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FOMES, pl. FOMITES (L.), touchwood, a substance which retains contagion.

FOND (Fr.), ground, basis, fund;--FONDS, ground, fund, stock, capital.

FONDA (Sp.), a tavern.

FONS ET ORIGO (L.), the source and origin.

FONS LACRIMARUM (L.), fount or source of tears.

FORCE MAJEURE (Fr.), superior power.

FORENSIS STREPITUS (L.), the clamour of the forum.

FORMALITER (Late L.), formally, in respect of the formal element.

FORSAN ET HaeC OLIM MEMINISSE JUVABIT (L.), perchance hereafter it will be delightful to remember even these things.

FORS CLAVIGERA--the title assumed by Ruskin for his series of periodical letters to British working-men. _Fors_=fortune; _Claviger_, the club-bearer, an epithet of Hercules.

FORTI ET FIDELI NIHIL DIFFICILE (L.), to the brave and faithful nothing is difficult.

FORTIS CADERE, CEDERE NON POTEST (L.), the brave man may fall, he cannot yield.

FORTITER ET RECTE (L.), bravely and uprightly.

FORTITER, FIDELITER, FELICITER (L.), firmly, faithfully, felicitously.

FORTITER IN RE, SUAVITER IN MODO (L.), forcibly in deed, gently in manner.

FORTUNA FAVET FATUIS (L.), fortune favours fools.

FORTUNA FAVET FORTIBUS (L.), fortune aids the bold.

FORTUNA FORTES ADJUVAT (L.), fortune aids the brave.

FORUM CONSCIENTIae (L.), the court of conscience.

FOURGON (Fr.), a wagon, cart.

FRA (It.), brother, friar.

FRAiCHEUR (Fr.), freshness, coolness.

FRAIS (Fr.), expenses, charges.

FRANCISe, fem. FRANCISeE (Fr.), Frenchified.

FRANCO (It.), post-free, franked.

FRANGAS, NON FLECTES (L.), you may break, you shall not bend.

FRANKFURTER (Ger.) a small smoked sausage.

FRAPPe, fem. FRAPPeE (Fr.), iced, artificially cooled.

FRATE, pl. FRATI (It.), a friar, a mendicant Franciscan.

FRAU (Ger.), dame, married woman, wife.

FRaULEIN (Ger.), miss, unmarried woman, German governess.

FRAUS EST CELARE FRAUDEM (L.), it is a fraud to conceal a fraud.

FRAUS PIA (L.), a pious fraud.

FREDAINE (Fr.), escapade, prank.

FRIAND, fem. FRIANDE (Fr.), dainty, delicate: an epicure.

FRIGIDARIUM (L.), the cold swimming-tank of a bath-house.

FRIJOL, pl. FRIJOLES (Sp.), French beans.

FRIPONNERIE (Fr.), knavery, roguishness.

FRISETTE (Fr.), a frizette, fringe of frizzled hair worn above or on the forehead.

FRITURE (Fr.), frying: fried food: fry.

FRONDEUR (Fr.), an adherent of the Fronde: any malcontent. See _Fronde_ in Dict.

FRONT a FRONT (Fr.), front to front, face to face.

FRONTIGNAC, a sweet wine produced near Frontignan, in Herault, France [in modern French, _Frontignan_.]

FRONTI NULLA FIDES (L.), no reliance on the face, no trusting appearances.

FROU-FROU (Fr.), the delicate rustling of women's drapery.

FROW(E), FRO(E), Anglicised from Dut. _vruow_, a married woman, wife: a slovenly woman.

FRUGES CONSUMERE NATI (L.), born to consume the fruits of the soil.

FUGIT HORA (L.), the hour flies.

FUIMUS TROES (L.), we were once Trojans.

FUIT ILIUM (L.), Troy has been--i.e. is no more.

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