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EX AUCTORITATE MIHI COMMISSa (L.), by the authority entrusted to me.

EX CATHEDRa (Late L.), from the chair of office, esp. the pope's throne in the Consistory, or a professor's chair, hence authoritatively, judicially.

EXCELSIOR (L.), higher: [erroneously] upwards!

EXCEPTIO CONFIRMAT [PROBAT] REGULAM (L.), the exception proves the rule.

EXCEPTIS EXCIPIENDIS (Late L.), excepting what is to be excepted, with proper exceptions.

EXCERPTA (L., pl. of _excerptum_), extracts, selections.

EX CONCESSIS, EX CONCESSO (Late L.), from what has been conceded.

EX CONSEQUENTI (Late L.), by way of consequence.

EX CONVERSO. See _e converso_.

EXCREMENTA (L., pl. of _excrementum_), refuse matter.

EX CURIa (L.), out of court.

EX DEBITO JUSTITIae (Late L.), from what is due to justice.

EX DELICTO (Late L.), owing to a crime.

EX DONO (Late L.), by gift, as a present from.

EXEAT (L.), let him go out--formal leave, as for a student to be out of college for more than one night.

EXEGI MONUMENTUM aeRE PERENNIUS (L.), I have reared a monument more lasting than brass.

EXEMPLA SUNT ODIOSA (L.), examples are hateful.

EXEMPLI GRATIa (L.), by way of example, for instance--often abbreviated e.g.

EXEUNT OMNES (L.), all go out, or retire.

EX HYPOTHESI (Late L.), from the hypothesis.

EX IMPROVISO (Late L.), in an unforeseen manner, suddenly.

EXITUS ACTA PROBAT (L.), the issue or event proves the acts.

EX LIBRIS (Late L.), from the books--followed by the owner's name in the genitive--written in the volumes or on the bookplates of a library.

EX MERO MOTU (L.), from his own impulse.

EX NATURa REI (Late L.), from the nature of the case;--EX NATURa RERUM, from the nature of things.

EX NIHILO [NILO] NIHIL [NIL] FIT (L.), out of nothing nothing comes.

EX OFFICIO (L.), by virtue of his office.

EX OPERE OPERATO (Late L.), by virtue of a work done. See _Opus_ in Dict.

EX PARTE (L.), on one side, as a partisan.

EX PEDE HERCULEM (L.), [we recognise] Hercules from his foot.

EXPERIENTIA DOCET STULTOS (L.), experience teaches fools.

EXPERIMENTUM CRUCIS (L.), the experiment of the cross, a crucial test.

EXPERTO CREDE (L.), trust one who has tried, or had experience.

EXPERTUS METUIT (L.), having had experience, he fears.

EX POST FACTO (L.), retrospective.

EXPRESSIS VERBIS (L.), in express terms.

EX PROFESSO (L.), avowedly.

EX PROPRIIS (L.), from one's own resources.

EX PROPRIO MOTU (Late L.), of his own accord.

EX QUOCUNQUE CAPITE (L.), from whatever source.

EX RE NATa (Late L.), according to a circumstance that has arisen.

EX TACITO (L.), silently.

EXTINCTUS AMABITUR IDEM (L.), the same man [maligned living], when dead, will be loved.

EXTRAIT (Fr.), an extract.

EXTRA JUDICIUM (Late L.), out of court, extra-judicially.

EXTRA MODUM (L.), beyond measure, extravagant.

EXTRA MUROS (L.), beyond the walls.

EX UNGUE LEONEM (L.), [judge] the lion from his claws.

EX UNO DISCE OMNES (L.), from one example learn what they all are.

EX UTRAQUE PARTE (L.), on either side.

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