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C'EST LE COMMENCEMENT DE LA FIN (Fr.), it is the beginning of the end.

C'EST MAGNIFIQUE, MAIS CE N'EST PAS LA GUERRE (Fr.), that is magnificent, but it is not war [said at Balaklava by a French general watching the charge of the Light Brigade].

C'EST PIRE [PLUS] QU'UN CRIME, C'EST UNE FAUTE (Fr.), it is worse than a crime, it is a blunder.

C'EST SELON (Fr.), that is according to circumstances.

C'EST UNE AUTRE CHOSE (Fr.), that is quite another thing.

CETERA DESUNT (L.), the rest is awanting.

CETERIS PARIBUS (L.), other things being equal.

CETERUM CENSEO (L.), but I think [said of persistent obstruction, like that of Cato].

CHACUN SON GOuT, a CHACUN SON GOuT (Fr.), every one to his taste [CHACUN a SON GOuT is _not_ French].

CHAMADE (Fr.), during war, the sounding of a trumpet or drum to ask a parley.

CHAMBRE a COUCHER (Fr.), a bedroom.

CHAMPS ELYSeES (Fr.), Elysian fields--name of a park in Paris.

CHAPEAU BRAS, CHAPEAU DE BRAS, a crush-hat [coined English-French, not _real_ French].

CHAPEAUX BAS! (Fr.), hats off!

CHAPELLE ARDENTE (Fr.), a chapel or chamber in which a corpse lies in state before burial, surrounded by lighted candles.

CHAPELLE EXPIATOIRE (Fr.), a chapel built in expiation, generally on the site of one's sin.

CHARMANTE (Fr.), charming woman.

CHaTEAUX EN ESPAGNE (Fr.), castles in Spain, castles in the air.

CHEF DE CUISINE, or merely CHEF (Fr.), male head-cook.

CHEMIN DE FER (Fr.), the iron way, railway.

CHER AMI (Fr.), a dear male friend;--CHeRE AMIE, a dear female friend.--CHeRI, fem. CHeRIE, beloved.

CHERCHEZ LA FEMME! (Fr.), seek for the woman! there's a woman at the bottom of it! [the phrase is due to Dumas _pere_].

CHE SARa SARa (It.), what will be will be.

CHEVAL DE BATAILLE (Fr.), war-horse.

CHEVALIER D'INDUSTRIE (Fr.), lit. a knight of industry: one who lives by persevering fraud.

CHIESA LIBERA IN LIBERO STATO (It.), a free church in a free state [Cavour's recipe for Italy].

CHI TACE CONFESSA (It.), he who keeps silence confesses.

CHRONIQUE SCANDALEUSE (Fr.), a record of scandals.

CI-DEVANT (Fr.), before this, former, heretofore.

CI-GiT (Fr.), here lies.

CINGULUM VENERIS (L.), the girdle of Venus.

CIRCUITUS VERBORUM (L.), a circumlocution.

CIRCULUS IN PROBANDO (L.), arguing in a circle, using the conclusion as one of the arguments.

CITO (L.), quickly.

CLARIOR E TENEBRIS (L.), the brighter from the darkness.

CLARUM ET VENERABILE NOMEN (L.), an illustrious and venerable name.

CLASSES AISeES (Fr.), the well-off classes.

COELEBS QUID AGAM (L.), being a bachelor, what am I to do?

COENA DOMINI (L.), the Lord's Supper.

COGITO, ERGO SUM (L.) I think, therefore I am [Descartes' fundamental basis of philosophy].

COIFFEUR (Fr.), a hairdresser.

COLLECTANEA (L.), passages collected from authors.

COMA BERENICES (L.), an asterism between Bootes and Leo, representing the amber hair of Berenice, wife of Ptolemy Euergetes.

COMeDIE FRANcAISE, LA (Fr.), the official name of the subsidised Theatre Francais.

COMeDIE HUMAINE (Fr.), the name applied to the collection of Balzac's novels, planned to form a complete picture of contemporary society.

COMITAS INTER GENTES (L.), international comity.

COMME IL FAUT (Fr.), as it should be: correct: approved by the fashionable world, genteel.

COMMUNE BONUM (L.), common good.

COMMUNIBUS ANNIS (L.), on the annual average.

COMMUNI CONSENSU (L.), by common consent.

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