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HOC AGE (L.), this do.

HOC ANNO (L.), in this year.

HOC ERAT IN VOTIS (L.), this was the very thing I prayed for.

HOC GENUS OMNE (L.), and all that sort [of people].

HOCH (Ger.), _lebe hoch!_ your health! [in drinking].

HOC LOCO (L.), in this place.

HOC SAXUM POSUIT (L.), this stone [T. D.] placed.

HOC TEMPORE (L.), at this time.

HOC VOLO, SIC JUBEO, SIT PRO RATIONE VOLUNTAS (L.), this I will, thus I command, be my will sufficient reason.

HODIE MIHI, CRAS TIBI (L.), to-day is mine, to-morrow thine.

HOFRATH (Ger.), an Aulic councillor: a complimentary title.

HOI POLLOI (Gr.), the many; the rabble: the vulgar.

HOLMIA (L.), Stockholm.

HOMINIBUS PLENUM, AMICIS VACUUM (L.), full of men, empty of friends.

HOMINIS EST ERRARE (L.), it belongs to man to err.

HOMME D'AFFAIRES (Fr.), business man: agent: steward; HOMME DE BIEN, man of worth, good man; HOMME DE COUR, courtier; HOMME DE FORTUNE, fortunate man: rich man; HOMME DE LETTRES, man of letters; HOMME DE PAILLE, man of straw; HOMME D'ePeE, military man; HOMME DE ROBE, a lawyer; HOMME D'ESPRIT, a man of wit; HOMME D'eTAT, a statesman; HOMME DU MONDE, man of fashion.

HOMO ALIENI JURIS (L.), one under control of another.

HOMO ANTIQUa VIRTUTE AC FIDE (L.), a man of the antique virtue and loyalty.

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS (L.), man is a wolf to man.

HOMO MULTARUM LITTERARUM (L.), a man of many literary accomplishments.

HOMO NULLIUS COLORIS (L.), a man of no colour, one who does not commit himself.

HOMO SUI JURIS (L.), one who is his own master.

HOMO SUM: HUMANI NIHIL A ME ALIENUM PUTO (L.), I am a man; I count nothing human indifferent to me. [Said by a Paul Pry in Terence, _Heaut._ I. i.


HOMO TRIUM LITTERARUM (L.), man of three letters--i.e. _fur_ = thief.

HOMO UNIUS LIBRI (L.), a man of one book.

HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (O. Fr.), the shame be his who thinks ill of it--the motto of the Order of the Garter.

HONNEUR ET PATRIE (Fr.), honour and native land.

HONORES MUTANT MORES (L.), honours change [men's] manners.

HONORIS CAUSa [GRATIa] (Late L.), for the sake of honour, as honorary.

HONOR VIRTUTIS PRaeMIUM (L.), honour is the reward of virtue.

HONOS ALIT ARTES (L.), honour nourishes the arts.

HONOS HABET ONUS (L.), honour has its burden.

HORae CANONICae (L.), the canonical hours.

HORae SUBSECIVae (Late L.), leisure hours.

HORA FUGIT (L.), the hour flies.

HORAS NON NUMERO NISI SERENAS (L.), I number none but shining hours.

HORRESCO REFERENS (L.), I shudder in relating.

HORRIBILE DICTU (L.), horrible to relate.

HORS DE COMBAT (Fr.), unfit to fight, disabled.

HORS CONCOURS (Fr.), outside competition.

HORS LA LOI (Fr.), in outlawry, outlawed.

HORS DE PROPOS (Fr.), aside from the purpose.

HORS DE SAISON (Fr.), out of season.

HORTUS SICCUS (L.), a collection of dried plants.

HOSTIS HONORI INVIDIA (L.), an enemy's hatred is an honour.

HOSTIS HUMANI GENERIS (L.), enemy of the human race.

HoTEL DES INVALIDES (Fr.), Hospital for Invalids--the name of a hospital for disabled soldiers in Paris, founded in 1670.

HoTEL-DIEU (Fr.), the House of God, a hospital.

HoTEL GARNI (Fr.), a furnished town house.

HUISSIER (Fr.), doorkeeper, usher: bailiff.

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