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SOLACE, sol'[=a]s, _n._ consolation, comfort in distress: relief: (_obs._) pleasure, amusement.--_v.t._ to comfort in distress: to console: to allay.--_n._ SOL'ACEMENT, the act of solacing: the state of being solaced.--_adj._ SOL[=A]'CIOUS (_obs._), affording pleasure. [O. Fr.

_solas_--L. _solatium_--_sol[=a]ri_, _-[=a]tus_, to comfort in distress.]

SOLANDER, s[=o]-lan'd[.e]r, _n._ a case or box, usually in the form of a book, opening on the side or front with hinges, for holding prints, drawings, or pamphlets--named from the inventor, Daniel _Solander_ (1736-81).

SOLAN-GOOSE, s[=o]'lan-g[=oo]s, _n._ the gannet.--Also S[=O]'LAND. [Ice.


SOLANO, s[=o]-la'no, _n._ a hot south-east wind which occasionally visits Spain. [Sp.,--L. _solanus_ (_ventus_), the east wind--_sol_, the sun.]

SOLANUM, s[=o]-l[=a]'num, _n._ a genus of plants of the order _Solanaceae_ or _Solaneae_, the nightshade family--almost all the species containing a poisonous alkaloid, SOL'ANINE.--_adjs._ SOLAN[=A]'CEOUS, belonging to the _Solanaceae_; SOL'ANOID, potato-like, said of cancers. [L. _solanum_, the nightshade.]

SOLAR, s[=o]'lar, _adj._ pertaining to the sun: measured by the progress of the sun: produced by the sun.--_n._ S[=O]LARIS[=A]'TION, exposure to the action of the sun's rays: the effect in photography of over-exposure.--_v.t._ S[=O]'LARISE, to injure by exposing too long to the sun's light in a camera.--_v.i._ to take injury by too long exposure to the sun's light in a camera:--_pr.p._ s[=o]'lar[=i]sing; _pa.p._ s[=o]'lar[=i]sed.--_ns._ S[=O]'LARISM, excessive use of solar-myths in the explanation of mythology; S[=O]'LARIST, one addicted to solarism; S[=O]L[=A]'RIUM, a sun-dial: a place suited to receive the sun's rays--in a hospital or sanatorium; S[=O]'LAR-M[=I]'CROSCOPE, an apparatus for projecting upon a screen by means of sunlight an enlarged view of any object--essentially the same as the combination of lenses used in the magic-lantern taken in conjunction with a heliostat; S[=O]'LAR-MYTH, a myth allegorising the course of the sun, by some mythologists constantly invoked to explain the problems of mythology; S[=O]'LAR-PRINT, a photographic print made in a solar camera from a negative; S[=O]'LAR-SYS'TEM, the planets and comets which circle round the sun--also called _Planetary-system_.--SOLAR FLOWERS, flowers which open and shut daily at certain hours; SOLAR SPOTS=_Sun-spots_ (see SUN); SOLAR TIME (see TIME); SOLAR YEAR (see YEAR).

[L. _sol_, the sun, _solaris_, pertaining to the sun.]

SOLASTER, s[=o]-las't[.e]r, _n._ the typical genus of _Solasteridae_, a family of star-fishes, having more than five rays. [L. _sol_, the sun, _aster_, a star.]

SOLATIUM, s[=o]-l[=a]'shi-um, _n._ any compensation, a sum legally awarded, over and above actual damages, by way of compensation for wounded feelings.


SOLD, s[=o]ld, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _sell_.

SOLD, sold, _n._ (_Spens._) pay, remuneration. [Fr. _solde_--L. _solidus_, a piece of money.]

SOLDADO, s[=o]l-da'd[=o], _n._ a soldier. [Sp.]

SOLDAN, s[=o]l'dan, _n._ (_Milt._). Same as SULTAN.

SOLDANEL, sol'da-nel, _n._ a plant of the genus _Soldanella_, of the order _Primulaceae_--the blue moonwort.

SOLDATESQUE, sol-da-tesk', _adj._ soldier-like, [Fr.,--_soldat_, a soldier.]

SOLDER, sod'[.e]r, or sol'd[.e]r, _v.t._ to unite two metallic surfaces by a fusible metallic cement: to cement.--_n._ a fusible alloy for uniting metals.--_ns._ SOL'DERER; SOL'DERING; SOL'DERING-BOLT, -[=I]'RON, a tool with pointed or wedge-shaped copper bit for use in soldering. [O. Fr.

_soudre_, _souldure_--_souder_, _soulder_, to consolidate--L.

_solid[=a]re_, to make solid.]

SOLDIER, s[=o]l'j[.e]r, _n._ a man engaged in military service: a private, as distinguished from an officer: a man of much military experience or of great valour: a soldier-ant, beetle, hermit-crab, &c.: (_slang_) a red herring.--_v.i._ to serve as a soldier: to bully: to shirk one's work or duty: (_slang_) to take a mount on another man's horse.--_ns._ SOL'DIER-CRAB, a hermit-crab; SOL'DIERING, the state of being a soldier: the occupation of a soldier.--_adjs._ SOL'DIER-LIKE, SOL'DIERLY, like a soldier: martial: brave.--_ns._ SOL'DIER-OF-FOR'TUNE, one ready to serve anywhere for pay or his own advancement; SOL'DIERSHIP, state or quality of being a soldier: military qualities: martial skill; SOL'DIERY, soldiers collectively: the body of military men; FRESH'WATER-SOL'DIER, the _Stratiotes aloides_, a European aquatic plant with sword-shaped leaves.--COME THE OLD SOLDIER OVER ONE, to impose on any one.--OLD SOLDIER, a bottle emptied at a sitting: a cigar-stump. [O. Fr. _soldier_ (Fr.

_soldat_)--L. _solidus_, a piece of money, the pay of a soldier.]

SOLDO, sol'd[=o], _n._ an Italian coin, 1/20th of the lira, a sol or sou:--_pl._ SOL'DI. [It.]

SOLE, s[=o]l, _n._ the lowest part or under-side of the foot: the foot: the bottom of a boot or shoe: the bottom of anything.--_v.t._ to furnish with a sole.--_adj._ SOL[=E]'IFORM, slipper-shaped.--_ns._ SOLE'-LEATH'ER, strong leather for the soles of boots and shoes; SOLE'-TILE, a form of tile for the bottoms of sewers, &c.; S[=O]L[=E]'US, a flat muscle of the calf of the leg beneath the gastrocnemius. [A.S. _sole_--L. _solea_--_solum_, bottom.]

SOLE, s[=o]l, _n._ a genus (_Solea_) of flat-fish, elongate-oval in form, with flesh firm, white, and excellently flavoured. [Fr. _sole_--L.


SOLE, s[=o]l, _adj._ alone: only: being or acting without another: single: (_law_) unmarried.--_advs._ SOLE; SOLE'LY, alone: only: singly.--_n._ SOLE'NESS. [Fr.,--L. _solus_, alone.]

SOLECISM, sol'[=e]-sizm, _n._ a breach of syntax: any absurdity or impropriety: any incongruity, prodigy.--_v.i._ SOL'[=E]CISE, to commit solecisms.--_n._ SOL'[=E]CIST, one who commits solecisms.--_adjs._ SOL[=E]CIST'IC, -AL, pertaining to, or involving, a solecism: incorrect: incongruous.--_adv._ SOL[=E]CIST'ICALLY. [Fr. _solecisme_--L.

_soloecismus_--Gr. _soloikismos_--_soloikos_, speaking incorrectly, awkward; dubiously said to come from the corruption of the Attic dialect among the Athenian colonists of _Soloi_ in Cilicia.]

SOLEIN, sol'[=a]n, _adj._ (_Spens._) sad. [_Sullen_.]

SOLEMN, sol'em, _adj._ attended with religions ceremonies, pomp, or gravity, originally taking place every year, said esp. of religious ceremonies: impressing with seriousness: awful: devout: having the appearance of gravity: devotional: attended with an appeal to God, as an oath: serious: sober, gloomy, black.--_n._ SOLEMNIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ SOL'EMNISE, to perform religiously or solemnly once a year, or periodically: to celebrate with due rites: to render grave.--_ns._ SOL'EMNISER; SOLEM'NITY, a solemn religious ceremony: a ceremony adapted to inspire with awe: reverence: seriousness: affected gravity.--_adv._ sol'emnly.--_n._ SOL'EMNNESS. [O. Fr. _solempne_, _solemne_ (Fr.

_solennel_)--L. _sollemnis_, _solennis_--_sollus_, all, every, _annus_, a year.]

SOLEN, s[=o]'len, _n._ a genus of bivalve molluscs--Razor-shell and Razor-fish.--_adjs._ SOLAN[=A]'CEAN, SOLAN[=A]'CEOUS.--_n._ SOL'ENITE, a fossil razor-shell. [Gr. _s[=o]l[=e]n_, a channel.]

SOLENOID, s[=o]-l[=e]'noid, _n._ a helix of copper wound in the form of a cylinder, longitudinally magnetised with an intensity varying inversely as the area of the normal section in different parts.--_adj._ SOL[=E]NOI'DAL.--_adv._ SOL[=E]NOI'DALLY. [Gr. _s[=o]l[=e]n_, a pipe, eidos, form.]

SOLENOSTOMOUS, sol-[=e]-nos't[=o]-mus, _adj._ having a tubular or fistulous snout.--_n._ SOLENOS'TOMUS, the typical genus of the SOLENOSTOMIDae, a family of solenostomous lophobranchiate fishes. [Gr. _s[=o]l[=e]n_, a pipe, _stoma_, mouth.]

SOLERT, sol'ert, _adj._ (_obs._) subtle.--_n._ SOLER'TIOUSNESS. [L.

_sollers_, crafty, _sollertia_, skill.]


SOL-FA, sol'-fa, _v.i._ to sing the notes of the scale in their proper pitch, using the syllables _do_ (or _ut_), _re_, _mi_, _fa_, _sol_, _la_, _si_;--_pr.p._ sol-faing (sol'-fa-ing); _pa.p._ sol-faed (sol'-fad).--_ns._ SOL'FASM, singing by syllables, solmisation; SOL'FAST, a teacher or advocate of solmisation; SOLFEG'GIO, an exercise on the notes of the scale, as represented by _do_, _re_, _mi_, &c. [It.]

SOLFATARA, sol-fa-ta'ra, _n._ a volcanic region no longer violently active, but emitting from crevices gases, steam, and chemical vapours, chiefly of sulphurous origin--Fr. _soufriere_, Ger. _schwefelgrube_ or _schwefelsee_.

[It.,--_solfo_, sulphur.]

SOLFERINO, sol-fe-r[=e]'n[=o], _n._ the colour of rosaniline--from the French victory at _Solferino_ in Italy (1859).

SOLICIT, s[=o]-lis'it, _v.t._ to ask earnestly: to petition: to seek or try to obtain: to disturb.--_n._ solicitation.--_ns._ SOLIC'ITANT, one who solicits; SOLICIT[=A]'TION, a soliciting: earnest request: invitation; SOLIC'ITING (_Shak._), solicitation; SOLIC'ITOR, one who asks earnestly: one who is legally qualified to act for another in a court of law, esp. a court of equity: a lawyer who prepares deeds, manages cases, instructs counsel in the superior courts, and acts as an advocate in the inferior courts; SOLIC'ITOR-GEN'ERAL, in England, the law-officer of the crown next in rank to the attorney-general--in Scotland, to the lord-advocate; SOLIC'ITORSHIP.--_adj._ SOLIC'ITOUS, soliciting or earnestly asking or desiring: very desirous: anxious: careful.--_adv._ SOLIC'ITOUSLY.--_ns._ SOLIC'ITOUSNESS, SOLIC'ITUDE, state of being solicitous: anxiety or uneasiness of mind: trouble. [Fr. _solliciter_--L.

_sollicit[=a]re_--_sollicitus_--_sollus_, whole, _citus_, aroused--_ci[=e]re_, to cite.]

SOLID, sol'id, _adj._ having the parts firmly adhering: hard: compact: full of matter: not hollow: strong: having length, breadth, and thickness (opposed to a mere surface): cubic: substantial, reliable, worthy of credit, satisfactory: weighty: of uniform undivided substance: financially sound, wealthy: unanimous, smooth, unbroken, unvaried.--_n._ a substance having the parts firmly adhering together: a firm, compact body--opp. to _Fluid_.--_ns._ SOLID[=A]'GO, a genus of composite plants, the goldenrods; SOLIDARE, sol'id[=a]r (_Shak._), a small piece of money; SOLIDAR'ITY, the being made solid or compact: the being bound: a consolidation or oneness of interests.--_adj._ SOL'IDARY, marked by solidarity, jointly responsible.--_v.t._ SOL'IDATE, to make solid or firm.--_adj._ SOLID'IFIABLE.--_n._ SOLIDIFIC[=A]'TION, act of making solid or hard.--_v.t._ SOLID'IFY, to make solid or compact.--_v.i._ to grow solid: to harden:--_pa.p._ solid'ified.--_ns._ SOL'IDISM, the doctrine that refers all diseases to alterations of the solid parts of the body; SOL'IDIST, a believer in the foregoing; SOLID'ITY, the state of being solid: fullness of matter: strength or firmness, moral or physical: soundness: (_geom._) the solid content of a body.--_adv._ SOL'IDLY.--_n._ SOL'IDNESS.--SOLID COLOUR, a colour covering the whole of an object: a uniform colour; SOLID MATTER (_print._), matter set without leads between the lines.--BE SOLID FOR (_U.S._), to be hearty or unanimous in favour of; BE SOLID WITH (_U.S._), to have a firm footing with. [Fr.,--L. _solidus_, solid.]

SOLIDUM, sol'i-dum, _n._ (_archit._) the die of a pedestal: (_Scots law_) a complete sum. [L.]

SOLIDUNGULAR, sol-id-ung'g[=u]-lar, _adj._ having hoofs solid, that are not cloven, denoting a certain tribe of mammalia.--Also SOLIDUNG'ULOUS, SOLIDUNG'ULATE. [L. _solidus_, solid, _ungula_, a hoof.]

SOLIDUS, sol'i-dus, _n._ a Roman gold coin introduced by Constantine in place of the _aureus_, known later as the bezant: a sign (/) denoting the English shilling, representing the old lengthened form of _s_-- s. d.

(_librae_, _solidi_, _denarii_), pounds, shillings, pence.

SOLIFIDIAN, sol-i-fid'i-an, _n._ one who holds that faith alone is what is necessary for justification.--_adj._ holding this view.--_n._ SOLIFID'IANISM. [L. _solus_, only, _fides_, faith.]

SOLILOQUY, s[=o]-lil'[=o]-kwe, _n._ a talking when solitary or to one's self: a discourse of a person, not addressed to any one.--_v.i._ SOLIL'OQUISE, to speak to one's self or utter a soliloquy. [L.

_soliloquium_--_solus_, alone, _loqui_, to speak.]

SOLIPED, sol'i-ped, _n._ an animal with a single or uncloven hoof on each foot.--_adjs._ SOL'IPED, SOLIP'EDOUS. [L. _solus_, alone, _pes_, _pedis_, a foot.]

SOLIPSISM, sol'ip-sizm, _n._ the theory that self-existence is the only certainty, absolute egoism--the extreme form of subjective idealism.--_n._ SOL'IPSIST, one who believes in this.--_adj._ SOLIPSIS'TIC. [L. _solus_, alone, _ipse_, self.]

SOLISEQUIOUS, sol-i-s[=e]'kwi-us, _adj._ following the sun, as the sunflower. [L. _sol_, the sun, _sequi_, to follow.]

SOLITAIRE, sol-i-t[=a]r', _n._ a recluse or one who lives alone: a game played by one person with a board and balls: a card-game for one--patience: an ornament worn singly on the neck or wrist: a black silk tie fixed to the bag of the wig behind, worn in the 18th century.

SOLITARY, sol'i-tar-i, _adj._ being the sole person present: alone or lonely: single, separate, simple: living alone, not social or gregarious: without company: remote from society: retired, secluded: gloomy.--_n._ one who lives alone: a recluse or hermit--(_obs._) SOLIT[=A]'RIAN.--_adv._ SOL'ITARILY.--_n._ SOL'ITARINESS. [Fr. _solitaire_--L.

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