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a LA MAiTRE D'HoTEL (Fr.), in the style of a house-steward, of a hotel-keeper: in major-domo fashion.

ALAMBIQUe (Fr.), over-elaborated, hyper-refined.

a LA MILITAIRE (Fr.), in military style.

a LA MODE (Fr.), according to the custom: in fashion.

a LA MORT (Fr.), to the death.

a L'ANGLAISE (Fr.), in the English style.

a L'ANTIQUE (Fr.), in antique style.

a LA ROMAINE (Fr.), in Roman style.

a LA RUSSE (Fr.), in Russian fashion--of dinners the courses of which are served from side-tables.

a LA TARTUFFE (Fr.), like Tartuffe, hypocritically.

A LATERE, AB LATERE (L.), lit. 'from the side,' in intimate association with, confidential--of legates sent by the Pope.

ALATERNUS (Late L.), a species of blackthorn (_Rhamnus_).

a LA VICTIME (Fr.), in the fashion of a victim.

a LA VOLeE (Fr.), on the flight--of any quick return.

ALBERGO, ALBERGE (It.), an inn, auberge.

ALBION (L.), an old name of Great Britain--usually said to be from the white (L. _albus_) cliffs of Kent.

ALBRICIAS (Sp.), a reward to the bearer of good news.

ALBUM GRaeCUM (Late L.), the dried dung of dogs, once used for inflammation of the throat.

ALCAICERIA (Sp.), a bazaar.

ALCARRAZA (Sp.), a porous earthen vessel for cooling water by evaporation.

ALCAZAR (Sp.), a palace, fortress, bazaar.

ALCIDES (L.,--Gr.), a patronymic of Hercules, from Alcaeus, the name of the father of his mother's husband.

AL CONTO (It.), a la carte. See _a la carte_ above.

ALCORZA (Sp.), a kind of sweetmeat.

ALDEA, ALDEE (Sp.), a village, hamlet.

ALEA BELLI INCERTA (L.), the hazard of war is uncertain.

ALEA JACTA EST, or rather _jacta est alea_ (L.), the die is cast (said by Caesar on crossing the Rubicon).

ALECT[=O] (Gr.), one of the Furies or Eumenides or Erinyes.

ALECTRY[=O]N (Gr.), a cock.

a L'ENVI (Fr.), emulously.

ALEPINE, ALAPEEN, a mixed stuff of wool and silk or of cotton and mohair--named from Aleppo.

ALERE FLAMMAM (L.), to feed the flame.

ALEXIPHARMACON (Gr.), an antidote, counter-poison.

a L'EXTeRIEUR (Fr.), on the outside, abroad.

a L'EXTReMITe (Fr.), to the end of one's resources, to extremes, at the point of death.

ALFAQUI (Sp.), a lawyer.

ALFERES, ALFEREZ (Sp.), standard-bearer.

ALFORJA (Sp.), a saddle-bag: the cheek-pouch of a baboon.

ALGARROBA (Sp.), the carob tree and bean: a South American mimosa.

a L'IMPROVISTE (Fr.), on a sudden, unawares.

a L'INTeRIEUR (Fr.), in the inside, at home.

ALIQUANDO BONUS DORMITAT HOMERUS (L.), sometimes the good Homer nods--the brightest genius is sometimes dull.

ALIQUID HaeRET (L.), something sticks.

ALIUNDE (L.), from another place.

ALLA FRANCA (It.), in the French style.

ALLAH IL ALLAH, a corr. of Ar. _l[=a] il[=a]ha ill[=a] 'll[=a]h_=there is no God but the God--the Moslem war-cry.

ALLA VOSTRA SALUTE (It.), to your health.

ALLeE (Fr.), an avenue, a walk or garden-path.

ALLEZ VOUS EN! (Fr.), away with you! begone!

ALLIUM (L.), the genus to which the leek and onion belong.

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