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TANT PIS (Fr.), so much the worse.

TARVISIUM (L.), Treviso.

TEMPORA MUTANTUR, NOS ET MUTAMUR IN ILLIS (L.), the times are changed, and we with them.

TEMPOS EDAX RERUM (L.), time consumer of things.

TEMPUS FUGIT (L.), time flies.

TERRA INCOGNITA (L.), an unknown country.

TERTIUM QUID (L.), a third something.

THALATTA, THALATTA! (Gr.), the sea, the sea! [the exulting cry of Xenophon's soldiers on catching sight of the sea].

TIMEO DANAOS ET DONA FERENTES (L.), I fear the Greeks, even when bringing gifts.

TIRAGE a PART (Fr.), an off-print, or article reprinted separately from the magazine, &c., in which it first appeared--the German _Abdruck_.

TOGA VIRILIS (L.), the garb of manhood.

TO KALON (Gr.), the beautiful: the chief good.

TORNACUM (L.), Tournay.

TOTIDEM VERBIS (L.), in just so many words.

TOTIES QUOTIES (L.), as often as.

TOTO COELO (L.), by the whole heavens: diametrically opposite.

TOTUS, TERES, ATQUE ROTUNDUS (L.), complete, smooth, and round.

TOUJOURS PERDRIX (Fr.), partridge every day--there may be too much even of a good thing.

TOUR DE FORCE (Fr.), a feat of strength or skill.

TOUT AU CONTRAIRE (Fr.), quite the contrary.

TOUT a FAIT (Fr.), entirely.

TOUT a VOUS (Fr.), wholly yours.

TOUT ENSEMBLE (Fr.), the whole taken together: the broad or general effect.

TOUT EST PERDU HORS L'HONNEUR (Fr.), all is lost but honour [said by Francis I. at Pavia].

TOUT LE MONDE (Fr.), all the world, everybody.

TRADUTTORE TRADITORE (It.), a translator is a traitor or betrayer:--pl.




TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO (L.), three in one.

TRIDENTUM (L.), Trent.

TU QUOQUE, BRUTE! (L.), and thou too, Brutus!

UBI BENE, IBI PATRIA (L.), where it goes well with me, there is my fatherland.

UBIQUE (L.), everywhere.

ULTIMA RATIO REGUM (L.), the last argument of kings [war].

ULTIMA THULE (L.), the utmost boundary or limit.

ULTIMUS ROMANORUM (L.), the last of the Romans.

ULTRA VIRES (L.), beyond one's powers.

UND SO WEITER (Ger.), or U.S.W., and so forth.

USQUE AD NAUSEAM (L.), to disgust.

USUS LOQUENDI (L.), current usage of speech.

UTILE DULCI (L.), the useful with the agreeable.

UT INFRA (L.), as below.

UT SUPRA (L.), as above.

VADE IN PACE (L.), go in peace.

VADE MECUM (L.), go with me: a constant companion.

Vae VICTIS! (L.), woe to the conquered.

VALE (L.), farewell.

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