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L'APPeTIT VIENT EN MANGEANT (Fr.), appetite comes as you eat: the more you get, the more you would have.

LA PROPRIeTe C'EST LE VOL (Fr.), property is theft [from Proudhon].

LAPSUS CALAMI (L.), a slip of the pen.

LAPSUS LINGUae (L.), a slip of the tongue.

LAPSUS MEMORIae (L.), a slip of the memory.

LARES ET PENATES (L.), household gods.

LA REYNE LE VEULT (Norm Fr.), the Queen will it, the form expressing the Queen's assent to a bill.

LASCIATE OGNI SPERANZA, VOI CH' ENTRATE (It.), abandon hope, all ye who enter here [in Dante, the inscription over the gate of hell].

LAUDATOR TEMPORIS ACTI (L.), one who praises past times.

LAUS DEO (L.), praise to God.

L'AVENIR (Fr.), the future.

LE BEAU MONDE (Fr.), the fashionable world.

LECTOR BENEVOLE (L.), kind reader.

LE GeNIE C'EST LA PATIENCE (Fr.), genius is patience.

LE GRAND MONARQUE (Fr.), the great king--i.e. Louis XIV.

LEITMOTIF (Ger.), a representation theme used to indicate a certain person, attribute, or idea, in an opera, oratorio, &c.

LE JEU NE VAUT PAS LA CHANDELLE (Fr.), the game is not worth the candle.

L'EMPIRE C'EST LA PAIX (Fr.), the empire means peace [said by Louis Napoleon in 1852].

LEODICUM (L.), Liege.

LE PAS (Fr.), precedence in place or rank.

LE STYLE EST L'HOMME MeME (Fr.), the style is the man himself [from Buffon].

L'eTAT, C'EST MOI! (Fr.), the state? I am the state! [said by Louis XIV.].

LETTRE DE CACHET (Fr.), a sealed letter: a royal warrant for arrest and imprisonment.

LETTRE DE CHANGE (Fr.), a bill of exchange.

LETTRE DE CReANCE (Fr.), letter of credit.

LETTRE DE MARQUE (Fr.), a letter of marque or of reprisal.

LEVER LE RIDEAU (Fr.), to raise the curtain.

LEX NON SCRIPTA (L.), unwritten law--i.e. the common law.

LEX SCRIPTA (L.), statute law.

LEX TALIONIS (L.), the law of retaliation.

LIBERAVI ANIMUM MEUM (L.), I have cleared my mind.

LIBRAIRE (Fr.), a bookseller.

LICENTIA VATUM (L.), poetical license.

LIMae LABOR (L.), the labour of the file, of polishing.

LIMBO PATRUM; LIMBUS INFANTUM (Late L.). See _Limbo_ in Dict.

LINGUA FRANCA (It.), the corrupt Italian once current in the Levant: the mixed language spoken by Europeans in the East.

LIT DE JUSTICE (Fr.), bed of justice. See _Bed_ in Dict.

LITTERA SCRIPTA MANET (L.), what is written down is permanent.

LOCUM TENENS (L.), one occupying the place: a deputy or substitute.

LOCUS CLASSICUS (L.), the classical passage, the stock quotation.

LOCUS PaeNITENTIae (L.), room for penitence: time for repentance.

LOCUS STANDI (L.), a place for standing: a right to interfere.

LUCRI CAUSa (L.), for the sake of gain.

LUCUS A NON LUCENDO (L.), the grove [_lucus_] [is so named] from its _not_ shining--of a contradictory or incredible explanation.

LUDERE CUM SACRIS (L.), to trifle with sacred things.


LUPUS IN FABULa (L.), the wolf in the fable.

LUSUS NATURae (L.), a sport or freak of nature.

LUTETIA (L.), Paris.

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