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COMPAGNON DE VOYAGE (Fr.), travelling companion.

COMPOS MENTIS (L.), of sound mind, sane.

COMPTE RENDU (Fr.), an account rendered: report.

COMPTOIR (Fr.), counter: counting-room.

CON AMORE (It.), with love: very earnestly.

CONCIO AD CLERUM (L.), discourse to the clergy.

CONCOURS (Fr.), contest, competition.

CON DILIGENZA (It.), with diligence.

CONDITIO SINE QUa NON (L.), an indispensable condition.

CON DOLORE (It.), with grief.

CONFER (L.), compare.

CONJUNCTIS VIRIBUS (L.), with united powers.

CONQUIESCAT IN PACE (L.), may he [or she] rest in peace.

CONSCIA MENS RECTI (L.), a mind conscious of rectitude.

CONSEIL D'eTAT (Fr.), a council of state.

CONSEIL DE FAMILLE (Fr.), a family consultation.

CONSENSUS FACIT LEGEM (L.), consent makes law or rule.

CONSILIO ET ANIMIS (L.), by wisdom and courage.

CONSILIO ET PRUDENTIa (L.), by wisdom and prudence.

CON SPIRITO (It.), with spirit.

CONSTANTIa ET VIRTUTE (L.), by constancy and virtue.

CONSUETUDO PRO LEGE SERVATUR (L.), custom is held as a law.

CONSULE PLANCO (L.), when Plancus was consul, when I was a young man.

CONTRA BONOS MORES (L.), against good manners or morals.

COPIA VERBORUM (L.), plenty of words, fluency.

CORAM DOMINO REGE (L.), before our lord the king.

CORAM NOBIS (L.), before us, in our presence.

CORAM POPULO (L.), in the presence of the public.

CORDON SANITAIRE (Fr.), a sanitary cordon, a line of sentries posted so as to keep contagious disease within a certain area.

CORPUS DELICTI (L.), the substance of the offence.

CORPUS JURIS CANONICI (L.), body of the canon law; corpus juris civilis (L.), body of the civil law.

CORRUPTIO OPTIMI PESSIMA (L.), the corruption of the best is the worst of all.

CORSETIeRE (Fr.), a maker of corsets.

COSI FAN TUTTE (It.), so do they all: they're all like that [of women].

CoTELETTE (Fr.), a cutlet, a chop.

COUP DE BONHEUR (Fr.), stroke of good luck.

COUP DE CHAPEAU (Fr.), a touching of the hat.

COUP DE HASARD (Fr.), lucky chance.

COUP DE SOLEIL (Fr.), sunstroke.

COUP DE VENT (Fr.), a gust of wind, a gale.

COUPE-JARRET (Fr.), a cut-throat, ruffian.

COUP MANQUe (Fr.), an abortive stroke, a failure.

COuTE QUE COuTE (Fr.), cost what it may.

COUTURIeRE (Fr.), a dressmaker.

COUVRE-PIED (Fr.), a coverlet or rug for the feet.

CRAMBE REPETITA (L.), cauld kail het again--cold cabbage-broth warmed up.

CREDAT JUDaeUS APELLA! (L.), let the Jew Apella believe that [if he likes]!

CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM (L.), I believe it because it is absurd.

CReME DE LA CReME (Fr.), cream of the cream: the very best.

CRePe (Fr.), frizzed.

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