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eQUESTRIENNE (an English-coined word in imitation French), a horsewoman, a female circus-rider.

ERD GEIST (Ger.), earth-spirit.

E RE NATa (Late L.), from the circumstance arisen, according to the exigencies of the case.

ERGO BIBAMUS! (L.), therefore let us drink!

ERGON (Gr.), work, business.

ERIN(N)YS, pl. ERIN(N)YES (Gr.), the Furies.

EROS (Gr.), the Greek god of sensual passion, miscalled love.

ERRARE EST HUMANUM (L.), to err is human.

ESCALIER (Fr.), staircase;--ESCALIER DeROBe, private staircase.

ESCAMOTAGE (Fr.), juggling.

ESCHSCHOLTZIA (Latinised from name of German botanist Eschscholtz), a Californian poppy with showy yellow flowers.

ESCRIBANO (Sp.), a notary.

ESCROC (Fr.), a swindler.

ESPADA (Sp.), a sword: a matador.

ESPRIT FOLLET (Fr.), a mischievous goblin.

ESSE QUAM VIDERI (L.), to be, rather than to seem.

ESTANCIA (Sp.), a mansion: in Spanish America, a large grazing farm or landed estate;--ESTANCIERO, the owner or overseer of such.

EST MODUS IN REBUS (L.), there is a proper mean in [all] things.

ESTO PERPETUA! (L.), may she be lasting!

EST QUaeDAM FLERE VOLUPTAS (L.), there is in weeping a certain pleasure.

ESTRO (It.), enthusiasm, height of poetic inspiration.

eTAGE (Fr.), floor, story [BEL eTAGE, best story, first floor, is _not_ a French usage].

eTAGeRE (Fr.), an ornamental stand of shelves for flowers, articles of virtu, &c.

eTANG (Fr.), pond.

eTAPE (Fr.), a storehouse: a halting-place: a day's march: rations: forage.

eTAT (Fr.), state, rank;--eTAT-MAJOR, the staff of an army, regiment, &c.

eTATS GeNeRAUX (Fr.), the States-General.

ET EGO IN ARCADIA (L.), I, too, was in Arcadia: I know as much about it as anybody.

ET HOC GENUS OMNE, ET ID GENUS OMNE (L.), and everything of this, or of that, sort.

ETHOS (Gr.), permanent character: in literature and art, the chief characteristics of a work as affecting the intellectual and moral faculties, as opposed to pathos, which appeals to the emotions.

eTOILE (Fr.), star.

eTOURDERIE (Fr.), heedlessness, stupid blundering.

eTOURDI, fem. eTOURDIE (Fr.), giddy, foolish, light-headed.

eTRANGER, fem. eTRANGeRE (Fr.), strange: a foreigner.

eTRENNES (Fr.), New Year's gift or gifts.

ET SEQUENTES (L.), and those that follow.

ET SEQUENTIA (L.), and what follows.

ET SIC DE CETERIS (Late L.), and so about the rest.

ET SIC DE SIMILIBUS (L.), and so of the like.

ET TU, BRUTE! (L.), you too, Brutus! [Caesar's exclamation when he saw his much-loved Brutus amongst his murderers.]

EUGE! (L.--Gr.), well done!

EUREKA [HEUREKA]! (Gr.), I have found it!

EURIPUS (L.--Gr.), a strait, channel.

EVENTUS STULTORUM MAGISTER (L.), the result is the schoolmaster of fools.

EX ABUNDANTI (L.), superfluously;--ex abundanti cautela, from excessive caution.

EX ABUSU NON ARGUITUR AD USUM (L.), from the abuse no argument is drawn against the use.

EX ACCIDENTI (Late L.), accidentally, as opposed to _essentially_.

EX aeQUO (Late L.), equally, equitably.

EXAMEN (L.), examination.

EX ANIMO (L.), from the mind, earnestly.

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