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D., _dele_=Delete; Dead or Died; Deserted; Degree; _Denarius_ or _denarii_=A penny or pence; Duke.

DAN. Daniel; Danish.

DAT. Dative.

DAU. Daughter.

DAV. David.

D.C., _Da Capo_ (It.)=Repeat from the beginning; District of Columbia.

D.C.L. Doctor of Civil Law.

D.C.S. Deputy Clerk of Session.

D.D., _Divinitatis Doctor_=Doctor of Divinity.

D.D., _Deo dedit_=Gave to God.

D.D.D., _dat, dicat, dedicat_=He gives, devotes, and dedicates; _Dono dedit dedicavit_=He gave and dedicated as a gift.

DEA. Deacon.

DEC. December.

DEC. Declaration; Declension.

DECID. Deciduous.

DECL. Declension.

DEF. Defendant; Definition.

DEFT. Defendant.

DEG. Degree, Degrees.

DEL. Delaware; Delegate.

DEL., DELT., _delineavit_='He drew it,' put after the draftsman's name on an engraving.

DEMON. Demonstrative.

DENT. Dental, Dentist, Dentistry.

DEP. Department (also DEPT.); Deputy.

DEP. Deposed.

DER. Derivation.

DEUT. Deuteronomy.

D.F. Defender of the Faith; Dean of the Faculty.

DFT. Defendant; Draft.

D.G., _Dei gratia_=By the grace of God.

D.H., _das heisst_ (Ger.). That is.

DIAL. Dialect.

DIAM. Diameter.

DICT. Dictator; Dictionary.

DIR. Director.

DISC. Discount; Discoverer.

DISS. Dissertation.

DIST. Distance; Distinguish.

DIV. Divide; Divine.

D.L. Deputy Lieutenant.

D.LIT. or LITT. Doctor of Literature.

D.L.O. Dead-letter Office.

DO., _ditto_=The same.

DOLS. Dollars.

D.O.M., _Deo optimo maximo_=To God, best and greatest.

DOM. Dominion.

DOM. Domestic.

DOR. Doric.

DOZ. Dozen.

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