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GLORIA VIRTUTIS UMBRA (L.), glory [is] the shadow of virtue.

GLuCKLICHE REISE! (Ger.), prosperous journey to you!

GN[=O]THI SEAUTON (Gr.), know thyself.

GOUTTE a GOUTTE (Fr.), drop by drop.

GOUVERNANTE (Fr.), a governess.

GRaCE a DIEU (Fr.), thanks to God.

GRADU DIVERSO, VIa UNa (L.), with different step on the one way.

GRADUS AD PARNASSUM (L.), a step to Parnassus, aid in the composition of Latin or Greek verse.

GRANDE CHeRE ET BEAU FEU (Fr.), ample cheer and a fine fire.

GRANDE FORTUNE, GRANDE SERVITUDE (Fr.), great wealth, great slavery.

GRANDE PARURE or TOILETTE (Fr.), full dress.

GRANDE PASSION (Fr.), a serious love-affair.

GRAND MERCI (Fr.), many thanks.


GRATIA PLACENDI (L.), the delight of pleasing.

GRATIS DICTUM (L.), mere assertion.

GRAVIORA MANENT (L.), more grievous things remain.

GRAVIORA QUaeDAM SUNT REMEDIA PERICULIS (L.), some remedies are more grievous than the perils.

GRAVIS IRA REGUM EST SEMPER (L.), the anger of kings is always serious.

GREGATIM (L,), in flocks.

GREX VENALIUM (L.), the herd of hirelings.

GROSSE SEELEN DULDEN STILL (Ger.), great souls suffer in silence.

GROSSE TeTE ET PEU DE SENS (Fr.), big head and little wit.

GROSSIeRETe (Fr.), grossness, vulgarity in conversation.

GUERRA AL CUCHILLO (Sp.), war to the knife.

GUERRE a MORT (Fr.), war to the death.

GUERRE a OUTRANCE (Fr.), war to the uttermost, to the bitter end.

GULYaS (Hung.), meat stewed with paprika or red pepper.

GUTTA CAVAT LAPIDEM (L.), the drop wears away the stone.

HAC LEGE (L.), with this law, under this condition.

HAFNIA (L.), Copenhagen.

HALA (L.), Halle.

HANC VENIAM PETIMUSQUE DAMUSQUE VICISSIM (L.), we ask and grant this liberty turn about.

HANNIBAL AD PORTAS! (L.), Hannibal at the gates!

HAPAX LEGOMENON (Gr.), a word or phrase that occurs once only; a solitary instance.

HAUD LONGIS INTERVALLIS (L.), at no long intervals.

HAUT ET BON (Fr.), great and good.

HEIMWEH (Ger.), home-sickness.

HELLUO LIBRORUM (L.), a devourer of books.

HEU PIETAS! HEU PRISCA FIDES! (L.), alas for piety! alas for the ancient faith!

HEUREUSEMENT (Fr.), happily, fortunately.

HIATUS VALDE DEFIENDUS (L.), a gap deeply to be deplored.

HIC ET UBIQUE (L.), here and everywhere.

HIC FINIS FANDI (L.), here [was] an end of the speaking.

HIC JACET (L.), here lies.

HIC LABOR, HOC OPUS EST (L.), this is the labour, this the toil.

HIC SEPULTUS (L.), here buried.

HINC ILLae LACRIMae (L.), hence [proceed] these tears.

HINC LUCEM ET POCULA SACRA (L.), from this source [we draw] light and draughts of sacred learning.

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