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SELON LES ReGLES (Fr.), according to the rules.

SEMPER IDEM (L.), always the same.

SEMPER PARATUS (L.), always ready.

SE NON e VERO, e BEN TROVATO (It.), if it is not true, it is cleverly invented.

SERVUS SERVORUM DEI (L.), a servant of the servants of God [a title adopted by the popes].

SIC ITUR AD ASTRA (L.), such is the way to the stars, to fame.

SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI (L.), so passes away earthly glory.

SIC VOLO, SIC JUBEO (L.), thus I will, thus I command.

SIC VOS NON VOBIS (L.), thus you [toil] not for yourselves.

SILENT LEGES. See _inter arma_.

SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR (L.), like things are cured by like--a hair of the dog that bit one.

SI MONUMENTUM REQUIRIS, CIRCUMSPICE (L.), if you seek [his] monument, look round you [inscription for the architect Christopher Wren's tomb in St Paul's].

SINE IRa ET STUDIO (L.), without ill-will and without favour.

SISTE, VIATOR! (L.), stop, traveller!

SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM (L.), if you wish peace, be ready for war.

SOLVENTUR RISU TABULae (L.), the bills will be dismissed with laughter--you will be laughed out of court.

SOLVITUR AMBULANDO (L.), [the problem] is solved by walking--by practical experiment.

S'ORIENTER (Fr.), to take one's bearings.

SPERO MELIORA (L.), I hope for better things.

SPLENDIDE MENDAX (L.), splendidly false [for a good purpose]--lying in state.

SPONTE SUa (L.), of one's own accord.

SPRETae INJURIA FORMae (L.), the insult of beauty slighted.

STANS PEDE IN UNO (L.), standing on one foot.

STAT PRO RATIONE VOLUNTAS (L.), my will stands in place of reason.

STATUS QUO (L.), the state in which.

STET FORTUNA DOMUS! (L.), may the fortune of the house long last!

STURM UND DRANG (Ger.), storm and stress.

SUAVITER IN MODO, FORTITER IN RE (L.), gentle in manner, resolute in deed.

SUB JUDICE (L.), under consideration.

SUB POENa (L.), under a penalty.

SUB ROSa (L.), under the rose: privately.

SUB SPECIE (L.), under the appearance of.

SUB VOCE (L.), under that head.

SUCCeS D'ESTIME (Fr.), a success of esteem or approval [if not profit].

SUGGESTIO FALSI (L.), suggestion of something false.

SUI GENERIS (L.), of its own kind, peculiar.

SUMMUM BONUM (L.), the chief good.

SUNT LACRIMae RERUM (L.), there are tears for things [unhappy].

SURSUM CORDA (L.), lift up your hearts [to God].

SURTOUT, PAS DE ZeLE! (Fr.), above all, no zeal!

SUTOR NE SUPRA CREPIDAM JUDICARET (L.), let not the cobbler venture above his last.

SUUM CUIQUE (L.), to each his own--let each have his own.

TABULA RASA (L.), a smooth or blank tablet.

TaeDIUM VITae (L.), weariness of life.

TACENT, SATIS LAUDANT (L.), their silence is praise enough.

TANTae MOLIS ERAT ROMANAM CONDERE GENTEM (L.), a task of such difficulty was it to found the Roman race.

TANTaeNE ANIMIS COELESTIBUS IRae? (L.), are there such violent passions in celestial minds?

TANT MIEUX (Fr.), so much the better.

TANTO UBERIOR (L.), so much the richer.

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