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EX VOTO (L.), according to one's prayer, by reason of a vow: votive: a votive offering.

FABER EST QUISQUE FORTUNae SUae (L.), every man is the fashioner of his own fortune.

FABLE CONVENUE (Fr.), fable agreed upon--Voltaire's name for history.

FACILE EST INVENTIS ADDERE (L.), it is easy to add to things invented already.

FACILE PRINCEPS (L.), obviously pre-eminent: an easy first.

FACILIS DESCENSUS AVERNO (or AVERNI) (L.), descent to Avernus (hell) is easy: the road to evil is easy.

FACINUS MAJORIS ABOLLae (L.), the crime of a larger cloak, i.e. of a deep philosopher.

FACIT INDIGNATIO VERSUM (L.), indignation inspires verse.

FAcON DE PARLER (Fr.), way of speaking, a mere form of words.

FACTA NON VERBA (L.), deeds, not words.

FACTUM EST (L.), it is done.

FADAISE (Fr.), silliness, nonsense.

FADE (Fr.), insipid, colourless;--FADEUR, dullness.

FaeX POPULI (L.), dregs of the people.

FAIRE BONNE MINE (Fr.), to put a good face upon the matter.

FAIRE DE LA PROSE SANS LE SAVOIR (Fr.), to produce prose without knowing it--which Moliere's M. Jourdain was surprised to find he had been doing all his days in conversation.

FAIRE L'HOMME D'IMPORTANCE (Fr.), to assume the air of importance.

FAIRE MON DEVOIR (Fr.), to do my duty.

FAIRE SANS DIRE (Fr.), to act without talking.

FAIT ACCOMPLI (Fr.), a thing already done.

FALSI CRIMEN (Late L.), the crime of falsity, fraudulent concealment, forgery.

FALSUS IN UNO, FALSUS IN OMNIBUS (L.), false in one point, false in all.

FAMA CLAMOSA (L.), a current scandal.

FAMA NIHIL EST CELERIUS (L.), nothing is swifter than rumour.

FAMA SEMPER VIVAT! (L.), may his [or her] fame live for ever!

FAMILLE DE ROBE (Fr.), a legal family.

FANTOCCINI (It.), puppets made to move by strings or wires, a puppet-show.

FAR NIENTE (It.), doing nothing.

FARCEUR (Fr.), a wag, a joker.

FAROUCHE (Fr.), sullen, savage.

FARRAGO LIBELLI (L.), a medley of miscellaneous topics for a little book [of satire].

FAS EST ET AB HOSTE DOCERI (L.), it is right to be taught even by an enemy.

FATA OBSTANT (L.), the Fates oppose it.

FATA VIAM INVENIENT (L.), the Fates will find out a way.

FAUTE DE MIEUX (Fr.), for want of better.

FAUX PAS (Fr.), a false step: a mistake.

FAVETE LINGUIS (L.), favour me with your tongues--keep a discreet silence.

FAX MENTIS INCENDIUM GLORIae (L.), the passion for glory is a torch to the mind.

FECIT (L.), [T. D.] made or executed [this].

FECUNDI CALICES, QUEM NON FECERE DISERTUM? (L.), full cups, whom have they not made eloquent?

FeE (Fr.), a fairy;--FeERIE, fairyland.

FELICITAS MULTOS HABET AMICOS (L.), prosperity has many friends.

FELICITER (L.), happily: successfully.

FELO DE SE (L.), a suicide, lit. 'felon of himself.'

FEMME (Fr.), woman, wife;--FEMME COUVERTE (old law French), a married woman, as under her husband's protection;--FEMME GALANTE, a gay woman;--FEMME INCOMPRISE, a woman misunderstood or unappreciated;--FEMME SAVANTE, a learned woman, a blue-stocking;--FEMME SOLE (law French), a single woman, a woman legally independent.

FEMME DE CHAMBRE (Fr.), a lady's maid.

FENDRE UN CHEVEU EN QUATRE (Fr.), to split a hair in quarters, to make over-subtle distinctions.

FERMIER GeNeRAL (Fr.), farmer-general, one who farmed certain taxes under the old French monarchy.

FESTINA LENTE (L.), hasten gently.

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