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A CAPITE AD CALCEM (L.), from head to heel.

ACCABLe (Fr.), depressed, overwhelmed.

ACCESSIT (L.), he came near.

ACCUEIL (Fr.), reception, welcome.

ACEDIA (Late L.), sloth, indifference.

AC ETIAM (L.), 'and also'--the name of a clause added to a complaint of trespass in the Court of King's Bench.

a CHAQUE SAINT SA CHANDELLE (Fr.), to every saint his candle: to every patron his meed of service.

ACHARNe (Fr.), furious, desperate (esp. of battles).

ACHERONTIS PABULUM (L.), food for Acheron--of a bad person.

a CHEVAL (Fr.), on horseback.

a COMPTE (Fr.), on account: in part-payment.

a CONTRECOEUR (Fr.), reluctantly.

a CORPS PERDU (Fr.), desperately, with might and main.

a COUVERT (Fr.), under cover: protected.

ACROAMA, ACROASIS (Gr.), oral teaching, anything rhetorical or otherwise pleasant to listen to.

ACTaeON (Gr.), the hunter who surprised Artemis bathing, and so, being changed into a stag, was torn in pieces by his own hounds: a cuckold.

ACTIONNAIRE (Fr.), shareholder.

ACTUALITe (Fr.), real existence: appropriateness.

ACTUM EST DE REPUBLICA (L.), it is all over with the republic.

ACTUM NE AGAS (L.), do not do over again what is done--i.e. do a thing and have done with it.

ACUSHLA (Irish), darling.

AD APERTURAM [LIBRI] (L.), as [the book] opens.

AD ARBITRIUM (L.), at pleasure.

AD ASTRA (L.), to the stars.

A DATO (L.), from date.

AD CALENDAS GRaeCAS (L.), at the Greek Calends--i.e. never, as the Greeks had no Calends.

AD CAPTANDUM VULGUS (L.), to catch the rabble.

AD CLERUM (L.), to the clergy.

AD CRUMENAM (L.), to the purse.

ADELANTADO (Sp.), a grandee of high rank, the governor of a province.

a DEMI (Fr.), by halves, half.

A DEO ET REGE (L.), from God and the king.

a DESSEIN (Fr.), on purpose.

AD EUNDEM [GRADUM] (L.), to the same [degree]--of the admission of a graduate of one university to the same degree at another without examination.

a DEUX (Fr.), of two, between two, two-handed.

a DEUX MAINS (Fr.), with both hands.

AD EXTRA (Late L.), in an outward direction--opposite of _ad intra_.

AD EXTREMUM (L.), to the extreme.

AD FINEM (L.), to the end, toward the end.

AD GUSTUM (L.), to taste.

AD HOC (L.), for this [object].

AD HOMINEM (L.), to the man, personal.

ADHUC SUB JUDICE LIS EST (L.), the dispute is still undecided.

AD HUNC LOCUM (L.), on this passage.

AD IDEM (L.), to the same [point].

A DIE (L.), from that day.

ADIEU PANIERS, VENDANGES SONT FAITES (Fr.), farewell hampers, the vintage is over--good-bye to our hopes! all is over.

AD INFINITUM (L.), to infinity.

AD INQUIRENDUM (Late L.), for making inquiry--name of a writ.

AD INTERIM (Late L.), for the meantime.

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