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ALLOEOSTROPHA (Gr.), arranged in irregular strophes.

ALLONS (Fr.), let us go: come on: come.

ALLURE (Fr.), mien, gait, air.

ALMA (It.), soul, essence.

ALMA MATER (L.), benign mother--applied by old students to their university.

ALNASCHAR, a figure in Galland's _Arabian Nights_ who, having no basis but a basket of glass-ware for sale, dreams of making a fortune and marrying a princess, but in his pride kicks the princess of his dream, and so destroys the real foundation of his fortune--hence any one whose illusions of good fortune are disastrously dispelled.

ALOPECIA (L.,--Gr.), fox mange: a skin disease, which destroys the hair.

a L'OUTRANCE (Fr.), erroneously written for _a outrance_ (q.v.).

ALPARCA, ALPARGATE (Port., prob. from Basque), a hempen shoe or sandal.

AL PASTO (It.), according to a fixed rate--of meals in a restaurant.

ALPEEN (Ir.), a cudgel.

AL PIU (It.), at most.

AL SEGNO (It.), to the sign--a direction to the performer to go back to and repeat from the place marked thus--[Segno]

ALSIRAT (Ar.), the bridge across mid-hell to the Mohammedan paradise.

ALTER EGO (L.), one's second self: a friend, a representative.

ALTER IDEM (L.), another precisely similar.

ALTER IPSE AMICUS (L.), a friend is another self.

ALTERNIS VICIBUS (L.), in alternative turns.

ALTERNUM TANTUM (L.), as much more.

ALTESSE (Fr.), highness;--ALTEZA (Sp.);--ALTEZZA (It.).

ALTHING (Norse), the former supreme court of Iceland.

ALTUM SILENTIUM, (L.), profound silence.

AMABILIS INSANIA (L.), a pleasing delusion.

AMADAVAT, AVADAVAT (Anglo-Ind.), an Indian songbird, of family _Fringillidae_.

a MAIN ARMeE (Fr.), by force of arms, with mailed fist.

A MAJORI [AD MINUS] (L.), from the greater [to the less].

AMALTHaeA (Gr.), the goat which suckled Zeus. See _Cornucopia_ in Dict.

AMANT, fem. AMANTE (Fr.), a lover.

AMANTES: AMENTES (L.), lovers: lunatics.

AMANTIUM IRae AMORIS INTEGRATIO EST (L.), lovers' quarrels are a renewal of love.

AMARE SIMUL ET SAPERE IPSI JOVI NON DATUR (L.), to be in love and to be wise at the same time is not granted even to Jupiter.

AMARI ALIQUID (L.), somewhat bitter.

AMATA BENE (L.), well loved (fem.).

A MAXIMIS AD MINIMA (L.), from the greatest to the least.

AMAZONE (Fr.), a lady's riding-habit.

aME DAMNeE (Fr.), lit. 'damned soul,' any one's tool or agent blindly devoted to one's will.

aME DE BOUE (Fr.), a soul of mud, a low-minded person.

A MENSa ET TORO (L.), from bed and board.

aME PERDUE (Fr.), lit. 'lost soul,' a desperate character.

a MERVEILLE (Fr.), wonderfully, perfectly.

AMICIZIA (It.), friendship, an intrigue.

AMICUS CURIae (L.), a friend of the court: a disinterested adviser, not a party to the case (wrongly, a friend in high quarters).

AMICUS HUMANI GENERIS (L.), a friend of the human race.

AMICUS PLATO, AMICUS SOCRATES, SED MAGIS AMICA VERITAS (L.), Plato is dear to me, Socrates is dear, but truth is dearer still.

AMICUS USQUE AD ARAS (L.), a friend even to the altar--i.e. to the last extremity.

AMI DE COUR (Fr.), a court friend.

AMIE (Fr.), a mistress--fem. of AMI, a friend.

A MINORI [AD MAJUS] (L.), from the less [to the greater].

AMITIe (Fr.), friendship.

a MOITIe (Fr.), half, by halves.

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