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INVENIT (L.), [T.D.] devised [this].

IN VINO VERITAS (L.), in wine the truth [comes out].

INVITa MINERVa (L.), against the will of Minerva, against the grain.

IPSE DIXIT (L.), he himself said it: his mere word.

IPSISSIMA VERBA (L.), the very words.

IPSO FACTO (L.), in the fact itself: virtually.

IRA FUROR BREVIS EST (L.), rage is a brief madness.

ISPALIS (L.), Seville.

ITALIA IRREDENTA (It.), unredeemed Italy--the parts of Italy not yet freed from foreign domination--South Tyrol, Dalmatia, Trieste, &c.

ITALICe (L.), in Italian.

ITERUM (L.), again.

IVRESSE (Fr.), drunkenness.

JACTA EST ALEA (L.), the die is cast.

JAM PROXIMUS ARDET UCALEGON (L.), already [the house of] our next-door neighbour, Ucalegon, is in flames.

JE N'EN VOIS PAS LA NeCESSITe! (Fr.), I don't see the necessity for that!

[said in reply to a man who pleaded, 'But one must live somehow'].

JE NE SAIS QUOI (Fr.), I know not what.

JET D'EAU (Fr.), a jet of water.

JEU DE MOTS (Fr.), a play on words: a pun.

JEU D'ESPRIT (Fr.), a witticism.

JEUNESSE DOReE (Fr.), gilded youth, luxurious young fops.

JOCI CAUSa (L.), for the sake of the joke.

JUDEX DAMNATUR CUM NOCENS ABSOLVITUR (L.), the judge is condemned when the guilty man is acquitted.

JUNGFERNBRATEN (Ger.), roast-pork with juniper-berries.

JUPITER PLUVIUS (L.), rain-bringing Jupiter: rainy weather.

JURE DIVINO (L.), by divine law.

JURE HUMANO (L.), by human law.

JURIS UTRIUSQUE DOCTOR (L.), doctor both of canon and of civil law.

JUS GLADII (L.), the right of the sword.

JUSTE MILIEU (Fr.), the just mean, the happy medium.

JUSTUM ET TENACEM PROPOSITI VIRUM (L.), a man upright and tenacious of purpose.

J'Y SUIS, J'Y RESTE! (Fr.), here I am, and here I stay! [said by Macmahon at the Malakoff].

KAISERFLEISCH (Ger.), smoked sucking-pig.

KAISERSCHMARN (Ger.), a pudding consisting of flour and eggs fried in lard.

KNoDEL (Ger.), a ball of dough made of bread, eggs, flour, milk, and lard.

KREN (Ger.), horse-radish.

KT[=E]MA ES AEI (Gr.), a possession [to be kept] for ever.

KULTURKAMPF (Ger.), the war of culture [said by Virchow in 1873 of the conflict between Bismarck and the Catholic Church].

LABORARE EST ORARE (L.), work is prayer.

LABORE ET HONORE (L.), by labour and honour.

LABOR IMPROBUS (L.), persistent, dogged labour.

LABOR IPSE VOLUPTAS (L.), labour itself is pleasure.

LABUNTUR ET IMPUTANTUR (L.), they [i.e. the moments] slip away and are laid to our account [on sundials].

LaeSA MAJESTAS (L.), LeSE MAJESTe (Fr.), injured majesty, treason.

LA GRANDE NATION (Fr.), the great nation--i.e. France.

L'ALLEGRO (It.), the merry, cheerful, man.

LANGAGE DES HALLES (Fr.), language of the market-places, billingsgate.

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