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R.A.C. Royal Arch Chapter.

RAD. Radical.

RAD., _radix_=Root.

R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music.

R.A.S. Royal Asiatic Society.

R.C. Right centre.

R.C. Roman Catholic; Red Cross.

R.C.M. Royal College of Music.

R.C.P. Royal College of Preceptors.

R.C.S. Royal College of Surgeons.

R.D. Rural Dean; Royal Dragoons.

R.E. Royal Engineers.

REC. Recipe.

RECD. Received.

RECPT. Receipt.

RECT. Rector; Rectory.

REF. CH. Reformed Church.

REG. PROF. Regius Professor.

REGT. Regiment.

REP. Representative; Republic; Report, Reporter.

REPT. Receipt.

RETD. Returned.

REV. Revise, Revision; Revelation.

REV., REVD. Reverend;--REVS., Reverends.

REV. VER. Revised Version.

R.G.G. Royal Grenadier Guards.

R.G.S. Royal Geographical Society.

R.H. Right hand.

R.H. Royal Highness; Royal Highlanders.

R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery; Royal Hibernian Academy.

RHET. Rhetoric.

R.H.G. Royal Horse Guards.

R.H.S. Royal Humane Society; Royal Horticultural Society; Royal Historical Society.

R.I. Rhode Island.

R.I.B.A. Royal Institute of British Architects.

R.I.P., _requiescat in pace_=May he (or she) rest in peace.

R.M. Royal Mail; Royal Marines.

R.M.A. Royal Military Asylum; Royal Marine Artillery.

R.M.L.I. Royal Marine Light Infantry.

R.M.S. Royal Mail Steamer; Royal Microscopical Society.

R.N. Royal Navy.

R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve.

ROB., ROBT. Robert.

ROFFEN. Of Rochester.

ROM. Romans.

ROM. CATH. Roman Catholic.

R.P. Reformed Presbyterian; Regius Professor.

R.R. Right Reverend.

R.R.C. Royal Red Cross (for ladies).

R.S. Royal Society.

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