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PAT., PK. Patrick.

PAT. OFF. Patent Office.

P.C., _Patres Conscripti_=Conscript Fathers; Privy Councillor; Police Constable; Post Commander.

P.C. Postal-card.

P.C.S. Principal Clerk of Session.

PD. Paid.

P.E. Protestant Episcopal.

P.E.I. Prince Edward Island.

PEN. Peninsula.

PENN. Pennsylvania.

PENT. Pentecost.

PER. Period; Person.

PER AN., _per annum_=Per year, By the year.

PER CENT., PER CT., _per centum_=By the hundred.

PERS. Person.

PETRIBURG., _Petriburgensis_=Of Peterborough.

PG. Portugal.

PHAR., PHARM. Pharmaceutical; Pharmacopoeia; Pharmacy.

PH.B., _Philosophiae Baccalaureus_=Bachelor of Philosophy.

PH.D., _Philosophiae Doctor_=Doctor of Philosophy.

PHIL. Philippians; Philemon; Philadelphia; Philip.

PHIL. TRANS. Philosophical Transactions.

PHON., PHONET. Phonetics.

PHONOG. Phonography.

PHOT. Photography.

PHR. Phrase.

PHYS. Physiology; Physics; Physician.

PINX., PXT., _pinxit_=He (or she) painted it.

P.M. Past Master; _Post meridiem_=Afternoon; Post-master; _Post mortem_.

PM. Premium.

P.M.G. Postmaster-general.

P.N. Promissory note.

P.O. Post-office; Postal Order.

PO. Pole.

P.O.C. Peninsular and Oriental Company.

P.O.D. Pay on delivery.

P.O.O. Post-office Order.

POP. Population.

POS., POSIT. Positive.

P.P. Parish Priest.

PP. Pages.

P.P.C., _pour prendre conge_ (Fr.)=To take leave.

P.P.S. Postscript additional.

P.R. Prize-ring; Porto Rico.

P.R., _Populus Romanus_=The Roman people.

PR. Pair; Per; Present; Price; Pronoun; Prince; Priest; Provencal.

P.R.A. President of the Royal Academy.

P.R.B. Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

PREB. Prebend, Prebendary.

PREF. Preface.

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