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PRES., PRESES. President.

P.R.I.B.A. President of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

P.R.N., _pro re nata_=For special business arising.

PRO. Professional.

PROF. Professor.

PROT. Protestant.

PRO TEM., _pro tempore_=For the time being.

PROV. Proverbs.

PROX., _proximo_=Next.

P.R.S. President of the Royal Society.

P.R.S.A. President of the Royal Scottish Academy.

P.R.S.E. President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

P.S., _post scriptum_=Postscript, written after.

PS., PSA. Psalms.

PSEUD. Pseudonym.

P.T. Pupil Teacher.

P.T. Post-town.

P.T.O. Please turn over.

PUB. DOC. Public Document.

P.W.D. Public Works Department.

PWT. Pennyweight.

P. & O. Peninsular and Oriental Company.

Q., _quadrans_=Farthing; Query; Quintal.

Q., QU. Query; Question.

Q.A.B. Queen Anne's Bounty.

Q.B. Queen's Bench.

Q.C. Queen's Counsel; Queen's College.

Q.D., _quasi dicat_=As if he should say.

Q.E., _quod est_=Which is.

Q.E.D., _quod erat demonstrandum_=Which was to be demonstrated.

Q.E.F., _quod erat faciendum_=Which was to be done.

Q.E.I, _quod erat inveniendum_=Which was to be found out.

Q.L., _quantum libet_=As much as you please.

Q.M. Quartermaster.

QM., _quomodo_=In what manner; How.

Q.M.G. Quartermaster-general.

QR. Quarter.

Q.S. Quarter-Sessions.

Q.S., Quantum suff., _quantum sufficit_=A sufficient quantity.

QT. Quantity; Quart;--QTS., Quarts.

QU. Queen; Question,

QU., QUAR. Quart, Quarter, Quarterly,

Q.V., _quod vide_=Which see; _quantum vis_=As much as you will.

R., _rex, regina_=King, Queen.

R., _recipe_=Take.

R., REAU. Reaumur's thermometric scale.

R.A. Royal Academy or Academician; Royal Artillery.

RABB. Rabbinical.

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