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NOLO EPISCOPARI (L.), I do not wish to be a bishop.

NOM DE GUERRE (Fr.), an assumed name: travelling title: pseudonym [NOM DE PLUME is _not_ French].

NON COMPOS MENTIS (L.), not of sound mind.

NON EST INVENTUS (L.), he has not been found, he has disappeared.

NON MI RICORDO (It.), I don't remember.

NON MULTA, SED MULTUM (L.), not many things, but much.

NON OLET PECUNIA (L.), money does not stink--you can't tell how the money has been acquired.

NON OMNIA POSSUMUS OMNES (L.), we cannot all do everything.

NON OMNIS MORIAR (L.), I shall not wholly die.

NON TALI AUXILIO (L.), not with such aid [should it be done].

NOSCE TEIPSUM (L.), know thyself.

NOTRE-DAME (Fr.), Our Lady.

NOUS AVONS CHANGe TOUT CELA (Fr.), we have changed all that--from Moliere.

NOUS VERRONS (Fr.), we shall see.

NOUVEAUX RICHES (Fr.), persons who have but lately acquired wealth, upstarts.

NULLA DIES SINE LINEa (L.), no day without a line, without writing a little.

NULLA NUOVA, BUONA NUOVA (It.), no news is good news.

NULLI SECUNDUS (L.), second to none.

NULLIUS ADDICTUS JURARE IN VERBA MAGISTRI (L.), bound to swear to the words of no master, to follow no one blindly or slavishly.

NUNC EST BIBENDUM (L.), now it is time to drink.

OBERS (Ger.), cream.

OBIIT (L.), he, or she, died.

OBITER (L.), by the way, cursorily;--OBITER DICTUM, pl. OBITER DICTA, something said by the way, a cursory remark.

OBSCURUM PER OBSCURIUS (L.), [explaining] the obscure by means of the more obscure.

OBSERVANDA (L.), things to be observed.

OBSTA PRINCIPIIS (L.), resist the first beginnings.

OCTROI (Fr.), duties paid at the gate of a city.

ODERINT DUM METUANT (L.), let them hate so long as they fear.

ODI PROFANUM VULGUS (L.), I loathe the profane rabble.

ODIUM THEOLOGICUM (L.), the hatred of theologians--of theological controversy.

OEIL DE BOEUF (Fr.), a bull's eye.

OENIPONS (L.), Innsbruck.

OEUVRES (Fr.), works.

OLIM MEMINISSE JUVABIT (L.), it will sometime be a pleasure to remember [these trials].


OMNE IGNOTUM PRO MAGNIFICO (L.), everything unknown [is taken to be]


OMNE TULIT PUNCTUM QUI MISCUIT UTILE DULCI (L.), he scored every point who combined the useful with the sweet.

OMNIA MUTANTUR, ET NOS MUTAMUR IN ILLIS (L.), all things change, and we change with them.

OMNIA VINCIT AMOR, NOS ET CEDAMUS AMORI (L.), love overcomes all things, and even we succumb to love.

ON DIT (Fr.), they say, hence a flying rumour.

ORA ET LABORA (L.), pray and labour.

ORA PRO NOBIS (L.), pray for us.

ORE ROTUNDO (L.), with round, full voice.

O SANCTA SIMPLICITAS! (L.), O sacred simplicity!

O! SI SIC OMNIA (L.), O would that all [had been done or said] thus!

O TEMPORA! O MORES! (L.), O the times! O the manners!--i.e. what sad times!

what dreadful doings!

OTIA DANT VITIA (L.), idleness begets vice.

OTIUM CUM DIGNITATE (L.), dignified leisure.

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