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BREVI MANU (L.), with a short hand, off-hand.

BREVIS ESSE LABORO, OBSCURUS FIO (L.), in labouring to be brief I become obscure.

BRIAL (Sp.), a rich skirt.

BRIDE (Fr.), the string of a woman's bonnet.

BRILLANT (Fr.), brilliancy.

BRILLER PAR SON ABSENCE (Fr.), to be conspicuous by its absence.

BRINDISI (It.), a rhymed toast.

BRINJAUL (Port. _beringela_), the egg-plant.

BRIOCHE (Fr.), a bun: a blunder, mistake.

BROCHETTE (Fr.), a small spit or skewer.

BRODSTUDIEN (Ger.), bread studies, those by means of which one earns his living.

BROUILLERIE (Fr.), disagreement.

BRuLER LA CHANDELLE PAR LES DEUX BOUTS (Fr.), to burn the candle at both ends.

BRuLOT (Fr.), an incendiary.

BRUNE (Fr.), fem. of _brun_, brown, a dark girl or woman.

BRUTUM FULMEN (L.), an ineffectual thunderbolt.

BUCELLAS (Port.), a Portuguese white wine.

BUDGEROW (Hind.), a heavy keelless barge.

BUEN PRINCIPIO, LA MITAD ES HECHA (Sp.), well begun is half-done.

BULSE (Port. _bolsa_), a package of diamonds or gold-dust.

BUND (Hind.), an artificial embankment.

BUNDESRATH (Ger.), the Federal Council in the German Empire.

BUNEEYA, BUNYA (Hind.), a grain-dealer.

BUONA MANO (Sp.), small gratuity.

BUONO STATO (It.), good state [of affairs].

BUONTEMPO (It.), good time, pleasure.

BURGO (It.), a market-town.

BURSCH, pl. BURSCHEN (Ger.), a comrade, a student;--BURSCHENSCHAFT, an association of German students.

BUVETTE (Fr.), a taproom.

BUXEE, BUXIE (Hind.), a military paymaster.

CABANA (Sp.), an exporting house: a kind of cigar.

CABAYA (Malay), a long tunic of cotton, &c.

CABOCEER (Port.), a West African chief.

CACAFUEGO, CACAFOGO (Sp.), a spitfire.

CACHINNUS (L.), a loud laugh.

CACHOT (Fr.), dungeon.

CACO[=E]THES LOQUENDI (L.), a mania for speaking.

CACO[=E]THES SCRIBENDI (L.), a mania for scribbling.

CADEAU (Fr.), a gift, present.

CADIT QUaeSTIO (L.), the question drops.

CADRE (Fr.), a frame, scheme: a list of officers.

CaeCA EST INVIDIA (L.), envy is blind.

CaeLUM NON ANIMUM MUTANT QUI TRANS MARE CURRANT (L.), they change their sky, not their mind, who scour across the sea.

CAFe AU LAIT (Fr.), coffee with [hot] milk;--CAFe NOIR, black coffee [without milk].

CAFILA, CAFFILA (Ar.), a caravan.

CAILLIACH (Gael.), a hag.

cA IRA (Fr.), 'that shall go'-the opening words of a famous song of the French Revolution.

CAJAVA, CADJOWA (Ar.), a pannier slung across a camel.

CALDARIUM (L.), a hot bath.

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