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D.P.H. Department of Public Health.

D.P.O. Distributing Post-office.

DPT. Department.

DR. Debtor; Doctor.

DR. Dram; Drawer.

D.SC. See SC.D.

D.S.O. Distinguished Service Order; District Staff Officer.

D.S.P., _decessit sine prole_=Died without issue.

D.T. Doctor of Theology.

D.T. Delirium tremens.

DUNELM., _Dunelmensis_=Of Durham.

D.V., _Deo volente_=God willing, If God will.

D.V.P., _decessit vita patris_=Died in his father's life-time.

DWT. Pennyweight--_d_ for _denarius_, penny, and _wt_ for weight.

E. East; English.

EA. Each.

EBEN. Ebenezer.

EBOR., _Eboracum_=York; _Eboracensis_=Of York.

E.C. Eastern Central; Established Church.

ECCL., ECCLES. Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiastical;--Ecclesiol., Ecclesiology.

E.C.U. English Church Union.

ED. Editor.

ED., edit. Edited; Edition.

ED., Edw. Edward.

EDENBURGEN., _Edenburgensis_=Of Edinburgh.

ED., EDIN. Edinburgh.

E.D.S. English Dialect Society.

E.E. Errors excepted.

E.E.T.S. Early English Text Society.

E.G., EX. GR., _exempli gratia_=For example.

E.I. East Indies;--E.I.C.S., East India Company's Service.

EJUSD., _ejusdem_=Of the same.

ELIS., ELIZ. Elizabeth.

ELZ. Elzevir.

EMP. Emperor; Empress.

ENCY., ENCYC. Encyclopaedia.

E.N.E. East-north-east.

ENG. Engineer; Engraver; Engraving.

ENS. Ensign.

ENT., ENTOM. Entomology.

ENT. STA. HALL Entered at Stationers' Hall.

ENV. EXT. Envoy Extraordinary.

E.O.D. Every other day.

EP. Epistle.

EPH. Ephesians.

EPIPH. Epiphany.

EPIS., EPISC. Episcopal.

EPIT. Epitaph; Epitome.

EQ. Equal; Equivalent.

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