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BONA SI SUA NoRINT (L.), if only they knew their own blessings.

BONASUS (L.), a bison or aurochs.

BON AVOCAT, MAUVAIS VOISIN (Fr.), a good lawyer is a bad neighbour.

BON-CHReTIEN (Fr.), 'good Christian'--a kind of pear, the William.

BON GRe, MAL GRe (Fr.), willing or unwilling.

BONHOMIE (Fr.), good nature.

BONHOMME (Fr.), a French peasant.

BONIS AVIBUS (L.), under good auspices.

BONJOUR (Fr.), good-day: good-morning.

BON JOUR, BONNE OEUVRE (Fr.), the better day the better the deed.

BON MARCHe (Fr.), 'good bargain:' cheapness: cheap: a large ready-money drapery shop.

BON MOT, pl. BONS MOTS (Fr.), a witty saying.

BONNE BOUCHE (Fr.), a choice morsel.

BONNE COMPAGNIE (Fr.), good society.

BONNE ET BELLE (Fr.), good and fair.

BONNE FOI (Fr.), good faith.

BONNE FORTUNE (Fr.), good luck, success in an intrigue.

BONNE GRaCE (Fr.), good grace, gracefulness.

BONNE MINE (Fr.), good appearance, pleasant looks.

BONNES NOUVELLES ADOUCISSENT LE SANG (Fr.), good news sweetens the blood.

BONSOIR (Fr.), good-evening.

BON TON (Fr.), the height of fashion.

BON VIVANT (Fr.), a jovial companion: one who lives too well [BONNE VIVANTE is _not_ according to French usage]; BON VIVEUR, a free or fast liver.

BON VOYAGE! (Fr.), a good journey to you!

BOOZA (Ar.), a drink made in Turkey and Egypt by fermenting millet or barley.

BORDEREAU (Fr.), a memorandum.

BOREEN (Ir.), a narrow road.

BORGEN MACHT SORGEN (Ger.), borrowing makes sorrowing.

BORGHETTO (It.), a big village.

BORNe (Fr.), limited, narrow-minded.

BOTTE (Fr.), a pass or thrust in fencing.

BOUCHE (Fr.), the staff of cooks in a large house.

BOUDERIE (Fr.), pouting, sulking.

BOUFFeE (Fr.), puff, whiff.

BOUILLON (Fr.), soup;--BOUILLI, boiled or stewed beef.

BOUILLONNe (Fr.), provided with puffs.

BOUILLOTTE (Fr.), a game at cards for five players.

BOULE (Fr.), anything round like a ball.

BOULEVERSe (Fr.), upset;--BOULEVERSEMENT, an overturning.

BOUQUETIeRE (Fr.), a flower-girl.

BOURGEOIS, fem. BOURGEOISE (Fr.), a townsman, trader--(adj.) of the middle class, commercial;--BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME, the tradesman-gentleman.

BOURSIER (Fr.), a foundation-scholar: a speculator on 'Change.

BOUTEZ EN AVANT (Fr.), push forward.

BOUTIQUE (Fr.), a shop, tradesman's stock.

BOUTONNIeRE (Fr.), a flower made up for the buttonhole, &c.

BOWERY (Dut.), a farm, plantation.

BRACHIUM CIVILE (L.), the civil arm;--BRACHIUM SECULARE, the secular arm.

BRAVA! (It.), well done!

BREVET D'INVENTION (Fr.), a patent.

BREVETe (Fr.), patented.

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