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BENE MERENTIBUS (L.), to the well-deserving;--BENE MERITI (acc. -TOS), having well deserved.

BENE ORaSSE EST BENE STUDUISSE (L.), to have prayed well is to have endeavoured well.

BENEPLACITO (L.), by your leave.

BENE QUI LATUIT BENE VIXIT (L.), he has lived well who has lived obscure.

BENE VOBIS! (L.), health to you!

BENIGNO NUMINE (L.), with favouring providence.

BENJ, the same as _Bhang_ (q.v. in Dict.).

BEN TROVATO (It.), cleverly invented.

BEN VENUTO (It.), welcome.

BERCEAU (Fr.), a cradle: a covered walk;--BERCEAUNETTE (pseudo-French), a bassinette.

BERENICE'S HAIR. See _Coma Berenices_.

BERGeRE (Fr.), a kind of easy-chair.

BESOIN (Fr.), need, want, desire.

BESO LAS MANOS (Sp.), I kiss your hands.

BeTE (Fr.), brute, stupid person;--BeTE NOIRE, a black beast: a bugbear;--BeTISE, stupidity.

BETHESDA (Heb.), a healing pool at Jerusalem--often applied to a Nonconformist church.

BEULAH (Heb.), a land of rest--a name for Israel in its future condition, in Isa. lxii. 4.

BeVUE (Fr.), an oversight, a blunder.

BHAT, BHAUT, BAWT (Hind.), a professional bard.

BHEESTY, BHISTI (Pers. _bihist[=i]_), a water-carrier.

BIBELOT (Fr.), a trinket.

BIBERE VENENUM IN AURO (L.), to drink poison from a cup of gold.

BIBLIOTHECA (L.,--Gr.), a library: a bibliographer's catalogue: a series of books.

BIDET (Fr.), a nag, a cob.

BIEN (Fr.), well;--BIEN-AIMe, well beloved;--BIEN CHAUSSE (fem. CHAUSSeE), well shod, with neat boots;--BIEN ENTENDU, of course, to be sure;--BIEN GANTe, with neat gloves.

BIENNIUM (L.), a period of two years.

BIEN PERDU, BIEN CONNU (Fr.), blessing flown is blessing known.

BIENSeANCE (Fr.), propriety--in pl. the proprieties.

BIFFe (Fr.), erased, cancelled.

BIGA (L.), a chariot-and-pair.

BIJOUTERIE (Fr.), jewellery.

BILLET D'AMOUR (Fr.), love-letter.

BIONDO, fem. BIONDA (It.), blonde.

BIS (L.), twice: repeated: encore.

BIS DAT QUI CITO DAT (L.), he gives twice who gives promptly.

BIS PECCARE IN BELLO NON LICET (L.), in war one may not blunder twice.

BIS PUERI SENES (L.), old men are twice boys.

BLAGUEUR (Fr.), one given to blague (see _Blague_ in Dict.).

BLANCHISSEUSE (Fr.), a laundress.

BLANDae MENDACIA LINGUae (L.), falsehoods of a smooth tongue.

BLANQUETTE (Fr.), a variety of pear.

BLEUaTRE (Fr.), bluish.

BLUETTE (Fr.), a production of bright and witty character.

BLUT UND EISEN. See _Eisen und Blut_, the correct form.

BOCCA (It.), one of the mouths of a glass-furnace.

BOCK (Fr.), a strong kind of German beer, drunk in May--from _Eimbockbier_--Einbeck in Prussia: now often a glass or mug of any beer.

BONA (L.), goods;--BONA MOBILIA, movable goods;--BONA PERITURA, perishable goods;--BONA VACANTIA, unclaimed goods.

BON ACCUEIL (Fr.), good reception, due honour;--BON AMI, good friend;--BON CAMARADE, good comrade;--BON DIABLE, good-natured fellow;--BON ENFANT, good fellow, pleasant companion;--BON GOuT, good taste.

BONA FIDES (L.), good faith.

BONAGH, BONOUGH (Ir.), a regular soldier;--BONAGHT, a subsidy to Irish chiefs for a supply of soldiers.

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