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AFFREUX (Fr.), frightful.

AFIN DE (Fr.), in order to.

AFIN QUE (Fr.), to the end that.

a FOND (Fr.), to the bottom: thoroughly.

a FORFAIT (Fr.), by contract, by the job.

A FORTIORI (L.), with stronger reason.

AGAcANT, fem. AGAcANTE (Fr.), provoking, alluring;--AGAcERIE, allurement.

AGALLOCHUM (L.). See under _Aloe_ in Dict.

AGAMEMNON (Gr.), the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan war, king of Mycenae: a generic name for a king.

AGANIPPE (Gr.), a fountain on Mount Helicon sacred to the Muses, supplying poetic inspiration: poetic genius generally.

AGAR-AGAR (Malay), an edible seaweed, used in the East for jelly and glue and for dressing silks.

AGATHODaeMON (Gr.), a good genius or minor divinity.

a GAUCHE (Fr.), to the left.

a GENOUX (Fr.), on the knees.

AGE QUID AGAS (L.), do what you are doing--i.e. with all your powers.

AGERASIA (Gr.), a hearty and healthy old age.

AGGER (L.), a mound, rampart.

A GIORNO (It.), like daylight.

AGNUS CASTUS (L.), the chaste-tree or Abraham's balm, a species of _vitex_.

AGONOTHETES (Gr.), one who managed public games in ancient Greece.

a GRANDS FRAIS (Fr.), at great expense.

AGReMENTS (Fr.), graceful courtesies, charms, blandishments.

a HAUTE VOIX (Fr.), aloud.

AHRIMAN, the principle of evil and darkness in the Old Persian mythology--the opposite of _Ormuzd_ (q.v. in Dict.).

a HUIS CLOS (Fr.), with closed doors.

AIDE (Fr.), an assistant, a helper, a mate.

AIDE DE CAMP (Fr.), an aide-de-camp (q.v. in Dict.).

AIDE-MeMOIRE (Fr.), an aid to the memory, a reminder, a memorandum-book.

AIDE TOI, LE CIEL T'AIDERA (Fr.), help yourself and Heaven will help you.

AID[=O]S (Gr.), shame, modesty.

AIGRE-DOUX, fem. -DOUCE (Fr.), sourish, rather bitter;--aigreur, sourness;--aigri, soured, embittered.

AILES DE PIGEON (Fr.), pigeon's wings--powdered side-curls (of hair).

AiNe, fem. AiNeE (Fr.), elder, senior--opposed to _puine_ or _cadet_=younger.

AIR NOBLE (Fr.), an air of distinction.

a JAMAIS (Fr.), for ever.

AJAX (L.,--Gr.), the Greek hero next to Achilles in the Trojan war: a privy, by a pun on a _jakes_.

a L'ABANDON (Fr.), at random, left uncared for.

a LA BELLE eTOILE (Fr.), in the open air.

a LA BONNE HEURE (Fr.), in good or favourable time--well and good, very good, that is right.

a LA BRAISE (Fr.), braised, half-baked and half-stewed.

a L'ABRI (Fr.), under shelter.

a LA CAMPAGNE (Fr.), in the country.

a LA CARTE (Fr.), according to the bill of fare.

a LA DeROBeE (Fr.), by stealth.

a LA FRANcAISE (Fr.), after the French mode;--a LA PARISIENNE (Fr.), in the Parisian style.

a LA GRECQUE (Fr.), in the Greek style.

a LA HAUTEUR (Fr.), on a level with, abreast of.

ALALAGMOS (Gr.), war-cry, cry of alala.

a LA LANTERNE (Fr.), to the lamp(-chain)--of the murders by the mob in the French Revolution, when the victims were seized and hanged on the chains from which hung the street lamps.

a LA MAIN (Fr.), in hand, ready: by hand.

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