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MON AMI (Fr.), my friend.

MON CHER (Fr.), my dear.

MONSIEUR (Fr.), sir, Mr.

MONT-DE-PIeTe (Fr.), a pawnbroking shop established by public authority.--It. _monte di pieta_.

MORCEAU (Fr.), a morsel: fragment: piece of music.

MORE HIBERNICO (L.), after the Irish fashion.

MORE MAJORUM (L.), after the manner of our ancestors.

MORE SUO (L.), in his own way.

MOTIVe (Fr.), supported by a statement of reasons.

MOTU PROPRIO (L.), of his own accord.

MUET COMME UN POISSON (Fr.), mute as a fish.

MULTUM IN PARVO (L.), much in little.

MULTUM NON MULTA (L.), much, not many things.

MUTATIS MUTANDIS (L.), with necessary changes.

MUTATO NOMINE (L.), the name being changed.

MUTUUS CONSENSUS (L.), mutual consent.

NAISSANCE (Fr.), birth.

NATALE SOLUM (L.), natal soil.

NATURAM EXPELLAS FURCa, TAMEN USQUE RECURRET (L.), though you drive out nature with a pitchfork [i.e. with violence], yet will she always return.

NEAPOLIS (L.), Naples.

NEC CUPIAS, NEC METUAS (L.), neither desire nor fear.

NE CEDE MALIS (L.), yield not to misfortune.

NeCESSAIRE (Fr.), a dressing-case, work-box.

NECESSITAS NON HABET LEGEM (L.), necessity has, or knows, no law.

NEC SCIRE FAS EST OMNIA (L.), it is not permitted to know all things.

NeE (Fr.), born So-and-so: her maiden name being So-and-so, as Madame de Stael, nee Necker.

NE EXEAT (L.), let him not depart.

NEMINE CONTRADICENTE (L.; often NEM. CON.), without opposition: no one speaking in opposition.

NEMINE DISSENTIENTE (L.), no one dissenting.

NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT (L.), no one hurts me with impunity--the motto of Scotland.

NEMO REPENTE FIT TURPISSIMUS (L.), no one becomes utterly bad all at once.

NE PLUS ULTRA (L.), nothing further: the uttermost point or extreme perfection of anything.

NE QUID NIMIS (L.), [let there be] nothing in excess.

NESCIS, MI FILI, QUANTILLA PRUDENTIA MUNDUS REGATUR (L.), you know not, my son, with what a small stock of wisdom the world is governed.

NE SUTOR ULTRA CREPIDAM (L.), let not the cobbler go beyond his last.

NICHT WAHR? (Ger.), is it not true? isn't that so?

NIHIL AD REM (L.), nothing to the point.

NIHIL TETIGIT QUOD NON ORNAVIT, OR NULLUM QUOD TETIGIT NON ORNAVIT (L.), he touched nothing without adorning it.

NIL ADMIRARI (L.), to wonder at nothing, to admire nothing, to be superior and self-complacent.

NIL DESPERANDUM (L.), never despair.

N'IMPORTE (Fr.), it matters not.

NISI DOMINUS FRUSTRA (L.), unless the Lord [build the house, they labour]

in vain [that build it]--the motto of Edinburgh.

NISI PRIUS (L.), unless previously--a name [from the first words of the writ] given to the jury sittings in civil cases.

NITOR IN ADVERSUM (L.), I strive against adverse circumstances.

NOBLESSE OBLIGE (Fr.), rank imposes obligations.

NOLENS VOLENS (L.), whether he will or not.

NOLI ME TANGERE (L.), don't touch me.

NOLLE PROSEQUI (L.), to be unwilling to prosecute.

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