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IN DEPOSITO (Late L.), for a pledge.

INDEX EXPURGATORIUS (L.), a list of prohibited books.

IN DOMINO (Late L.), in the Lord.

IN EQUILIBRIS (Late L.), in equilibrium.

IN ESSE (Late L.), in being, in fact.

IN EXCELSIS (Late L.), in the highest, at the highest point.

IN EXTENSO (Late L.), at full length.

IN EXTREMIS (Late L.), at the point of death.

INFIMA SPECIES (Late L.), the lowest species included in a genus or class.

IN FLAGRANTI DELICTO (L.), in the very act of committing the crime.

IN FORMa PAUPERIS (L.), as a poor man.

IN FORO CONSCIENTIae (L.), in the court of conscience: judged by one's own conscience.

INFRA DIGNITATEM (L.), below one's dignity.

INGeNU, INGeNUE (Fr.), a young man or woman of exceptional simplicity.

IN GREMIO (Late L), in the bosom.

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES (L.), in this sign thou wilt conquer--i.e. in the Cross [the motto of Constantine the Great].

IN LIMINE (L.), on the threshold.

IN LOCO PARENTIS (L.), in the place of a parent.

IN MAGNIS ET VOLUISSE SAT EST (L.), in great things even to have wished to try is enough.

IN MALEM PARTEM (L.), in an unfavourable manner.

IN MEDIAS RES (L.), into the midst of things.

IN MEMORIAM (L.), to the memory of: in memory.

IN NUBIBUS (L.), in the clouds.

IN PACE (L.), in peace.

IN PARTIBUS INFIDELIUM (L.), in unbelieving countries--where there are no strictly territorial Catholic dioceses.

IN PETTO (It.), within the breast: in reserve.

IN POSSE (Late L.), in potential existence: in possibility.

IN PROPRIa PERSONa (Late L.), in person.

IN PURIS NATURALIBUS (Late L.), quite naked.

IN RE (L.), in the matter of.

IN RERUM NATURa (L.), in nature.

IN SECULA SECULORUM (L.), for ever and ever.

IN SITU (L.), in its original situation.

INSTAR OMNIUM (L.), worth all the rest.

IN STATU PUPILLARI (Late L.), in a state of wardship.

IN STATU QUO (Late L.), in the former state.

INSULA or INSULae (L.), Lille.

INTEGER VITae SCELERISQUE PURUS (L.), blameless in life and clear of crime.

INTER ALIA (L.), among other things;--inter alios, among other persons.

INTER ARMA SILENT LEGES (L.), amid wars laws are silent.

INTeRIEUR (Fr.), interior, home, inside.

INTER NOS (L.), between ourselves.

INTER POCULA (L.), over one's cups.

IN TERROREM (L.), as a warning.

INTER SE (L.), amongst themselves.

IN TOTO (L.), in the whole: entirely.

INTRA MUROS (L.), within the walls.

IN TRANSITU (L.), on the passage.

IN USUM DELPHINI (L.), for the use of the Dauphin: toned down to suit the young person.

IN UTRUMQUE PARATUS (L.), prepared for either alternative.

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