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PREUX CHEVALIER (Fr.), a brave knight.

PRIMa FACIE (L.), on the first view.

PRIMO (L.), in the first place.

PRO ARIS ET FOCIS (L.), for altars and firesides: for faith and home.

PROFANUM VULGUS (L.), the profane rabble.

PROH PUDOR! (L.), oh, for shame!

PROJET DE LOI (Fr.), a legislative bill.

PRO MEMORIa (L.), for a memorial.

PRO PATRIa (L.), for our country.

PRO RE NATa (L.), for a special emergency, according to the circumstances.

PRO TANTO (L.), for so much.

PRO TEMPORE (L.), for the time being.

PROXIME ACCESSIT (L.), he came next [to the prizeman].

PUBLICe (L.), publicly.

PULVIS ET UMBRA SUMUS (L.), we are dust and a shadow.

PUNICA FIDES (L.), Punic or Carthaginian faith--i.e. treachery.

QUaeRE (L.), inquire.

QUaeRITUR (L.), the question is asked.

QUALIS AB INCEPTO (L.), as from the beginning.

QUAMDIU SE BENE GESSERIT (L.), during good behaviour.

QUANTUM MUTATUS AB ILLO! (L.), how much changed from what he was!

QUE DIABLE ALLAIT-IL FAIRE DANS CETTE GALeRE? (Fr.), what the devil was he doing in that galley? [from Moliere's _Les Fourberies de Scapin_].

QUEM DEUS PERDERE VULT, PRIUS DEMENTAT (L.), whom a god wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.

QUE SAIS-JE? (Fr.), how do I know? and what not.

QUE VOULEZ-VOUS? (Fr.), what would you have?

QUICQUID DELIRANT REGES PLECTUNTUR ACHIVI (L.), whatever madness possesses the chiefs, it is [the common soldiers or people of] the Achaeans who suffer.

QUID DESIDERIO SIT PUDOR AUT MODUS? (L.), why should there be shame or stint in regret for the loss of one so dear?

QUID RIDES? (L.), why do you laugh?

QUIETA NON MOVERE (L.), things that are at rest not to move--to let sleeping dogs lie.

QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODES? (L.), who will watch the watchers?

QUI S'EXCUSE S'ACCUSE (Fr.), he who excuses himself accuses himself.

QUIS SEPARABIT? (L.), who shall separate [us]?

QUI TACET CONSENTIT (L.), who keeps silence consents.

QUI VA La? (Fr.), who goes there?

QUOD AVERTAT DEUS! (L.), which may God avert!

QUOD BONUM, FELIX, FAUSTUMQUE SIT (L.), may this be right, happy, and of good omen.

QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM (L.), or Q.E.D., which was to be proved or demonstrated.

QUOD ERAT FACIENDUM (L.), or Q.E.F., which was to be done.

QUOD HOC SIBI VULT? (L.), what does this mean?

QUOD VIDE (L.), which see.

QUO JURE? (L.), by what right?

QUORUM PARS MAGNA FUI (L.), in which I bore a great share.

QUOT HOMINES, TOT SENTENTIae (L.), as many men, so many minds (Terence's _Phormio_).

QUOUSQUE TANDEM, O CATILINA? (L.), to what length, then, O Catiline, [are you resolved to go]? [from Cicero's oration against Catiline].

RABAT (in mod. Fr. _rabais_), reduction of price.

RAGIONE (It.), a commercial company, a firm.

RARA AVIS (L.), a rare bird, a prodigy.

RARI NANTES IN GURGITE VASTO (L.), here and there [some] swimming in a vast whirlpool.

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