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COMMN. Commission.

COMP. Comparative; Compositor; Compare; Compound or Compounded.

COMPAR. Comparative; Comparison.

COM. VER. Common Version.

CON. Consul.

CON., _contra_=Against; _conjux_=Consort: Conclusion; Conversation.

CONG. Congress; Congregation.

CONJ. Conjunction.

CONN. or CT. Connecticut.

CONS. Consonant.

CON. SEC. Conic Sections.

CONSOLS. Consolidated Funds.

CONTR. Contracted; Contraction.

CONTR. BON. MOR., _contra bonos mores_=Contrary to good manners.

COP., COPT. Coptic.

COR. Corinthians; Coroner.

COR. MEM. Corresponding Member.

CORN. Cornish; Cornwall.

CORR. Corrupted; Corruption.

COR. SEC. Corresponding Secretary.

C.O.S. Charity Organisation Society.

COS. Cosine.

COSMOG. Cosmography.

COSS., _consules_=Consuls.

COT. Cotangent.

CP. Compare.

C.P. Clerk of the Peace; Common Pleas: Carriage Paid.

C.P.C. Clerk of the Privy Council.

C.P.S., _Custos Privati Sigilli_=Keeper of the Privy Seal.

C.R., _Carolus rex_=King Charles; _Civis Romanus_=a Roman citizen; _Custos Rotulorum_=Keeper of the Rolls.

CR. Credit; Creditor; Crown.

CRANIOL. Craniology.

CRES. Crescendo.

CRIM. CON. Criminal conversation, or adultery.

C.S. Court of Session; Clerk to the Signet; Civil Service; Chemical Society.

C.S.A. Confederate States of America.

C.S.I. Companion of the [Most Exalted Order of the] Star of India.

C.T. Certificated Teacher; Commercial Traveller.

CT. Cent.

C.T.C. Cyclists' Touring Club.

CU., _cuprum_=Copper.

CU., CUB. Cubic.

CUR., CURT. Current--this month.

C.V. Common Version.

C.V.O. Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

C.W. Canada West.

C.W.O. Cash with order.

CWT. A hundredweight--c for _centum_, a hundred, and _wt_ for weight.

CYC., CYCLO. Cyclopaedia.

CYM. Cymric.

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