (Zend _haoma_, juice)--root _su_ (cf. Gr. [Greek: huo]), to press out, distil, extract.]

SOMATIST, s[=o]'ma-tist, _n._ one who admits the existence of corporeal beings only.--_n._ S[=O]'MA, the trunk of an animal: the body as distinguished from the _psyche_ or soul and the _pneuma_ or spirit.--_adjs._ S[=O]MAT'IC, -AL, physical, corporeal: parietal: pertaining to the body cavity.--_n._ S[=O]'MATISM, materialism.--_adjs._ S[=O]MATOLOG'IC, -AL, pertaining to somatology, corporeal, physical.--_ns._ S[=O]MATOL'OGY, the doctrine or science of bodies or material substances, human anatomy and physiology; S[=O]'MATOME, one of the homologous serial segments of which the body of a vertebrate is theoretically composed.--_adj._ S[=O]MATOPLEU'RAL, pertaining to the SOMAT'OPLEURE, the outer one of two divisions of the mesoderm of a four-layered germ.--_n._ S[=O]MATOT'OMY, the dissection of a body.--_adj._ S[=O]MATOTROP'IC, showing SOMATOT'ROPISM, any stimulative influence exerted upon growing organs by the substratum on which they grow. [Gr. _s[=o]ma_, the body.]

SOMBRE, som'b[.e]r, _adj._ dull: gloomy: melancholy--also SOM'BROUS.--_adv._ SOM'BRELY, in a sombre or gloomy manner.--_n._ SOM'BRENESS.--_adv._ SOM'BROUSLY.--_n._ SOM'BROUSNESS. [Fr. _sombre_ (Sp.

_sombra_, a shade)--L. _sub_, under, _umbra_, a shade. So Diez; others explain, on analogy of O. Fr. _essombre_, a shady place, as from L. _ex_, out, _umbra_, a shade.]

SOMBRERITE, som-br[=a]'r[=i]t, _n._ a hard impure calcium phosphate--called also _Rock-guano_, _Osite_, and loosely _Apatite_. [_Sombrero_ in the Antilles.]

SOMBRERO, som-br[=a]'r[=o], _n._ a broad-brimmed hat, generally of felt, much worn in Mexico and the south-western United States. [Sp.,--_sombre_, a shade.]

SOME, sum, _adj._ denoting an indefinite number or quantity: certain, in distinction from others: moderate or in a certain degree: about.--_adv._ (_prov._) somewhat, in some degree.--_n._ SOME'BODY, some or any body or person: a person of importance.--_advs._ SOME'DEAL, SOME'DELE (_Spens._), in some degree, somewhat; SOME'GATE (_Scot._), somewhere, somehow; SOME'HOW, in some way or other.--_adj._ SOME'-SUCH, somewhat of that kind.--_n._ SOME'THING, an indefinite thing or event: a portion, an indefinite quantity.--_adv._ in some degree.--_advs._ SOME'TIME, at a time not fixed: once: at one time or other; SOME'TIMES, at certain times: now and then: at one time: (_B._) once, formerly.--_n._ SOME'WHAT, an unfixed quantity or degree.--_adv._ in some degree.--_advs._ SOME'WHEN, some time or other; SOME'WHERE, in some place: in one place or another; SOME'WHILE, sometimes, at times; SOME'WHITHER, to some place. [A.S. _sum_; Goth.

_sums_, Ice. _sumr_.]

SOMERSAULT, sum'[.e]r-sawlt, _n._ a leap in which a person turns with his heels over his head.--Also SOM'ERSET. [Corr. of Fr. _soubresaut_ (It.

_soprasalto_)--L. _supra_, over, _saltus_, a leap--_sal[=i]re_, to leap.]

SOMITE, s[=o]'m[=i]t, _n._ a segment of the body of an articulated or vertebrate animal: an arthromere or metamere.--_adjs._ S[=O]'MITAL, SOMIT'IC.

SOMNAMBULATE, som-nam'b[=u]-l[=a]t, _v.i._ to walk in sleep.--_adj._ SOMNAM'B[=U]LANT, sleep-walking.--_n._ SOMNAMB[=U]L[=A]'TION.--_adj._ SOMNAM'B[=U]LIC.--_ns._ SOMNAM'BULISM, act or practice of walking in sleep; SOMNAM'B[=U]LIST, SOMNAM'B[=U]LATOR, a sleep-walker.--_adj._ SOMNAMB[=U]LIS'TIC, pertaining to a somnambulist or to somnambulism: affected by somnambulism. [L. _somnus_, sleep, _ambul[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to walk.]

SOMNIFEROUS, som-nif'[.e]r-us, _adj._ bringing or causing sleep.--_adjs._ SOM'NIAL, pertaining to dreams; SOM'NI[=A]TIVE, SOM'NI[=A]TORY, relating to, or producing, dreams.--_n._ SOMNIF[=A]'CIENT, a soporific.--_adjs._ SOMNIF[=A]'CIENT, SOMNIF'IC, causing, or tending to induce, sleep.--_ns._ SOMNIL'OQUENCE, SOMNIL'OQUISM, the act of talking in sleep; SOMNIL'OQUIST, one who talks in his sleep.--_adj._ SOMNIL'OQUOUS, apt to talk in sleep.--_ns._ SOMNIL'OQUY, a talking in one's sleep; SOMNIP'ATHY, a hypnotic sleep; SOMNIV'OLENCY, any soporific. [L. _somnus_, sleep, _ferre_, to bring, _loqui_, to speak, _velle_, to will.]

SOMNOLENCE, som'n[=o]-lens, _n._ sleepiness: inclination to sleep--also SOM'NOLENCY.--_adj._ SOM'NOLENT, sleepy or inclined to sleep.--_adv._ SOM'NOLENTLY, in a somnolent or sleepy manner: drowsily.--_adj._ SOMNOLES'CENT, half-asleep.--_ns._ SOM'NOLISM, the state of mesmeric sleep; SOM'NUS, sleep personified. [L. _somnolentia_--_somnus_, sleep.]

SON, sun, _n._ a male child or descendant: any young male person spoken of as a child: a term of affection generally: a disciple: a native or inhabitant: the produce of anything.--_n._ SON'-IN-LAW, the husband of one's daughter.--_adj._ SON'LESS, without a son.--_ns._ SON'NY, a little son; SON'SHIP, state or character of a son.--SON OF MAN, Christ as the promised Messiah, the ideal man; THE SON, Christ, as the second person in the Trinity. [A.S. _sunu_; Dut. _zoon_, Ger. _sohn_.]

SONANT, s[=o]'nant, _adj._ sounding: pertaining to sound: uttered with sound, instead of breath alone, as certain alphabetic sounds.--_ns._ S[=O]'NANCE (_Shak._), a call; S[=O]'NANCY, sonant character. [L. _sonans_, _-antis_, pr.p. of _son[=a]re_, to sound.]

SONATA, s[=o]-na'ta, _n._ a musical composition usually of three or more movements or divisions, designed chiefly for a solo instrument.--_n._ SONATINA (s[=o]-na-t[=e]'na), a short or simplified sonata. [It.,--L.

_son[=a]re_, to sound.]

SONDELI, son'de-li, _n._ the musk-rat, or rat-tailed shrew of India.

SONG, song, _n._ that which is sung: a short poem or ballad, adapted for singing, or set to music: the melody to which it is adapted: a poem, or poetry in general: the notes of birds: a mere trifle: (_B._) an object of derision.--_ns._ SONG'-BIRD, a bird that sings; SONG'BOOK, a collection of songs: a hymn-book; SONG'CRAFT, the art of making songs, skill in such.--_adjs._ SONG'FUL, full of song: disposed to sing; SONG'LESS, wanting the power of song.--_ns._ SONG'MAN (_Shak._), a singer; SONG'-SPARR'OW, the hedge-sparrow; SONG'STER, a singer, or one skilled in singing, esp. a bird that sings:--_fem._ SONG'STRESS; SONG'-THRUSH, the mavis or throstle.--SONG OF SONGS, or OF SOLOMON, Canticles; SONGS OF DEGREES (see DEGREE).--OLD SONG (see OLD). [A.S. _sang_--_singan_, to sing; Dut. _zang_, Ger.

_gesang_, Goth. _saggws_, Ice. _songr_.]

SONG, song (_Spens._), _pa.t._ of _sing_.

SONIFEROUS, son-if'[.e]r-us, _adj._ giving or conveying sound. [L. _sonus_, sound, ferre, to bring.]

SONNED, sund (_Spens._). Same as SUNNED.

SONNET, son'et, _n._ a poem in a stanza mostly iambic in movement, properly decasyllabic or hendecasyllabic in metre, always in fourteen lines--originally composed of an octave and a sestet--properly expressing two successive phases of one thought.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ to celebrate in sonnets.--_adj._ SONN'ETARY.--_n._ SONNETEER', a composer of sonnets.--_v.i._ SONN'ETISE, to compose sonnets.--_v.t._ to celebrate in a sonnet.--_n._ SONN'ETIST (_Shak._), a sonneteer. [Fr.,--It. _sonetto_, dim.

of _son[=a]re_, a sound, song--L. _sonus_, a sound.]

SONNITE=_Sunnite_ (_q.v._).

SONOMETER, s[=o]-nom'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument for measuring sounds or their intervals by means of a sounding-board with strings stretched above it, movable bridges, and weights for varying the tension. [L. _sonus_, a sound, Gr. _metron_, a measure.]

SONOROUS, s[=o]-n[=o]'rus, _adj._ sounding when struck: giving a clear, loud sound: high-sounding.--_n._ S[=O]N[=O]RES'CENCE, the property possessed by hard rubber of emitting sound under intermittent radiant heat or light.--_adj._ S[=O]N[=O]RIF'IC, making sound.--_ns._ S[=O]NOR'ITY, sonorousness; S[=O]N[=O]'R[=O]PHONE, a kind of bombardon.--_adv._ S[=O]N[=O]'ROUSLY.--_n._ S[=O]N[=O]'ROUSNESS, sonorous quality or character. [L. _sonorus_--_sonor_, _sonus_, a sound--_son[=a]re_, to sound.]

SONSY, SONCY, son'si, _adj._ (_Scot._) plump, buxom, good-natured.--Also SON'SIE, SON'CIE.

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