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HUMANUM EST ERRARE (L.), to err is human.

HURTAR PARA DAR POR DIOS (Sp.), to steal in order to give to God.

IBIDEM (L.), in the same place, thing, or case.

ICH DIEN (Ger.), I serve.

ICI (Fr.), here--i.e. here is a W.C.

ICI ON PARLE FRANcAIS (Fr.), here French is spoken.

IDeE FIXE (Fr.), a fixed idea, a monomania.

IDEM (L.), the same.

IDEM SONANS (L.), sounding the same.

IDEM VELLE ATQUE IDEM NOLLE (L.), to like and to dislike the same things.

ID EST (L.), that is, often I.E.

ID GENUS OMNE (L.), all that class or kind.

IESUS HOMINIM SALVATOR (L.), Jesus Saviour of men.

IGNORATIO ELENCHI (L.), ignoring the point in question, the fallacy of arguing to the wrong point.

IGNORATIO LEGIS NEMINEM EXCUSAT (L.), ignorance of the law excuses nobody.

IGNOTI NULLA CUPIDO (L.), for a thing unknown there is no desire.

IGNOTUM PER IGNOTIUS (L.), the unknown by the still more unknown.

IGRAN DOLORI SONO MUTI (It.), great griefs are mute.

IL A INVENTe L'HISTOIRE (Fr.), he has invented history.

IL A LE DIABLE AU CORPS (Fr.), the devil is in him.

IL A LES DeFAUTS DE SES QUALITeS (Fr.), he has the defects which go with the good qualities he has.

IL DOLCI FAR NIENTI (It.), the sweet state of do-nothing.

IL FAUT DE L'ARGENT (Fr.), money is necessary.

IL FAUT LAVER SON LINGE SALE EN FAMILLE (Fr.), one should wash one's foul linen within the family, in private, at home.

ILIAS MALORUM (L.), an Iliad of woes.

ILLE CRUCEM SCELERIS PRETIUM TULIT, HIC DIADEMA (L.), that man got a cross, this man a crown, as the price of his crime.

ILLE TERRARUM MIHI PRaeTER OMNES ANGULUS RIDET (L.), that corner of the earth to me smiles sweetest of all.

ILLUSTRISSIMO (It.), most illustrious.

IL MEGLIO e L'INIMICO DEL BENE (It.), the better is the enemy of the well.

IL N'Y A PAS a DIRE (Fr.), there is nothing to be said.

IL N'Y A PAS QUE LE PREMIER PAS QUI COuTE (Fr.), it is only the first step that is difficult.

IL PENSEROSO (It.), the pensive man.

ILS N'ONT RIEN APPRIS NI RIEN OUBLIe (Fr.), they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing [said of the French _Emigres_, often of the Bourbons].

IMPAR CONGRESSUS ACHILLI (L.), unequally matched against Achilles.

IMPASSE (Fr.), a cul-de-sac, an insoluble difficulty.

IMPAYABLE (Fr.), invaluable.

IMPEDIMENTA (L.), luggage in travelling: the baggage of an army.

IMPERIUM ET LIBERTAS (L.), empire and liberty.

IMPERIUM IN IMPERIO (L.), a government within another.

IN ABSTRACTO (Late L.), in the abstract.

IN ARTICULO MORTIS (L.), at the point of death.

IN BANCO REGIS (Late L.), in the King's Bench.

IN BIANCO (It.), in blank, in white.

IN CAMERa (Late L.), in a [judge's private] room.

IN CAPITE (Late L.), in chief, by direct grant from the Crown.

INCIDIS IN SCYLLAM CUPIENS VITARE CHARYBDIM (L.), you fall into Scylla trying to avoid Charybdis.

IN COMMENDAM (Late L.). See under _Commend_ in Dict.

IN CONTUMACIAM (Late L.), as an act of contumacy.

IN DELICIIS (L.), as favourites.

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