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AD INTERNECIONEM (L.), to extermination.

A DIO (It.), to God;--addio! adieu!

a DISCReTION (Fr.), at discretion: without restriction.

AD LIBITUM (L.), at pleasure.

AD LITEM (L.), for a suit.

AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM (L.), for the greater glory of God--the Jesuit motto.

AD MANUM (L.), at hand, ready.

AD MISERICORDIAM (L.), to pity--of an argument, &c.--Also used adjectively.

AD MODUM (L.), after the manner of.

ADMONITUS LOCORUM (L.), local associations.

AD NAUSEAM (L.), to the pitch of producing disgust.

ADONAI (Heb.), the Lord--the name substituted for _Jahveh_ or _Jehovah_ in reading the Old Testament; lit. 'my lords.'

AD PATRES (L.), gathered to his fathers, dead.

AD REFERENDUM (L.), to be further considered.

AD REM (L.), to the point: to the purpose.

a DROITE (Fr.), to the right;--a DROITE ET a GAUCHE (Fr.), right and left.

ADSCRIPTUS GLEBae (L.), bound to the soil--of serfs.

ADSUM! (L.), I am present, here!

AD SUMMUM (L.), to the highest point.

AD UNGUEM (L.), to the nail: nicely.

AD UNUM OMNES (L.), all to a man.

AD UTRUMQUE PARATUS (L.), prepared for either case.

AD VALOREM (L.), according to value.

AD VERBUM (L.), to a word, verbally.

AD VITAM AUT CULPAM (L.), for life or till fault--i.e. till some misconduct be proved.

AD VIVUM (L.), to the life, like-life.

ADVOCATUS DIABOLI (L.), devil's advocate, a person appointed to contest before the papal court the claims of a candidate for canonisation; hence any adverse critic.

aeGRESCITQUE MEDENDO (L.), and he becomes worse from the very remedies used.

aeGRI SOMNIA (L.), a sick man's dreams.

A.E.I.O.U. (AUSTRIae EST IMPERARE ORBI UNIVERSO), it is Austria's part to command the whole globe.

aeOLUS, EOLUS (L.), the god of the winds: a kind of ventilator.

aeQUABILITER ET DILIGENTER (L.), equably and diligently.

aeQUAM MEMENTO REBUS IN ARDUIS SERVARE MENTEM (L.), remember to keep a calm mind in difficulties.

aeQUANIMITER (L.), composedly.

aeQUITAS SEQUITUR LEGEM (L.), equity follows law.

aeQUO ANIMO (L.), with an equable mind.

aeRARIUM (L.), the public treasury of ancient Rome under the charge of the _aerarii_.

aeS ALIENUM (L.), debt, lit. 'copper money belonging to another.'

aeSCULAPIUS, ESCULAPIUS (L.), the god of the healing art, representative of physicians.

aeS TRIPLEX (L.), triple brass, a strong defence.

aeSTUARIUM (L.), an estuary: a vapour-bath.

aeSTUS (L.), efflux, passionate glow.

aeTATIS SUae (L.), of his [or her] age.

aeVUM (L.), the same as _aeon_ (q.v. in Dict.).

AFER (L.), the south-west wind, lit. 'the African.'

AFFAIRE D'AMOUR (Fr.), a love affair.

AFFAIRE DE COEUR (Fr.), an affair of the heart.

AFFAIRE D'HONNEUR (Fr.), an affair of honour.

AFFENTHALER (Ger.), a kind of hock.

AFFICHE (Fr.), a notice, placard, advertisement,--AFFICHe, posted up, published.

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