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FULMEN BRUTUM (L.), a harmless thunderbolt.

FUMADO (Sp.), smoked fish.

FUNCTUS OFFICIO (L.), having fulfilled an office, out of office.

FUNDAMENTUM RELATIONIS (Late L.), ground of relation.

FUNeBRE (Fr.), mournful.

FUREUR (Fr.), extravagant admiration.

FUROR ARMA MINISTRAT (L.), rage supplies arms.

FUROR LOQUENDI (L.), a rage for speaking.

FUROR POETICUS (L.), poetic frenzy.

FUROR SCRIBENDI (L.), a rage for writing.

GAGE D'AMOUR (Fr.), pledge of love, love-token.

GAIETe DE COEUR (Fr.), gaiety of heart.

GAILLARD, fem. GAILLARDE (Fr.), lively, frolicsome.

GALANT, fem. GALANTE (Fr.), given to illicit intrigue: one of the parties in an amour;--GALANT HOMME, a man of honour.

GALAPAGO (Sp.), a tortoise.

GALIMAFReE (Fr.), hotch-potch, hash.--Anglicised as _Gallimaufry_ (q.v. in Dict.).

GARDE a CHEVAL (Fr.), mounted guard.

GARDE CHAMPeTRE (Fr.), rural guard, field-keeper.

GARDE-CHASSE (Fr.), gamekeeper.

GARDE DU CORPS (Fr.), a bodyguard.

GARDE-FEU (Fr.), fender.

GARDE-FOU (Fr.), a parapet.

GARDE MOBILE (Fr.), a guard liable to general service.

GARDE NATIONALE (Fr.), national guard.

GARDE ROYALE (Fr.), royal guard.

GARDEZ (Fr.), take care, be on your guard.

GARDEZ BIEN (Fr.), take good care.

GARDES LA FOI (Fr.), keep the faith.

GAUDEAMUS IGITUR (L.), let us therefore rejoice.

GAUDET TENTAMINE VIRTUS (L.), virtue rejoices in trial.

GAUDIUM CERTAMINIS (L.), the delight of battle.

GEFLuGELTE WORTE (Ger.), winged words.

GEFRORNES (Ger.), ices.

GENDARMES (Fr.), armed police.

GENIUS LOCI (L.), the genius of the place.

GENS D'AFFAIRES (Fr.), business men; GENS D'ARMES, men-at-arms (cf.

GENDARMES); GENS DE BIEN, honest folk; GENS DE CONDITION, people of rank; GENS D'eGLISE, churchmen; GENS DE LANGUES, linguists; GENS DE LETTRES, men of letters; GENS DE LOI, lawyers; GENS DE MeME FARINE, birds of a feather; GENS DE MER, seamen; GENS D'ePeE, GENS DE GUERRE, military men; GENS DE PEU, people of humble condition; GENS DE ROBE, lawyers; GENS DU MONDE, people of fashion.

GENS TOGATA (L.), the toga-wearing nation--i.e. the Romans.

GENTILHOMME (Fr.), a nobleman: a gentleman.

GENUS IRRITABILE VATUM (L.), the irritable tribe of poets.

GERMANICe (L.), in German.

GESPRITZT (Ger.), mixed in equal quantity with soda water--of wine.

GIBIER DE POTENCE (Fr.), game for the gibbet, gallows-bird, jail-bird.

GIOVINE SANTO, DIAVOLO VECCHIO (It.), young saint, old devil.

GIPPESVICUM (L.), Ipswich.

GITANO, fem. GITANA (Sp.), gipsy.

GLI ASSENTI HANNO TORTO (It.), the absent are in the wrong.

GLORIA IN EXCELSIS (L.), glory to God in the highest.

GLORIA PATRI (L.), glory be to the Father.

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