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CALDERA (Sp.), the crater of a volcano.

CALEAN, CALEEOON (Pers.), a water-pipe, a hookah.


CALLIDA JUNCTURA (L.), a skilful connection.

CAMISCIA, CAMICIA (It.), a shirt.

CAMPO SANTO (It.), a burying-ground.

CAMPUS MARTIUS (L.), field of Mars, used by the ancient Romans for games, military drill, &c.

CANAILLE (Fr.), a pack of hounds, the rabble.

CANAUT (Hind.), a canvas enclosure.

CANDIDA PAX (L.), white-robed Peace.

CANDY, CANDIL (Tamil), a South Indian weight, generally containing 20 _maunds_, about 500 pounds English.

CANOPUS (L.--Gr.), a bright star in the southern constellation _Argo navis_: an Egyptian vase for holding the entrails of the body embalmed.

CANTABILE (It.), fit for singing.

CANTABIT VACUUS CORAM LATRONE VIATOR (L.), the empty traveller will sing before a robber.

CANTAMBANCO (It.), a mountebank--sometimes CANTABANK.

CANTATE (L.), Psalm xcviii. as a canticle in the Anglican evening service;--CANTATE DOMINO, sing to the Lord.

CANTHUS, pl. CANTHI (L.), a corner of the eye.

CANTILENA (L.), the plain-song or _canto-fermo_: a ballad.

CANTINIeRE (Fr.), a female canteen-keeper.

CAPUCINEX (Ger.), coffee with a little milk.

CAPUT (L.), head: chapter.

CAPUT MORTUUM (L.), worthless residue.

CARA SPOSA (It.), dear wife.

CARENT QUIA VATE SACRO (L.), because they lack a sacred bard.

CARPE DIEM, QUAM MINIMUM CREDULA POSTERO (L.), enjoy the present day, trusting the least possible to the future;--often CARPE DIEM alone, meaning 'seize the opportunity.'

CARVIOL (Ger.), cauliflower.

CASSARE (L.), to quash, make null.

CASUS BELLI (L.), whatever involves or justifies war.

CASUS CONSCIENTIae (L.), a case of conscience.

CATALOGUE RAISONNe (Fr.), a descriptive catalogue of books, &c., arranged according to their subjects.

CAUSA SINE QUa NON (L.), an indispensable cause.

CAUSE CeLeBRE (Fr.), a peculiarly notable trial.

CAVEAT ACTOR (L.). let the doer beware.

CAVEAT EMPTOR (L.), let the buyer beware.

CAVE CANEM (L.), beware of the dog, a frequent inscription on Roman thresholds.

CAVENDO TUTUS (L.), safe through taking care.

CAVE QUID DICIS, QUANDO, ET CUI (L.), beware what you say, when, and to whom.

CEDANT ARMA TOGae (L.), let arms yield to the gown: let military authority yield to civil.

CEINTURE (Fr.), a girdle, belt.

CELA VA SANS DIRE (Fr.), that goes without saying: it is a matter of course: agreed!

CELA VIENDRA (Fr.), that will come.

CELUI QUI VEUT, CELUI-La PEUT (Fr.), who has the will, he has the skill.

CE MONDE EST PLEIN DE FOUS (Fr.), this world is full of fools.

C'EN EST FAIT DE LUI (Fr.), it is all over with him.

C'EN EST QUE LE PREMIER PAS QUI COuTE (Fr.), it is only the first step that is difficult.

CENSOR MORUM (L.), censor of morals.

CENTUM (L.), a hundred.

CERTUM EST QUIA IMPOSSIBILE EST (L.), it is certain because it is impossible.

C'EST-a-DIRE (Fr.), that is to say.

C'EST eGAL (Fr.), it's all one [to me]: it makes no odds.

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