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REALSCHULEN (Ger.), secondary schools in Germany, giving a general practical training.

ReCHAUFFe (Fr.), warmed over, as food; hence stale, insipid.

REcU (Fr.), received: receipt.

RECULER POUR MIEUX SAUTER (Fr.), to draw back to take a better leap.

REDOLET LUCERNa (L.), it smells of the lamp.

RE GALANTUOMO (It.), the gallant king [said of Victor Emmanuel].

REGIOMONTIUM (L.), Konigsberg.

REICHSTAG (Ger.), the Imperial Diet of Germany.

RELaCHE (Fr.), intermission: no performance: relaxation.

RELIGIO LOCI (L.), the religious spirit of the place.

REM ACU TETIGISTI (L.), you have touched the thing with a needle: you have hit it exactly.

RENOMMeE (Fr.), renown.

RENTES (Fr.), funds bearing interest: stocks.

RePONSE, S'IL VOUS PLAiT, or R.S.V.P. (Fr.), reply, if you please, an answer will oblige.

REQUIESCAT IN PACE! or R.I.P. (L.), may he [or she] rest in peace!

RES ANGUSTA DOMI (L.), narrow circumstances at home, poverty.

RES GESTae (L.), exploits.

RESPICE FINEM (L.), look to the end.

ReSUMe (Fr.), an abstract or summary.

RESURGAM (L.), I shall rise again.

REVENONS a NOS MOUTONS (Fr.), let us return to our sheep: let us return to our subject.

ReVERBeRE (Fr.), a reflector, street-lamp.

ReVEUR, fem. ReVEUSE (Fr.), a day-dreamer.

RIFACIMENTO (It.), restatement, recast.

RISUM TENEATIS, AMICI? (L.), could you keep from laughing, friends?

ROMA LOCUTA, CAUSA FINITA (L.), Rome has spoken, the cause is ended.

ROTOMAGUS (L.), Rouen.

RUAT COELUM (L.), let the heavens fall.

RUDIS INDIGESTAQUE MOLES (L.), a rude and shapeless mass.

RUIT MOLE SUa (L.), it falls by its own weight.

RUSE CONTRE RUSE (Fr.), cunning against cunning, diamond cut diamond.

RUSE DE GUERRE (Fr.), a stratagem of war.

RUS IN URBE (L.), the country in town.

SALLE (Fr.), a hall.

SALVO JURE (L.), the right being safe.

SANCTA SIMPLICITAS (L.), holy simplicity, child-like innocence.

SANS CeReMONIE (Fr.), without ceremony.

SANS PEUR ET SANS REPROCHE (Fr.), without fear and without reproach.

SANS PHRASE (Fr.), without phrases [of courtesy], without formalities, without any more talk.

SANS SOUCI (Fr.), without care.

SAPERE AUDE (L.), dare to be wise.

SARTOR RESARTUS (L.), the tailor done over.

SARUM (L.), Salisbury.

SATIS VERBORUM (L.), enough of words.

SAT SAPIENTI (L.), enough for the wise: a nod to the wise.

SAUVE QUI PEUT (Fr.), save himself who can--devil take the hindmost.

SCHNITZEL (Ger.), a cutlet [of veal].

SCULPSIT (L.), [T. D.] sculptured [this].

SECUNDUM ORDINEM (L.), in order.

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