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ENFANS PERDUS, ENFANTS PERDUS (Fr.), lit. 'lost children:' forlorn hope.

ENFANT DE LA MAISON (Fr.), child of the house, quite at home.

ENFANT GaTe, fem. GaTeE (Fr.), spoilt child.

ENFANT TERRIBLE (Fr.), lit. 'terrible child,' a precocious child whose indiscreet prattle puts his elders to the blush.

ENFANT TROUVe (Fr.), foundling.

EN FeTE (Fr.), in festivity, keeping holiday.

EN GARcON (Fr.), like a bachelor, in bachelor's style.

EN GRANDE TENUE (Fr.), in full dress.

EN L'AIR (Fr.), in the air, being discussed or expected.

ENLEVe (Fr.), carried away, kidnapped.

EN MASSE (Fr.), in a body, universally.

EN MILITAIRE (Fr.), as a military man.

EN PASSANT (Fr.), in passing: by the way.

EN PLEIN JOUR (Fr.), in broad day.

EN PRINCE (Fr.), in princely style.

EN PURE PERTE (Fr.), to mere loss, to no purpose.

EN QUEUE (Fr.), like a tail, in a string or line.

ENRAGe, fem. ENRAGEe (Fr.), desperate: a lunatic.

EN RAPPORT (Fr.), in direct relation: in sympathy with.

EN ReGLE (Fr.), in due order: according to rules.

EN RETRAITE (Fr.), in retirement, on half-pay.

EN REVANCHE (Fr.), in revenge.

EN ROUTE (Fr.), on the road: let us go! march!

EN SPECTACLE (Fr.), as a spectacle.

ENS PER ACCIDENS (Late L.), that which exists only as an accident of _ens per se_--i.e. a substance.

ENS RATIONIS (Late L.), an entity of reason--opposed to ENS REALE.

EN SUITE (Fr.), in succession [the sense 'to match' is _not_ French].

ENTAMe, fem. ENTAMeE (Fr.), broached, entered upon.

ENTENTE (Fr.), understanding;--ENTENTE CORDIALE, cordial understanding between nations.

ENTeTe, fem. ENTeTeE (Fr.), infatuated.

EN TOUT (Fr.), in all: wholly.

EN TOUT CAS (Fr.), in any case or emergency.

ENTRAIN (Fr.), heartiness;--ENTRAiNEMENT (Fr.), enthusiasm.

EN TRAIN (Fr.), in progress.

ENTRECHAT (Fr.), caper.

ENTRECoTE (Fr.), meat between the ribs, a kind of steak.

ENTRE NOUS (Fr.), between ourselves.

ENTREPRENEUR (Fr.), contractor: builder.

ENTREZ (Fr.), come in.

EN VILLE (Fr.), in town, 'not at home.'

EO NOMINE (L.), by that name, on that claim.

EPEA PTEROENTA (Gr.), winged words.

ePERDU, fem. ePERDUE (Fr.), distracted;--ePERDUMENT AMOUREUX, desperately in love.

EPHPHATHA (Aramaic), be thou opened.

ePICIER (Fr.), a grocer.

E PLURIBUS UNUM (Late L.), one out of many--motto of the United States.

ePOUSE (Fr.), wife, bride.

E PUR SI MUOVE! (It.), but it does move, though! [attributed to Galileo, after recanting his doctrine that the earth goes round the sun].

ePRIS, fem. ePRISE (Fr.), captivated, smitten.

ePUISe, fem. ePUISeE (Fr.), worn out.

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