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CH. Charles; Chief; China; Church.

CH. Chaldron; Chapter; Child.

CHAL. Chaldron.

CHAL., CHALD. Chaldee, Chaldaic.

CHAMB. Chamberlain.

CHANC. Chancellor.

CHAP. Chaplain; Chapter.

CHAS. Charles.

CH.C., CH.CH. Christ Church.

CH. CLK. Chief Clerk.

CHEM. Chemistry; Chemical.

CH. HIST. Church History.

CHIN. China, Chinese.

CH.J. Chief-justice.

CHR. Christ; Christian; Christopher.

CHRON. Chronicles; Chronology.

C.I. [Imperial Order of the] Crown of India (for ladies).

CIC. Cicero.

CICESTR., _Cicestrensis_=Of Chichester.

C.I.E. Companion of the [Most Eminent Order of the] Indian Empire.

CIR., CIRC., _circa_, _circiter_, _circum_=About.

CIT. Citation; Citizen.

CIV. Civil; Civilian.

C.J. Chief-justice.

CL. Clergyman; Chlorine; Claudius.

CLASS. Classical; Classification.

CLK. Clerk.

C.L.S.C. Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle.

C.M. Certificated Master; Corresponding Member; Common Metre; _Chirurgiae Magister_=Master in Surgery.

CM. Centimetres.

C.M., _causa mortis_=By reason of death.

C.M.G. Companion of the [Most Distinguished] Order of St Michael and St George.

C.M.S. Church Missionary Society.

C.O. Colonial Office; Commanding Officer; Crown Office; Criminal Office.

CO. Cobalt; Company; County.

C/O. Care of.

COAD. Coadjutor.

COCH., COCHL., _cochlear_=a spoon, spoonful;--COCH. AMP., _cochlear amplum_=a tablespoonful;--COCH. MAG., _cochlear magnum_=a large spoonful;--COCH. MED., _cochlear medium_=a dessert-spoonful;--COCH. PARV., _cochlear parvum_=a teaspoonful.

COD. Codex.

C.O.D. Cash (or collect) on delivery.

COG. Cognate.

COL. Colonel; Column; Colossians.

COLL. College; Colleague; Collector; Colloquial.

COLLAT. Collateral.

COLLECT. Collective.

COLLOQ. Colloquially.

COM. Commander; Commodore; Committee; Commissioner; Commonwealth.

COM. Common; Comedy; Commerce; Commune.

COMM. Commentary; Commander.

COMMISSR. Commissioner;--COMMY., Commissary.

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