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R.S.A. Royal Society of Antiquaries; Royal Scottish Academy or Academician.

R.S.D. Royal Society of Dublin.

R.S.E. Royal Society of Edinburgh.

R.S.L. Royal Society of London.

R.S.M. Royal School of Mines.

R.S.O. Railway Sub-office; Railway Sorting Office.

R.S.S., also S.R.S., _Regiae Societatis Socius_=Fellow of the Royal Society.

R.S.V.P., _Repondez, s'il vous plait_ (Fr.)=Reply, if you please.

RT. HON. Right Honourable.

RT. REV. Right Reverend.

R.T.S. Religious Tract Society.

RT. W., RT. WPFUL. Right Worshipful.

R.V. Rifle Volunteers; Revised Version.

R.W.D.G.M. Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master.

R.W.G.M. Right Worshipful Grand Master.

R.W.G.R. Right Worthy Grand Representative.

R.W.G.S. Right Worthy Grand Secretary.

R.W.G.T. Right Worthy Grand Templar; Right Worthy Grand Treasurer.

R.W.G.W. Right Worshipful Grand Warden.

R.W.S. Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours.

R.W.S.G.W. Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden.

RX. Tens of rupees.

RY. Railway.

S. South; Sabbath; Saint; Seconds; Society; Sun.

S.A. South Africa; South America; South Australia.

SA. Saturday.

S.A., _secundum artem_=According to art; _sine anno_=Without date.

S.A.I., _Son Altesse Imperiale_ (Fr.). His Royal Highness.

SAM. Samuel.

SARUM. Of Salisbury.

S.A.S., _Societatis Antiquariorum Socius_=Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

SAT. Saturday.

S.C. South Carolina; _Senatus Consuetum_=A decree of the Roman Senate.

S.C., S. CAPS., SM. CAPS. Small capitals.

SC., SCIL., _scilicet_=To wit, Namely, Being understood.

SC., SCULP., SCULPT., _sculpsit_=He (or she) engraved it.

SC.B., _Scientiae Baccalaureus_= Bachelor of Science.

SC.D., _Scientiae Doctor_=Doctor of Science.

SCH., SCHR. Schooner.

SCI. FA., _scire facias_=That you cause to know.

S.C.L. Student of the Civil Law.

SCOT. Scotland, Scotch.

SCRIPT. Scripture.

S.D. South Dakota; Senior Deacon.

S.D., _salutem dicit_=Sends greeting.

S.D., _sine die_=Without day.

S.D.U.K. Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

S.E. South-east.

SEC. Second; Section.

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