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OUVERT, fem. OUVERTE (Fr.), open.

OUVRAGE (Fr.), a work.

OUVRIERS (Fr.), operatives, workpeople.

OXONIA (L.), Oxford.

PACE (L.), by leave of;--PACE TUa, by your leave.

PACTUM ILLICITUM (L.), an illegal compact.

PADRONE (It.), ruler: protector: master.

PALLIDA MORS (L.), pale death.

PALMAM QUI MERUIT FERAT (L.), let him who has won the palm wear it.

PANEM ET CIRCENSES! (L.), [give us] bread and circus-games! [the cry of the Roman populace]: beer and skittles.

PaPRIKA (Hung.), pepper.

PARCERE SUBJECTIS ET DEBELLARE SUPERBOS (L.), to spare the vanquished and put down the proud.

PARERGON (Gr.), something done by-the-bye.

PAR EXCELLENCE (Fr.), by way of eminence.

PAR EXEMPLE (Fr.), for example.

PARI PASSU (L.), with equal pace: together.

PAR NOBILE FRATRUM (L.), a noble pair of brothers.

PARTICEPS CRIMINIS (L.), an accomplice.

PARTURIUNT MONTES, NASCETUR RIDICULUS MUS (L.), the mountains are in travail, an absurd mouse will be the outcome.

PARVIS COMPONERE MAGNA (L.), to compare great things with small.

PATER PATRIae (L.), the father of his country.

PATH[=E]MATA MATH[=E]MATA (Gr.), sufferings [are] lessons.

PENSION (Fr.), board paid, a boarding-house.

PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (L.), to the stars by rough roads. through bolts and bars.

PEREUNT ET IMPUTANTUR (L.), [the moments, hours] pass away and are reckoned to our account.

PER FAS ET NEFAS (L.), through right and wrong.

PERSONNEL (Fr.), the persons employed in any service as distinguished from the _materiel_.

PER TOT DISCRIMINA RERUM (L.), through so many crises of fortune.

PETROPOLIS (L.), St Petersburg.

PIA DESIDERIA (L.), pious regrets.

PIA FRAUS (L.), pious fraud.

PIeCE DE ReSISTANCE (Fr.), the substantial course at dinner, the joint.

PIED-a-TERRE (Fr.), temporary lodging.

PINXIT (L.), [T. D.] painted [this].

PIS ALLER (Fr.), the last or worst shift, a make-shift.

PLENO JURE (L.), with full authority.

POETA NASCITUR, NON FIT (L.), the poet is born, not made.

POINT D'APPUI (Fr.), point of support: prop.

POPULUS VULT DECIPI (L.), the people wish to be fooled.

POSCIMUR (L.), we are called on [to sing, &c.].

POSSE COMITATUS (L.), the power of the county [called by the sheriff to quell a riot].

POSTE RESTANTE (Fr.), a department in a post-office, in which letters so addressed are kept to be called for.

POST HOC, ERGO PROPTER HOC (L.), after this, therefore because of this [a fallacious reasoning].

POST MORTEM (L.), after death.

POST OBITUM (L.), after death.

POUR FAIRE RIRE (Fr.), to raise a laugh.

POUR PASSER LE TEMPS (Fr.), to pass away the time.

POUR PRENDRE CONGe, or P.P.C. (Fr.), to take leave.

PRESCRIPTUM (L.), a thing prescribed.

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