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FeTE CHAMPeTRE (Fr.), a rural festival, garden party.

FeTE-DIEU (Fr.), Corpus Christi.

FEU (pl. FEUX) D'ARTIFICE (Fr.), fireworks.

FEU DE JOIE (Fr.), a bonfire: in English (_not_ in French), a firing of guns in token of joy.

FEUILLETONISTE (Fr.), one who writes for feuilletons. See _Feuilleton_ in Dict.

FIAT EXPERIMENTUM IN CORPORE VILI (L.), let experiment be made on a worthless body.

FIAT JUSTITIA, RUAT COELUM (L.), let justice be done, though the heavens should fall.

FIAT LUX (L.), let there be light.

FICHU (Fr.), a triangular kerchief or wrap worn on a woman's neck and shoulders.

FIDE ET AMORE (L.), by faith and love.

FIDE ET FIDUCIa (L.), by faith and confidence.

FIDE ET FORTITUDINE (L.), by faith and fortitude.

FIDEI DEFENSOR (L.), defender of the faith.

FIDE NON ARMIS (L.), by faith, not by arms.

FIDE, SED CUI VIDE (L.), trust, but in whom take care.

FIDES ET JUSTITIA (L.), fidelity and justice.

FIDES PUNICA (L.), Punic faith: treachery.

FI DONC! (Fr.), for shame!

FIDUS ACHATES (L.), faithful Achates: a true friend.

FIDUS ET AUDAX (L.), faithful and bold.

FIERI FACIAS (Late L.), cause to be done--the name of a writ commanding the sheriff to distrain the defendant's goods.

FIERTe (Fr.), haughtiness, high spirit.

FIGURANT, fem. FIGURANTE (Fr.), a supernumerary on the stage;--FIGURANTE, pl. FIGURANTI (It.), a ballet-dancer.

FILIUS NULLIUS (L.), son of nobody, a bastard.

FILIUS POPULI (L.), son of the people.

FILIUS TERRae (L.), son of the soil, one of mean birth.

FILLE DE CHAMBRE (Fr.), chambermaid.

FILLE DE JOIE (Fr.), a prostitute.

FILLE D'HONNEUR (Fr.), maid of honour.

FILS (Fr.), son.

FIN DE SIeCLE (Fr.), end of the [19th] century: decadent.

FINIS CORONAT OPUS (L.), the end crowns the work.

FINIS POLONIae! (L.), the end of Poland! the Scotch Chancellor Seafield's 'end o' an auld sang' in 1707.

FIN MOT (Fr.), main point.

FISOLEN (Ger.), beans.

FLACON (Fr.), a smelling-bottle.

FLAGRANTE BELLO (L.), while war is raging.

FLAGRANTE DELICTO (L.), in the very act.

FLAIR (Fr.), scent, keen sense of smell.

FLECTERE SI NEQUEO SUPEROS, ACHERONTA MOVEBO (L.), if I can't move the gods, I'll stir up hell.

FLECTI, NON FRANGI (L.), to be bent, not to be broken.

FLEURON (Fr.), a piece of decorative flower-work.

FLOCCULUS, pl. FLOCCULI (Late L.), a small flock or tuft of wool or the like.

FLOREAT (L.), let it flourish.

FLORILEGIUM, pl. FLORILEGIA (Late L.), a collection of flowers--i.e. of choice passages, an anthology.

FLOSCULI SENTENTIARUM (L.), flowerets of wisdom.

FOENUM HABET IN CORNU (L.), he has hay on his horn [the sign of a dangerous bull].

FOIBLESSE (Old French; modern, _faiblesse_), a failing.

FOIE GRAS (Fr.), fat liver [of goose] made into _pate de foie gras_ (or _foies gras_).

FOLaTRE (Fr.), sportive, frolicsome, fond of romping.

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